2nd installment of the Noah fic, this one being the more random and insane, created by concerting.

And Noah did according to all that the Lord had commanded him.

Noah: building ark I've been working on this ark here, all the live long day,....

Random guy who can not multiply: STOP SINGING!

Noah's son Japheth: dad I can't get the two armadillos to settle down.

Noah: feed them some lettuce or something.

Noah's son Shem: Do we really need doves? I mean they do nothing, just coo...

Noah: YES!

Noah's son Ham: I can't find the unicorns.


Noah's wife: here, kitty kitty kitty...

Ham: mom, that's a lion.

time passes. The ark is complete. It is sitting on top of a hill, looking very useless.

Noah's family: all in awe

Noah: ok then! Everybody on!

Ham: I never found the unicorns.

Noah: well they'll just have to swim.

Ham: alright then.

They all go onto the ark. Time passes. Some more time. Some more time in which people walking by stare at them strangely.

Finally a drop of water falls on Noah's head.

Noah: Look! It's raining!

Noah's wife: I forgot to pack umbrellas!

Noah: What're umbrellas?

Noah's wife: ask those Puya89 people.

Noah: ok.

The rain continues to fall. And fall and fall and fall some more. The people outside the ark stay inside and talk about the previous great flood of 25000 B.C., unknowing of their fate. Eventually Noah and Co. are floating alone, glad of their ark.

Ham: I have to go to the bathroom.

Noah: you should have gone before we left.

Japheth: I think I'm getting seasick.

Shem: this ark is beginning to smell like animals.

To be continued. ...