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Chapter 7 – This Isn't Right!

The yell and the crash were enough to warn her of the surprise guest that entered her room.

She had often visualized how her hero would come to save her. Most of the time his entrance was supposed to be through her bedroom window. He would sweep her off her feet in a way that would leave her breathless, swing them out the window and slide down a rope. She would think she was falling, but at the same time would be sure of her safety in the arms of such a brave knight. Onto his valiant stallion they would descend, then be swept off into the world beyond, and share many wondrous adventures together.

She had conjured other versions of such a story in her mind, but none were even remotely close to this.

She sat up in shock when she heard the crash, and managed to glimpse at the body as it hit the floor. For a few moments the intruder remained unconscious. A terrible thought had begun to creep into her mind that he was badly injured.

But soon she was reassured. His form began to move and groan, shaking his head a bit. She quickly studied him.

Well, not exactly as I pictured him. I was thinking he'd be a bit leaner and taller. Still, he looks very strong and agile. He must be a real warrior to make an entrance like that and still be able to stand.

He was in fact soon on his feet, reminding her that she should've been lying down. She quickly returned to her previously reclined state. Oh man, this is it! After all this time, he's finally here! She made sure her shirt was all smoothed out and her hair was out of her face. She was about to lie down again, when another thought came to her and she quickly grabbed the bundle of white daisies from her bedside. She clutched them close to her chest and laid down. She glanced one more time to see if he had seen her moving. No, he was still pulling himself together. She couldn't help the overwhelming excitement inside of her. It had been so long, and now she was finally meeting him. She placed her head back down on the pillow and closed her eyes.

Logan grumbled and growled quietly as he stood up. Sheesh, was that really necessary? After dusting off the debris he had gotten on his uniform, he turned around. And there she was, just as he had figured. Okay, let's just get this over and done with.

He walked over to the bed where the girl was lying down, seemingly fast asleep. He realized that he had never seen any picture of the princess before. Magneto had never bothered to show him. (I mean, seriously, how many princesses are you gonna find in one castle?) So her appearance took him a bit by surprise. Her skin was unusually pale, or at least her face was. The rest of her body was well covered. Her hair was short and mostly dark auburn. What struck him as the oddest part about her were her stark white bangs that encircled the sides of her face. Her clothes were pretty strange too. She wore a green transparent shirt, a dark green tank-top underneath, a black leather skirt, black tights, and heavy black and green combat boots. She had black wristbands and a collar with silver bullets and black leather gloves.

Probably the strangest part was that despite her gothic appearance, she was holding a bundle of daisies. Daisies, of all things.

Weird, he thought as he approached her. Still, she did seem kind of attractive. But he didn't really care about that. This girl was for Magneto, after all.

The girl could hear her "rescuer" coming closer and closer to her bed, until she could sense him leaning over her. Trying to remain discreet, she braced herself for the long expected kiss that any usual rescuer would give.

However, this was no usual rescuer.

The man grabbed her shoulders and shook her rather roughly.

"Wake up!"

The girl was disturbed by this unexpected gesture and immediately replied a little harshly, "What?!"

"Are you Princess Rogue?" asked the stranger. She looked up and saw the half-masked face with mixed emotions. His mask made him seem somewhat terrifying, especially since he was scowling underneath it. But any hint of fear was subdued when she realized that he had been in fact searching for her. She gave a slight smile.

"Ah am. Awaiting a knight so bold as to rescue me." Hey, she wanted to be on this guy's good side, right?

"Oh, that's nice. Now let's go!" The man abruptly straighten and turned from the bed. He was already set to leave.

Rogue sat up quickly. This wasn't going exactly as she had imagined. "But wait, sir knight!"

The man turned back to her.

"This is only our first meetin'. Should it not be a wonderful, romantic moment?"

The man scowled again. "Yyyeaaah. Sorry, girlie, there's no time." This time he grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her with him to the door.

"Wait a minute! You're supposed to sweep me off mah feet down yonder rope onto yer valiant steed!"

The man had been fiddling with the door handle, realizing it was locked. He turned to her again. "You've had a lot of time to plan this, haven't you?"

"No kiddin'," she mumbled.

Suddenly three metal claws came out of the man's right fist and he smashed it through the locked door. He retracted the claws and ran down the hall with the princess in tow. Rogue was completely taken by surprise at the man's behavior. She didn't know him but she supposed he should've behaved as most knights and heroes were required, tenderness with ladies being one thing. And this guy was far from that.

"But we have to savor this moment!" she cried as they ran down the endless passages. The man didn't stop for a moment, even as he grabbed a torch off the wall. "You could recite an epic poem for me. A ballad. A sonnet. A limerick. Or . . . something!"

The man had to pause for a moment to figure out where to go next. "I don't think so," he said in answer to all of her suggestions.

Rogue was still panting from all the running (and the talking at the same time). "Well," she said breathlessly, "can Ah at least know the name of mah champion?"

The man glanced around for a moment. "Uh . . . Logan."

Hmm, interesting name. "Sir Logan." She cleared her throat and took out her handkerchief. "Ah pray you take this favor as a token of mah gratitude."

Logan took the piece of cloth from her, uncertain for a moment, then replied, "Thanks!" and wiped the part of his face underneath his mask with it (without revealing himself). He handed the now sweaty handkerchief back to Rogue. She reluctantly took it. Ookaaay.

Suddenly, there was a roar from the other side of the castle.

Rogue immediately turned on him. "You didn't slay the dragon?!"

"It's on my 'to do' list, now let's go!"

And they were off again down the halls. "But this isn't rahght! You're supposed to charge in, sword drawn, banner flyin'—that's what all the other knights did!"

"Yeah, before they burst into flames!" They had a visual example when they passed the skeleton of one such fallen knight.

"But that's not the point!" Rogue growled in return.

The pair soon came to an intersection where several passageways met. One led off to the side while another continued straight forward. Logan left Rogue at the spot while he continued straight on.

"Where're you goin'?" asked Rogue, now sounding very agitated. "The exit's that way."

He looked back at her. "Well I have to save my elf."

Rogue dropped her jaw in surprise. Either he just said had was going to save himself or he actually had an elf. What kind of knight has an elf?

"What kind of knight are you?"

Logan gave a small smirk. "One of a kind."

Very stealthily, Logan opened the set of doors that led to another, much larger room. He could easily hear Kurt's voice coming from inside. He found himself in the balcony area of what was once a very exquisite ballroom. Now it was being used as the dragon's horde for her treasure. And now, she was holding his furry elf friend prisoner with her tail wrapped around his body. Kurt, as usual, was trying to talk his way out of his current situation.

"You know," he said to the dragon/sorceress, "I really don't think ve need to rush into anything. I mean, I'm not really ready for a . . . physical relationship. I'm . . . not emotionally prepared for a commitment of zhis, uh . . . magnitude. Uh, right, ma-magnitude."

The sorceress didn't seem to be paying any true attention to what Kurt was saying, or maybe she just didn't understand it. She smiled and gingerly ran a claw over Kurt's head.

"Hey hey, that is unvanted physical contact!"

She recoiled, but her mood didn't change. She looked up at an old rusty chandelier.

"Hey, vhat are you doing?!"

She carefully blew her fire-breath over the ornament, lighting the candles in its holders.

"Okay, okay," said Kurt, now getting really nervous, "now let's just back up and start from zhe top . . ."

As Kurt continued to talk away, Logan's mind raced to find a way to help the poor boy out. He noticed the chain that was holding up the chandelier wedged between the railing and the pillar next to him. He pried the chain lose, gave it an extra tug to make sure it would hold up, then swung down like an ape man. He was hoping to hit the dragon's head, but the dragon had ducked in time while doting over Kurt (who was still talking).

Okay, he thought, what's plan B?

He looked up and saw the chain wrapped around a wheel. There wasn't any sort of lock holding the chain in place. Logan decided to give it a try. Using his entire body weight, he tugged hard at the chain to bring it down. At first, nothing. A second tug resulted in some motion. One more tug did the trick. The chain dropped down along with him.

As he fell, Kurt was realizing that the sorceress was ready to make her move. Lips puckered, she leaned toward him while smacking her lips.

"No, no, no, no--!"

Suddenly, Logan came crashing onto him, knocking him out of the grasp of the dragon's tail just in time. The dragon's lips came in contact not with Kurt, but with Logan's---um---posterior.

I think I've just been violated.

And the dragon wasn't exactly thrilled, either. She threw back her head in a mighty roar, supposedly about to burn Logan to a crisp. Without really even thinking it through, Logan released the chain, and sure enough the chandelier came reeling down onto the dragon's head. Instead of stopping, though, it continued down until it had locked around her throat. She roared again.

Logan didn't waste any time. He jumped off of the tail and ran like heck with Kurt by his side. They ran up the large staircase that led to the balcony. The dragon followed them with her gaze before striking. Just before she spat a fireball, Logan grabbed and carried Kurt under his arm. The fireball just barely missed them.

Logan ran around the balcony until another entrance appeared, then made his exit there. The passageway led back to the intersection where Rogue was still waiting. She seemed relieved that he was finally back, but there was no time for explaining. He grabbed her as he had done with Kurt, and kept on running.

"Hi princess!" greeted Kurt.

"What's he?" cried Rogue in surprise. "A talking gargoyle?"

"Yeah. It's getting him to shut up that's the trick!" said Logan.

Suddenly they all gasped. They encountered a very strange looking stone slide with uneven rocks poking out of it. Logan really wished there was some way around it, but he turned to see the dragon right behind them. He just managed to dodge her tail as it whacked into the wall. He slid down on his butt while trying to hang onto his two passengers. All would've gone well, but there was a little—bump—they had to overcome. An especially painful bump for Logan.

As soon as they landed at the bottom, Logan had to stopped for a moment to let out a groan.

(Yep. That's what it costs to be a man.)

The threesome had managed to reach the main hall, which was filled with dozens of pillars. As the dragon chased the group around the hall, the chains connected to the chandelier around her neck began wrapping around the pillars and crisscrossing each other. Logan tried to cut around to the main entrance, but the dragon was already ahead of them. She threw another fireball at them, forcing Logan to duck away. He ran down another part of the hall, jumping and climbing over the overlapping chains. Suddenly he came across a sword that was wedged into a very large stone. He quickly put Kurt and Rogue down.

"You two! Head for the exit!"

The elf and the princess ran as fast as they can. Rogue managed a quickly glance behind, then took off.

Logan pulled the sword out of the stone with ease. "I'll take care of the dragon."

Then he went over to the largest overlap of chains and stuck the sword right through them.

It wasn't long before Logan caught up with the others, and the dragon began to do the same.

Logan led the retreat out of the castle. "RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!"

The dragon released one more fireball, the biggest one she had made so far. It followed them all the way to the bridge and halfway over. Kurt no longer feared the bridge; there were many more things to be afraid of at the moment. He ran on first, then Rogue, then Logan taking up the back. As they ran, the fireball began burning the part of the bridge they had already passed.

Suddenly, the bridge snapped. Rogue and Logan quickly grabbed onto the wooden planks like the steps of a ladder. Kurt did the same, but the plank he grabbed broke under his grip. He yelled in terror as he began to fall backwards, but Logan caught him by the tail just in time. Upside-down, Kurt could see the dragon coming straight at them. Terror filled the air as the dragon prepared to launch herself from the ground.

Unbeknownst to the dragon, Logan's sword had held the chains in place, preventing them from coming undone.

Just as the dragon was a few feet from the ground, she was suddenly jerked back. The chain had been shortened so she could go no further. She let out a frustrated roar as she returned to solid ground in front of the castle. Kurt had been so terrified by the whole ordeal that even though he knew they were safe, he still passed out. Logan and Rogue sighed with indefinite relief and climbed their way up the bridge. The dragon watched them and let out a sorrowful howl, followed by a whimper like that of a sad dog.


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