Scrap of Humanity

Part XII

To Know him


I jolted awake the effects of a very vivid dream wearing off my sleep addled mind. My heart pounded at how I had seen Naruto in my dream. It had felt so real. His body moving against mine, his eyes filled with love as he looked down at me. I felt dirty for dreaming it, but even moreso for enjoying it. What perplexed me though was that when I awoke, I felt like I had just been thrust back into my own body. It was like this had been happening somewhere else. My heart clenched at the thought. It was plausible, there was no point in denying it. Naruto had been with Itachi for a while now. So it was logical to think they were doing...that. I shook my head. I hated that thought.

I sighed and moved from the bed glaring on the uncomfortable presence between my legs. I had touble still admiting to myself that I wanted Naruto just as Itachi did. It was like if I continued to deny it, that I would be different than him. In all reality though, maybe if I had been able to admit it, then this situation wouldn't have happened. I knew better. Maybe it would be me and Naruto on missions, but he'd still be longing after that "person". Maybe we would get together, but I would have left eventually.

I felt hopeless. At this point, all I could do was trust in Naruto. Trust that he was correct and knew what he was doing. I had been training with Kakashi almost non-stop after my meeting with Naruto. It was obvious that he had gotten stronger. I could feel it just in his presence. I needed to be strong too, just in case. I felt myself tighten at the thought of fighting Naruto. It was sickening. I frowned and moved off the the small bathroom to relieve the issue.

I felt guilty as I palmed myself remembering how Naruto looked in my dream. His face flushed and eyes full of lust. I replayed how his hands had felt splayed on my chest, the rise and fall of his body on mine as we joined. It had felt so real in my dream. I sped my pace up. As my pleasure crested I opened my eyes watching myself shoot out into empty space. I felt even more disgusted. I was going to completely black that dream out.

I trained harder today than I had been. I wanted to tire myself out completely so I wouldn't even be able to dream. Kakashi had enlisted in the aid of a fellow Jounin to help train me. I was grateful for the distraction. The guy was the polar opposite of Kakashi and between the two of them, it really kept me on my toes. As I lay on the training grounds panting both of them came up to me. Kakashi stood over me reading his book, while the other one Yamato, I think he said, sat by my side. I looked over at the expressionless face. He was staring off in the distance. Despite the lack of emotion shown, his face was warm and inviting. Naruto probably would have liked him. Argued with him, but liked him none the less.

"Sasuke, remember why I taught you chidori?"

I turned to look up at Kakashi. "To protect those important to me." I replied while turning my head back to the side.

"Will you hold true to that? Even if all of Konoha turns their backs on him?"

Kakashi's question was heavy, but there was no doubt in my mind. Naruto was the most important thing. I was angry that it had taken me this long to realize it. To admit it to myself. If something happened to him, I would never be able to forgive myself. Even moreso than if I could not have my closure with Itachi. I nodded and closed my eyes.

"Good." Kakashi stopped reading and put his book away from what I could hear. "Things are about to get tough." His voice was strained with what he didn't want to say. "Lady Tsunade can no longer hold off their decision to make Naruto a missing nin."

My eyes shot open. It wasn't possible. Naruto was supposed to come home to a welcome. He wasn't supposed to be labled that way. I could feel my anger rising. "Naruto was taken while he was unconcious! He didn't leave of his own accord!"

"There is more Sasuke-san." Yamato spoke. "Though the decision was made, Hokage-sama is very resourceful. She has labeled this as a special dangerous class." My eyes must have shown confusion. "It means that only those permitted exclusively by her are allowed to hunt for/ interact with him. Upon finding him and his 'accomplice' they are to be brought specifically to her unharmed."

"It essentially is her way of protecting him. Any nin found to be chasing him without her approval will be apprehended for insubordination."

I sighed in small relief. " The nobles won't like that. They want to erradicate them."

"It will be fine. Tsunade is waiting for us to complete your training. Then we and Yamato's intel will be the only ones allowed on this particular mission."


"I have a very talented young man watching and tracking Naruto-san right now." Yamato stood and dusted his pants off. "He is instructed not to engage at all. He's been sending frequent messages to me about Naruto, his abilities, his routine, and even his relationship with your brother."

I sat up and looked at Yamato. "Can you answer a question for me then?"

Yamato shook his head and sighed, seeming to already know what I was going to ask. "Yes, recent reports say that they are in 'that' kind of relationship. Sai reported it as a peak in chakra."

My mouth was dry, but I swallowed and nodded.

Day in and day out I trained until I was too tired to move. I was improving, but not fast enough. The more time I spent training, the further away Naruto was from me, and the higher the chance of someone from another village noticing his missing nin status. I was frustrated and still couldn't get over that. I never thought there would be a day that Naruto would be considered a missing nin. It didn't sit well with me at all.

Yamato's contact also was either very good or they didn't care they were being watched. Though it was possible Naruto didn't know. The guy had never really been around Konoha and was hardly ever visible at that according to Yamato. His information had been very thorough. Some of it made me a little infuriated wondering why he'd been watching that closely. Not everyone needed to know the little nuances of Naruto's bath time.

Despite all that, I was at least somewhat relieved that Naruto was ok. That in all his naivete, Itachi had not crossed him. All of the reports seemed to point to the fact that Itachi cared about him. It scared me to think that all I had known to be true had been tipped on it's axis. Or perhaps that I had not even noticed the entire time what and who Itachi really was.

"Naruto...what are you doing?"


Ever since that night Itachi had treated me differently. His looks would linger more, he would be more open about our passion. I loved it but feared it too. It was like he knew something was going to happen to him. It bothered me so much. Itachi was also going about on his own a bit. I knew he had a contact somewhere, but I didn't know who or where. Whoever it was did a good job of keeping us updated on all the goings on of the other villages, akatsuki, and even Orochimaru. I also knew that Konoha had someone watching me. I didn't know who, but I recognized the smell of Konoha on him. I didn't pay him much mind though. He had come close but hadn't attacked or even attempted contact.

I had flexed my chakra the last time I had caught his scent. Just let him know I could feel him. He responded in ducking out of my range. He was smart. Way more than I ever could have been. He was also really daring getting as close as he did. I'm sure that Itachi was aware of him probably even before I was. I supposed though, if Itachi hadn't found a threat in him, that I had nothing to worry about.


I smiled as Itachi walked into our small room. He greeted me with a soft open-mouthed kiss. It was wonderful and I melted into it. "welcome back. Did your meeting go well?"

"He had a lot to tell me." He murmured while deactivating the henge he used. "Let's eat first and I'll let you know."

My grin widened as his form merged back into the pale skin and ebon hair I'd come so accustomed to. He was simply beautiful. I hated the henge he used when he went out. He was still attractive in such, but tan skin and copper hair did nothing for me after knowing how he looked underneath.

Dinner was a nice calm affair. Itachi had bought us something to eat on the wa back into town. As much as I would have preferred the familiar taste of ramen, I had become more used to eating other things. (1) Congee, temaki, and yakizakana were things we commonly ate. Ramen was usually just a treat since we were hiding, and my love for the dish would make it quite suspicious. Sometimes I was treated with umeboshi and takoyaki. Even so, ramen was still my favorite. I appreciated the small little street vendor treats he brought me. Tonight he'd brought bento with sliced beef, rice, sushi, and tempura vegetables. It was nice to be eating something other than seafood.

Finally he spoke. "We have to move again." He siged while putting down his chopsticks. "Konoha has obviously been tailing us again, but that isn't why. Akatsuki is active again. They are going to Suna."

I dropped my chopsticks. "Gaara..."

"I know you want to protect him, I'm not sure we can withstand an encounter with them yet." His eyes closed in thought quieting anything I could have said. "I will find out soon who they are sending, that will let me know if we can go in without causing a problem."

"Itachi...who is the person you're meeting?"

"Kisame." He sigh again. "Kisame has always been my most trusted companion in akatsuki. He was well aware of you before and many times covered anything that could be seen as proof of me being in contact with you."

"You can trust him huh?" I shifted listening carefully to what he said.

"Kisame and I have always had a great deal of respect for eathother. Our agendas have each been different from akatsuki. He has no intention of letting me get caught. I have constantly been in contact with him."

"I trust you then, but I still resent his comment to cut off my limbs." I frowned scrunching my eyes at him. "Even if it was keeping up appearances."

Itachi chuckled at me and then went about cleaning the empty bento from the small table. His laughter was soft and rumbling. It made me laugh a bit too. When the table was cleared I stood up and went about my nightly routine and katas. I could feel Itachi's eyes on me as I did so. He stare was heated and I could feel myself grinning at that.

As soon as I was done, he was on me. Kissing and touching and making me want more. I loved the feel of his fingers massaging my hip bones and he grazed teeth at my neck. I couldn't get enough of him. Every touch sent electricity humming through my veins. I could barely respond save for clawing desperately at his back. He wrestled us to the ground and wasted no time in ridding us of our clothing. I loved when he was unguarded and passionate like this. When he was like this our lovemaking was rough and frenzied. One would never think Itachi under all the calm and cool would be capable of such fire. And I was happy to be the only one to know.

Our bodies rubbed against eachother making a delicious friction. I could scarcely care if he was inside my body when i came if he continued to touch me like that. As his fist closed over my length I found myself grunting in pleasure and approval. His thumb rubbed over the tip sliding about the foreskin while his lips assaulted my ear. The sensations were absolutely glorious. He was so attentive to my needs. He briefly stopped to roll me onto my stomach, but his hand never left my body. As soon as I was situated he continued to stroke while he rubbed his own arousal against me. I raised up just a bit to increase the sensation for him, his chest flush to my back as we slid against each other. I felt my peak coming on, but I wanted so badly to hold out until he came.

"Naruto..." He moaned.

Hot wetness spattered against my back letting me know he crested. His hand clenched tightly about my length and I felt myself twitch before I too finished. I panted and spread out on the floor, his weight a comfortable feeling on my back.

I awoke later in the bed to the sun filtering though the window. My first thought was to reach for Itachi, but I knew he was already gone. The bed was still a little warm meaning he hadn't been gone too long. I smiled to myself and got out of bed planing on going out for a bit today.

With my Henge in place I left the inn. Where Itachi was tan with copper hair, mine was pale with brown hair and green eyes. He'd said that by making our appearances less shock and more plain, we'd draw less attention. So far it had worked, but I was now aware of the Konoha nin coming closer to observe me. I had recognized his scent and now noticed that it was tinged with the smell of fresh paper and paint.

As I turned down an alley leading to the street vendors I heard his feet touch the ground behind me and the unsheathing of a blade. "Uzumaki Naruto."

I turned to face him, unnerved by the closed-eyed grin he gave me while pointing his short sword at me. "You intend to kill me?"

"You have been quite difficult to find despite how you are known as being noisy. I am quite surprised." He stepped closer while twirling his sword about his hand. "I want you to show me about bonds. Why is it so important for Konoha to save you?" His eyes opened revealing soft greys that looked similar to Itachi's when they weren't activated with Sharingan.

"I don't know what you mean. I want to protect my home and become hokage one day, but only if I can bring my most treasured person with me." He tilted his head and resheathed his sword.

"How sad, your naive ideals and dreams." His voice went from playful to serious as he spoke. "Show me and I will decide for myself if you are worth risking all of Konoha's safety."

With that he was gone, leaving a small painted card on the ground. I picked it up and examined the rat drawn so beautifully on it. "I don't know what you mean, but I will prove my worth and my dreams."

A/N: It's been a really long time coming on this one. I realize most of you have probably stopped reading at this point, but to those that haven't you have my thanks and sincerest apologies. This was a kind of slow chapter to me, but it's ok. I think I'll actually be able to wrap this fic up in a few chapters. I've been working on some other fandoms right now too (some bleach and one piece) but I promised myself not to post those until I at least had more of this and marked. Hopefully if any of you are into Grimmjow X Ichigo, Law x Luffy, Kira, Hitsu, or Kensei x Shuuhei; then maybe you'll check out my other stuff when it gets posted. Thanks again for reading

1- Congee, temaki, and yakizakana are pretty common japanese dishes rice porridge, hand rolled sushi, and grilled fish respectively. Takoyaki and umeboshi are things commonly found in street shops I've heard. Takoyaki is essentially fried octopus ball on a stick and umeboshi is salted/ dried plums.