Sidetracked Home: Chapter One

Author: Emerald Thorn

Rating: R

Genre: Drama, Romance (if I get around to it), generally bad Draco, and the humor didn't quite survive the seriousness of the plot this time (oh and don't forget the slash!).

Disclaimer: Not mine 


Draco wasn't surprised when Voldemort entered the room later that same day, or at least he assumed it was the same day since there not a lot of time had elapsed between appearances of the overgrown snake. Since they had proclaimed the potion 'almost done' the Death Eaters had left Draco alone to contemplate his fate and stare in suspicion at the cauldron that made hissing noises. Voldemort swept into the room in a bad impression of Snape and clapped his hands in delight over the potion with a whinny snigger before approaching Draco.

Draco eyed him defiantly and didn't flinch when Voldemort raised a hand to caress his face, the only movement he made was to spit in Voldemort's face. It was a brilliant move, the saliva hitting Voldemort right in-between the eyes and sliding down the ridge of the gnarly hook nose and hanging off the very tip. Voldemort retaliated instantly by slapping Draco hard enough to make his ears ring and his eyes water in protest despite his best efforts at showing no fear.

"That wasn't smart boy. I'll make you regret that when you are begging for my pleasure at my feet," Voldemort hissed as he invaded Draco's personal space almost enough to make even a seasoned Slytherin such as Draco squirm.

Draco didn't as much as twitch as he replied with a venom laced raspy whisper. "I'll never beg at your feet you disgusting piece of muddy pond scum." A whisper was all Draco could manage after having his throat turned raw from too many days without something to drink and trying to talk the idiotic minions into letting him go.

Voldemort smiled at Draco's reply, amused at the pretty youngling's attempt to stand up for himself despite his situation. "You may think so now but once I've completed this little experiment you will be my willing pet."

"I am not anyone's pet—least of all yours. I'd sooner slit my own throat than give you the pleasure. I see now why Potter is always beating you." Draco smiled as he said the last bit, his eyes gleaming madly as he snarled. He had decided the first night that if he was going to die he was going to be a pain in the ass on the way down. He was also going to make Voldemort regret this if it killed him. He was rapidly approaching the point where if he was an animal he would have gnawed off his own limb to get away.

Voldemort motioned over his shoulder for the Death Eaters that had been hovering at the door to come forward. "Pour the potion into the chalice," he ordered, his eyes never wavering from Draco's face as he again reached out to touch Draco. Draco didn't allow it a second time and bit down on the offending hand—hard enough to draw blood.

Yelping in surprise, Voldemort snatched his hand back and snarled at Draco who was rather pleased with himself and grinning viciously to show bloodstained teeth with madness showing in his eyes. "Yes you will be very sorry!"

Smile turning into his trademark smirk, Draco taunted Voldemort as loudly as he could manage. "You can't make me regret something I should have done long ago. I'm only sorry I didn't think of it sooner."

"Lucius," Voldemort said as he took a step back and his face went blank except for the blood red eyes that took on a coldly calculating cast. One of the Death Eaters that had entered with Voldemort came at his command. It was Draco's father—if one could still call their sire who betrayed them that. The man left his bone colored mask in place and bowed, the thick folds of the black material that made up the uniform robes contrasting brightly with the platinum blonde mane that cascaded with the bowed movement.

"Lucius, I want you to do the honors of collecting the final ingredient," Voldemort ordered, his thin colorless lips twitched into a gruesome imitation of a pleasant expression.

"As milord commands. Do you wish it collected via a spell or manually?" Draco's father's voice was emotionless. There was no indication that it was his son Lucius was referring to.


Lucius' head bobbed up and down in agreement and the long sleeves of the ebony robe pushed back. Draco refused to acknowledge his father's presence, his frosty glare pointed directly at Voldemort and his chin up and defiant. Out of the corner of his eye, Draco could make out some sort of collection vial being passed to Lucius from one of the unidentified Death Eaters but gave no indication he was aware of anything else in the room except for his enemy in front of him.

It was very hard to not shudder in disgust as his only scrap of clothing was cut away with a sharp knife that somehow managed not to cut his skin. Even colder than before, Draco tried to resist as his legs were spread shoulders width apart and the cold glass of the vial surrounded his flaccid cock and pressed tightly into his abdomen to create a semi-tight seal. When the purposeful touch to his entrance came, Draco tensed his muscles as tight as he could to deny his father's fingers entrance but he was defeated by a spell from his father that caused all the muscles in his lower body to go lax.

Shaking with effort to stay still, Draco fought his body's reaction as he began to stir and harden between his legs as his father's fingers found something within him that sent spikes of sensual excitement and pleasure through his exhausted and tortured body. Fighting his body's natural response, Draco bit his tongue and the bitter coppery taste of blood flooded his mouth as his father continued to work him.

When the inevitable came, Draco closed his eyes and refused to acknowledge that he had just been brought off by his father for Voldemort. The natural wave of relaxation that usually accompanied his release was stopped before it began by Voldemort's voice.

"You're very beautiful when you try to resist young Malfoy. I shall enjoy watching you grow big with my child. An heir such as you will bear me shall be magnificent—especially when he is grown enough for me to possess his body. And such a beautiful body you will gift me with. The beauty of the Malfoy's with my own power. I will once again be the most powerful wizard in the world."

Somehow scraping up enough remaining energy to open his eyes to half mast, Draco shot back the only insult he knew that would be enough to ensure a violent reaction. "You will never be more powerful than Harry Potter. He fights for reasons you cannot even begin to understand and hence you will always loose as you will never be able to strategize well enough to bring him down."

The reaction was immediate. A hand pockmarked with age spots and brittle nails surrounded Draco's neck blocking his airway. "I will defeat Potter and you will be brought to heel. It's such a shame that your venom has no power behind it or you might have made a decent opponent. Now you'll just be my broodmare."

Just before he lost consciousness again due to the current lack of oxygen Draco heard one last sharp command, "Add the final ingredient. I want his body prepared for infusion by midnight."


Several hours later, Harry was still curled up on his rickety bed in Surry as his body shuddered in horror as he watched events unfold. The vision of current events continued only by Harry's will, Voldemort was not aware for once that he was watching and listening in. Feeling wetness on his cheeks, Harry absently brushed away the tears that were falling from his eyes as he closed his eyes even more tightly and concentrated on staying hidden and continuing his observance.

Draco looked so helpless, his head hanging forward and slightly to the left as silver platinum hair that had been allowed to grow long over the last year was messily clinging to feverish skin. Before tonight, Harry could honestly say he hadn't really thought of how bad it was to be part of a Death Eater's family. Now, Harry only wanted to get Draco away from this depraved version of life. Nobody deserved what he had just seen, Harry could hardly believe that Lucius had followed Voldemort's orders with no signs of reluctance.

It was no wonder Draco acted as he did and Harry could not blame him for their past differences. You couldn't blame someone for how they grew up or their family, his own family a perfect example of circumstances. Harry couldn't believe the possessiveness he felt for Draco after Draco had told Voldemort that he would never beat him. Draco believed in him not Voldemort and that was quite possibly the most endearing thing Harry had heard in his short life.

From Voldemort flowed a sick sense of sexual anticipation and pleasure that Harry mentally filtered around him as he started to feel physically ill. Voldemort ordered that his bedroom be prepared with all the necessities and Harry had to bite his own tongue to keep from lashing out at the mad wizard via their mental link. Ideas of how to get Draco out of this mess flashed through Harry's mind, each more bogus and impossible than the one before. The truth was he had no clue where Voldemort currently was and there was no way of contacting the Order fast enough to mount a rescue attempt even if he did know where to go. From Voldemort's mind he was able to pick up the names of each of the individual Death Eaters that were milling about purposefully. To his rising horror he recognized three members of the Order but Snape wasn't there so there would be no help at least from that quarter. When Harry had last looked at the cracked digital display that was his only timepiece it had read 11:15 which had been at least fifteen minutes ago.

Time was running out for Draco and Harry had no way to help him. Harry told himself that when he defeated Voldemort he would try and free Draco from this prison that was imprisoning him and give whatever he could to the battered Slytherin.

Through his connection to Voldemort, Harry could only watch in horrified fascination as Draco's throat convulsed as the liquid forced its way down the scared and quickly transforming from defiance to defeat look in the young Slytherin's grey eyes made Harry's own heart ache at the suffering humility that Draco was enduring. When the entire contents of the goblet had been emptied down Draco's throat his mouth was roughly clamped shut and his nose pinched to make Draco swallow the last mouthful. Trapped inside the weird and convoluted mind of the Dark Lord, Harry felt almost physically ill himself at the emotions swirling around him.

When the Death Eaters removed their hands from Draco's head his entire body began to seize violently and the most pain filled scream Harry would ever hear was ripped from Draco's throat. The Dark Lord was gleeful—watching as changes began to quickly appear.

Draco's once fair skin bulged and retracted as his organs shifted within him before settling as glittering sapphire blue scales began to emerge on his legs, arms and sides as well as along the edges of his cheekbones and throat. Already well defined features became sharper as Draco's small ears lengthened and became pointed under his loose blonde hair that was becoming nearer to the actual color of gold as his remaining non-scale covered skin also darkened to a healthy tan as it discarded the paleness common to the wizarding aristocracy.

Draco's limbs and torso lengthened and there was noticeably more muscle forming across his upper arms and chest. As the process seemed to be ending, Draco's screams turned to shrieks as two new appendages ripped through his back, knocking away several Death Eaters who had been in the way. The new appendages were glorious in Harry's opinion. Iridescent sapphire and gold dragon wings stretched nearly three meters away from each shoulder, arching delicately as they flapped to cause a small windstorm before they fell limp as Draco began to loose consciousness. As his mouth opened to scream again, Harry saw the elongated canines drip with saliva or some other secretion. Too exhausted to scream again, Draco lost his tenuous grip on consciousness.

Voldemort was very pleased with the changes in Draco and Harry felt repulsed as Voldemort gave the order for Lucius to clean up his son and have his bed prepared. Realizing that with his attention no longer occupied Voldemort was more likely to notice his unwanted visitor; Harry concentrated on his own body and left just as Voldemort began contemplating the best way to use his new toy when he awoke first.

Landing with a jolt in his own body, Harry was drenched in nervous sweat but shivering from the coldness he could feel running through his mind after prolonged contact with Voldemort. Hedwig was cooing at him concernedly, her small feathered head tilted as she regarded the bizarre motions of her owner as he shook his head in an attempt to clear it from the haze that had not yet quite left him from Voldemort's mind.

"Dumbledore..." Harry said as he pulled his desk drawer completely out and grabbed a spare bit of parchment and a muggle ink pen he had accidentally taken from this nice lady at the garden center when he had gone with his Aunt to buy fertilizer for the lawn. Uncapping the pen, Harry quickly scribbled the necessary information down before signing it with his messy signature and hastily sealing it with a bit of wizarding sealer—the perfect addition to any young wizards summer correspondence kit. Opening Hedwig's door, he motioned with his hand as he called to her.

"Come on girl," he spoke as he tied the letter on her left leg, "I need you to take this to Dumbledore as quickly as you can. Don't let anything get in your way. We need to save his life." Hedwig seemed to understand his urgency and with a short, soft hoot and a rustle of feathers she was gone through the window and out into the sweltering summer night.

Harry fell back onto his bed, his temporary flurry of excitement exhausting him in the humidity. Looking at the digital alarm clock, he noticed it was almost midnight. Another few hours and Uncle Vernon would be pounding on his door telling him to move his lazy ass and start breakfast while he showered. Sometimes his life felt so surreal and disjointed. His sixth sense that told him danger was near was near howling for his attention yet he knew he needed to wait patiently for some form of reply from Dumbledore.


Draco awoke to full consciousness abruptly with no dulled transition from oblivion to awareness. He made no physically observable movements or changes in his breathing to alert the watchers that he was now alert. Taking inventory of his body, he made mental notes of which areas seemed different from normal. To his surprise his shoulders were the only body part that actually was in pain and he could tell there was now something extra around his shoulders. The most concerning signal his body was sending him was the warmth that had settled just beneath his skin. He felt overheated and knew that the light sheen of sweat on his body was not necessarily a good sign given what Voldemort had told him of his near future.

Still not opening his eyes, he used his other senses to try and gather as much information on his surroundings as possible. He was lying face down on a soft, cloth covered surface—probably a bed and the texture of the cloth and smell made the fabric silk—which would be slippery and both an advantage and disadvantage. None of his limbs were touching any other surface which indicated either the bed was fairly large or the space around him was uncluttered. His ears picked up two people breathing nearby but they were not moving or talking, one to his left and one by his feet which was slightly more nasal than the other. He could smell burning candle wax, indicating it was either still night or there were no windows to this room. He could also smell wine and he though fruit but was unsure as he was distracted by the faint stirring of air that lifted a few strands of his hair. Either an open door or a window was causing the slight breeze so there might be an avenue for escape.

He knew he didn't have much time before Voldemort would be back to torment him.


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