This is the very first fan fiction I'm posting at and my very first Shaman King fanfic. View my profile to see a picture I drew to go with this fan fic.

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Yoh sat silently on the bench in front of his house much like the other times he's been sitting there. The snow lightly brushed against his face as they fell down, some landing on him, some on the bench, and others to the ground below. The cool wind whispered softly by his ear as it blew by, and Yoh gave his signature grin in reply. The people seemed to be in a particular rush that day, maybe it's because Christmas is nearing. No matter the reason, Yoh was just having a good time watching them. People are quite interesting to watch, which was why Yoh was out there again that day. But no one was more interesting to watch then a peculiar girl that frequently walks through his streets.

" There she is, right on time," Yoh said with a smile. His eyes was set across the street on a girl walking slowly, almost as if she was floating. Her silky blond hair flew freely behind her as she made her way through the crowd of people. Yoh watched her happily, wondering how she managed to ignore everyone. A man bumped into her and seemed to have utter an apology. But she walked on as if oblivious to the surrounding people. Yoh felt himself being mesmorized by the scene. He couldn't tear his eyes off her even if he tried. Though he never did intended to do that. Soon the girl turned the corner and was out of his vision.

" One of these days, I'll find out who you are," Yoh said softly to himself with a smile.


Anna finally reached her destination after the long walk from home. There were quite a bit more people up and about the streets that day, but Anna had long learned to ignore them. She opened the door to her shop, which made a familiar 'ding' as the door hit the tiny bell above it.

" Hey Anna! Right on time as usual!" A girl greeted her from behind the counter.

" And you were early as usual, Tamao," Anna replied dully. She wasn't one to show much excitment, or any type of emotion from that matter. Tamao just smiled back.

" So was that boy there again today?" Tamao asked with interest.

" Huh?" Anna lifted her head a little and thought for a moment. " Oh, you mean the guy on the bench?" Anna put up her winter gear and started to open the newly delivered package. " Yeah as a matter of fact, he was there sitting on the bench as usual."

" Why don't you go talk to him?" Tamao asked resting her face on one of her hand. " I think he's so dreamy..." Tamao's started to daydream, with a smile on her face. Anna couldn't help but roll her eyes at the scene.

" Why should I? I don't know him, and I don't want to either." Anna finally managed to get the package opened. She smiled after discovering the content was the new crystal orb she ordered. After her last orb broke two weeks ago, Anna wasn't able to perform her fortune telling rituals. Luckily, most of the custmers were willing to reschedule. " It's here. You can call the customers and inform them that I can start telling fortunes again starting today."

" Oh... ok..." Tamao picked up the phone and began dialing the first number on the list containing numbers to the customers who wanted to still have their fortunes told. Anna and Tamao own the little shop together, but Anna was the main attraction. Many people come to her to get their fortunes told, seek love advice, or even to contact their late loved ones. There was never a time Anna's fortunes or advice was wrong.

" I'm going to be in the ritual room. Call me if you need..." Ding, the bell sounded signaling someone just entered the shop.

" Hi, I was told I can get my fortunes told here?" The guy looked around the peculiar shop. It was eerily dark in there, and the smell of incent filled the room. Anna turned around, and lifted her eyebrown in surprise. Standing by the door was the guy who she always saw sitting on the bench wearing the same goofy smile he always had on his face.