The Enforcers


In a world where crime is rampant with laws constantly broken, the only group that people could depend on is called the Enforcers. A mysterious posse feared by many criminal syndicates in the underworld and law enforcement agencies around the globe that strikes without warning and knows no mercy. To the light side, the posse is known as bounty hunters but the dark side the posse is known as stealthy rogue assassins. Nobody knows who the Enforcers are since they leave as quickly as they came. Therefore some believe they are just a rumor since they have no solid management but some know better than that.

What many people do not know is that the Enforcers do not recognize the good or the bad. There are only shades of gray and there is balance in the world. If there is day, there is night. The Enforcers believes the world is a cruel place with ridiculous laws to only benefit the legislators who will stop at nothing to do what it is necessary to stay in power.
If robbing a bank meant cutting off funds from the enemy or assassinate a politician to prevent chaos, so let it be. Prevention is better than a cure. Justice does exist but it is not serve quickly enough. Therefore many convicts get away too easily by the police who can be corrupt too easily by power or wealth offer by criminal syndicates. Even the government can be corrupted as well when lawbreakers murder certain key witnesses before they testify. No witness, no evidence. No evidence, no proof of guilt even if the guilty confesses after the verdict. The guilty is free because a law called 'double jeopardy.' A person cannot be held trial twice for the same crime. But again witnesses could be bribed, hence the innocent could be sent to prison.

The Enforcers are not easy to classify as being good or bad. They do not plunder other metropolitans but they do not allow other people to pillage municipals. They do not intervene in nation's fights but they do not like to stand idle either. But mostly of all, nobody knows how the Enforcers think. They only see the reactions of the Enforcers which is to implement swift justice which has many forms whether it is in quick brutal retribution or in the long process in court But there is only one thing to make the vengeance to happen righteously. The guilty must be caught.

An Eye for an eye…