A/N: So, this is my first Almost Famous story. My favorite movie inspired me to write this. I do plan to continue and add further chapters, but I'd like a reasonable amount of feedback first, so I'm not wasting my time. I may continue anyway, as I write for myself mostly. Well, please read and reply. Any comments are appreciated!

XoXo, Emma


"Do you wanna come?"
"Yes! Yeah."
"Are you sure?"

"Ask me again."
"Do you wanna come?"

"Yes! Yes."


There was no Morocco. William was always right about that. I wanted a Morocco. I wished for a Morocco, but it was never real. I always wanted Stillwater more. There was William in Morocco with me, or there was Russell on the road with me. There were exotic new friends or my beloved Band-Aids and my crowd.

But now that's all done.

I had my fun with Stillwater. Russell and I have moved on. My Band-Aids had split up and followed their own separate bands. And William? What of William? He was the only one I wasn't past.

William. William. William. What to say about William? He was polite and sweet. He was intelligent and fun. Interesting, mysterious, and caring. All he ever did was care. That's all his fun with Stillwater ever was. Just him caring about the boys. And about me.

Always caring. My birthday. The night of the Quays. The next morning. He was the one who was there. Trying to help me. Trying to keep me safe. He cared. He said he loved me. That was all I remember from the night of the Quays. The next morning I woke up lying on the couch, my head on his lap. His nightlong vigil over me had left bags under his eyes and his fingers stroked my tangled curls, brushing them away from my face.

I'm going to go to Morocco now. I'm going to lie on the beaches of Essaouira. I'm going to visit the shops of Marrakech. I'm going to ride a camel around and wear exotic clothes and eat exotic foods and…

And what? None of that sounded interesting. Lying on beaches alone? Window-shopping on the streets of Marrakech alone? Riding around on a camel alone? Wearing exotic clothes and eating exotic foods alone? No, that was not how it was meant to be.

William. We would go together. Just like we had planned once. We would go there together. We would lie in each others arms. We could buy each other things in the shops of Marrakech. We could race each other across the hot sands as fast as we could make our camels go. We would wear exotic clothes and taste exotic foods. Together. Yes, William. We would go.

One year. That's how long it's been since I've seen William. Spoken to him. I need him now. We need to go to Morocco. We will. He'll be in school again soon. Perhaps he already is done with school. Is a year too long? Too long for what, Penny? To long for what? For him to still love me? Now that I've finally realized what I feel for him? A year. Damn. Love. Never something I thought I'd feel. Then there was Russell. I wanted him to love me, I wanted to myself. I didn't though. And of course, neither did he.

I'm going to Morocco. This weekend. I'll leave in four days. I'm going and I'm going make it all happen. It's all happening. It's all happening…