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She forced him to match her stride as she tauntingly let the umbrella distance itself from his form, in a cruel attempt to show him who was now in control. She waited with the umbrella sheltering him from nature's deluge, observing him sluggishly climb into the passenger side of his Tahoe and buckle up.

Comfort withdrew from his body as he felt her eyes on him, and he prayed that the intensity in her gaze would soon shy away. His eyes widened as he felt her hand on his thigh, moving dangerously close to his now awakening arousal. His hips lifted off the seat slightly, as he felt her hand dip and move towards his hip. He squirmed slightly, and met curious blues, dashed with humour. "Can't very well drive without these..." She dangled his keys between her index finger and thumb, and then bumped his door closed with her hip. He stared straight ahead, vainly taking deep breaths to calm his libido and mind, as his thoughts still relived those moments close to ecstasy.

Catherine passed a hand through her damp hair, and tossed the wet umbrella in the backseat. She glanced at Gil, noticing his vacant stare, and pressed her cold hand to his cheek. "You okay."

He jumped, startled by her coolness contrasted by his warm skin. Shaking his head, he offered a weak smile, leaning in slightly against her hand. "Just tired..."

She smiled and started the car, nodding towards the road. "Just let me make one quick stop at the pharmacy, and then we'll go home, okay?" She pressed her lips together, waiting for some conflict to arise, but silence reigned in the moving vehicle. The traffic light deemed it convenient to chance a look in his direction, and she indulged such a moment, casting her gaze at the man occupying the seat beside her. She crumpled her forehead in worry, her heart going out to his ill state, even though it was only the flu. She continued to watch him breathe evenly, his forehead resting against the cool surface of the window, before she realized the traffic light's state, and resumed her journey towards the pharmacy.

Gil's eyes fluttered heavily upon feeling the car shake. He lethargically lifted his head from it's craned position, and kneaded the cramped muscle in his neck, as his blurred vision tried desperately to clear in order to shed light on his current surroundings. He leaned his head back against the seat, and closed his eyes momentarily.

Catherine stepped back out into the rain, closing the door to her supervisor's townhouse behind her. She spied him, still asleep in the car, and hurriedly walked towards the passenger side, her hand tightly gripping the umbrella that was being manhandled by the storm's molestations..

He grimaced upon feeling the wind's whip, and a few stray droplets managed to sneak by the umbrella's shield and cause disturbance. His head lolled to the side as he glanced at her, blindly jabbing the buckle until it released him from its belted hold. He swung his legs, and stepped out of the Tahoe, slightly crouching under the umbrella. Huddling close to her, his teeth starting to chatter as the cold nipped at him.

Once inside his townhouse, Catherine helped strip him of his jacket. She watched as he toed his shoes off, and walked around in a slight daze. "Gil, I drew a warm bath for you while you were resting in the car." Her voice was gentle, and he shivered, feeling her breath against his ear.

"Thanks." A rasp reply preceded a genuine smile of thanks as he made his way to the bathroom, his eyes already feeling weighted.

Catherine quickly reached for a glass, and popped two pills in her hand, hoping to reach her best-friend before he started to divest himself completely. She reached the bathroom door, and peered in, noting that he left it ajar. "Gil?" Her eyes roamed his smooth chest, and she wasn't sure whether she was glad or frustrated that she had interrupted him just as he was undoing his belt. She handed him the glass, and he downed the pills that accompanied it. "I'll be in the kitchen...if you need anything."

He nodded his understanding, and faced away from her, pulling his pants down and stepping out of them.

Catherine remained, her eyes taking in his boxered state. She blinked out of her reverie as her mind registered his hands reaching for the elastic waistband of his underwear, and turned abruptly, making a stealth exit. She leaned against the wall outside the door, her mind replaying the arousing view she had just witnessed. She pulled the handle, allowing the door to close partially, and made her way to the round dining table, located in the kitchen's vicinity.

Catherine glanced at her watch and then craned her neck to the side, casting view towards the bathroom. She furrowed her brow, contemplating checking up on her supervisor yet being well aware that even in a vulnerable state, he hated being taken care of. Closing the file in front of her, she pushed herself up and made her way to the bathroom. "Gil?" She knocked lightly, allowing her hand's momentum to let the door swing open. She stepped in fully, taking in his sleeping form, hating to have to wake him up. She knelt down by the tub, and despite her eyes strong desire to view what very few were given the prestiged opportunity to see, her mind forced her gaze to level with his. Placing her hand on his cheek, she gently roused him from his slumbered state.

He blinked and his eyes focussed on her glowing beauty, and he stared at her with boyish curiosity.

"I prefer my supervisors unpruned..." She grinned playfully, retrieving a large towel that hung on the back of the door. She turned her back to him, handing him the towel without indulging her eyes to a mouth-watering feast. Turning around, she flashed him a darling smile while taking in his state: hair untamed, chest still wet and glistening, towel lazily wrapped around his hips and an interesting expression gracing his face. "What's with the silly grin?" She asked, deftly taking a smaller towel and running it along his arm's length.

The lop-sided grin grew wider, inching towards a rare visual treat. "Nothing..."

Catherine nodded, her eyes falling to his lips and then back up to his eyes. "Nothing." She repeated. "You know what they say about people who smile for no reason, don't you?" Her eyes widened slightly at his chuckle - not used to winning such a reaction. She moved behind him, drying his back.

"This." He stated, plainly. His eyes found her form, reversed through the mirror, and he observed her, adoring her level of concentration and dedication, even on the smallest of tasks.

"This," she motioned back and forth between them, "makes you smile." It was rather dryly commented, though her smile wasn't lost to his eyes.

He blinked lethargically, his eyes preferring to remain closed due to slumber's weight. "...maybe it's the meds." He jested, cocking his head to the side and offering her another smile.

"Wouldn't doubt it." She stepped in front of him, and poised herself on the tips of her toes, as her hands guided the towel to his hair. She ruffled his hair in a drying attempt, staring at her intended task rather than meeting his eyes. A minute gasp escaped her lips, and she placed her hands on either side of his shoulders to steady herself, upon feeling a pair of hands loosely grab hold of her waist.

"Thanks, Cath." He said, smiling down at her.

They stood suspended in a moment neither desired to break, each indulging in a wink of intimacy neither had experienced before; where a mere gaze was more powerful than any form of physical contact imaginable. Fear was most definitely present, but desire was creating an invisible magnetic pull, which allowed the two souls to stay connected no matter where they were and what they were doing.

"Definitely the medication." Catherine broke the spell, offering lame humour to hide her vulnerability. She stepped out of his embrace, and retrieved his robe that was hanging up. Stepping behind him, she spread it open, enticing him to enter the cocooned warmth that she bid by using the robe as a host. "You need to rest, Gil." She grabbed him by the hand and led him to his bedroom, helping him under the covers.

He scooted closer to the middle of his king-size bed, allowing her ample room to seat herself beside him. His eyes ached from remaining open against weight's will, but he refused to let her beauty go wasted and fought against the exhaustion's strong pull.

Pulling his bedside table's drawer open, Catherine fished around with a certain object in mind. She plucked it out amidst the drawer's clutter, and held it up victoriously. "Open." She coaxed her supervisor, holding the thermometer close to his mouth. Her eyes watched as his lips slowly parted, and at that moment, she selfishly wanted nothing but to feel them on her skin, to feel them against her own. Exhalation softly, she slipped the thermometer in his mouth, mesmerized by his lips and the sensual images that it created.

Gil held her gaze and despite the medication's delusions, he curiously observed the darkening of her eyes that were fixated on his lips. Finally, her eyes' awareness presented itself, and she raised them to meet his, each set questioning and answering cryptic statements.

The thermometer signalled it's result, and she watched as it slid smoothly out of his mouth, trailing along his full lower lip. She held the instrument at eye level, though her stare never faltered from his mouth. "I suspected as much, 101.9 degrees." She nodded, placing a hand to his forehead, disguised as temperature confirmation, but truthfully as a means to part with the sensation of his skin under her fingertips. "You get some rest, okay?" She smiled, her hand lightly brushing through his hair. "I might as well get that paper done, huh?" It was rhetorical, and she stayed locked in her position, hand still tangled in his curls, until his eyes began to descend to slumber. Her body forced her to remain for a spell longer, just taking in his comforted state, and she pulled the blankets up slightly higher, tucking him in. Placing a hand on his chest, she pushed herself up, and began to leave the room, her hand unwillingly travelling behind her.

"Thanks for taking care of me, Cath."

She turned on her heel, observing him, eyes still closed. Walking up to him, she grasped his hand, giving it a supporting squeeze in return. She loosened her grip and was about to let go when a sudden strong tug forced her off her feet and on to the bed; her torso landing half beside, and half on her supervisor's chest. She moaned as impulsive lips claimed her own, and logical sense retreated as she gave into her heart's demand, tasting him as much as he was tasting her. "Gil..." She breathed into his mouth, granting his tongue access to tango with hers.

As oxygen grew stronger, she placed a gentle kiss on his lower lip before parting, raising herself slightly off his chest. She let her finger run the contour of his lips, before dotting them again with small pecks. She felt his even breathing and dropped her head to his chest, realizing that the medication had chosen moment's most awkward state to kicked in, dragging him into a somnambulist state. Sighing, she pushed herself off his torso, only to have her chest meet his again. She tilted her head to the side, seeing and feeling his arms locked around her petite frame. "Great." She muttered, blowing out a frustrated puff of air.

Minutes on end past as she squirmed and shifted, trying to incite him to loosen his death-grip on her. "Gil...I have work to do." It was a fruitless attempt, and some where in the back of her mind, a voice told her to just accept what fate had thrown at her. Sighing reluctantly, she managed to disturb their current positions to a level of comfort that seemingly appeased them both: chance allowing her to lay on her side, with her best-friend's spooned behind her. "Who would have guessed that tight-ass Gil Grissom is a cuddler..." She muttered to herself, her yawn warping her words. She listened to the even breathing of the man behind her, who's arms still held her securely, and found sleep herself, amidst the comfort of her desire's dreams.

His eyes lazily drew back sleep's curtains, and he was blessed with a golden view. Confusion soon followed this bliss that coursed through his body, as his hands twitched, inciting a dozed moan from beside.

Catherine rolled back her shoulders in an effort to stretch her cramped muscles. She turned around to face her partner, having felt his hands loosen slightly. She smiled a greeting, her eyes full of questions. "How are you feeling?"

Wrinkled-browed, he stared at her, questions filling his own gaze. "Good." He replied curtly, and then blinked away his abruptness. "Better, actually...what are you doing in my bed?"

Catherine grinned, knowing Gil's preference to always cut to the chase. "You pack a mean bear hug." She replied Puckishly, throwing him a darling smile.

His eyes widened, and he released his hold, drawing his arms near his body. His eyes travelled down her form, to meet her legs that were entangled with his. In an untangling attempt, his foot brushed against her's and his eyes immediately sought her blues, for a reaction assessment. He gazed at the intrigue behind her look, and interpreted an almost dare calling out to him through her stare. He testingly let his shin slide against her smooth calf; always watching for a reaction.

She glanced at his eyes, then trailed down to his lips before pulling back to cast gaze at his eyes once again. It was her way of granting him the permission she hoped he was searching for.

Gil brought a hand to cup her face, allowing his thumb to graze her bottom lip. He leaned towards her, his body almost zippering against hers from the feet upwards, until his lips connected with his longing. His tongue's pressure forced her lips apart, and he savagely tasted her; his hands slowly awakening to the power of unbeatable attraction. He sought out her curves, his fingers nimbly tracing over every surface of her body - clothed or not, and yet he still hungered for more.

She pressed her body against him, trying desperately to be absorbed by his being. Her hands found his chest through his now open robe, and she let her fingers dance across his heated skin. "Gil..." she murmured between their lipped battle, "you're burning up again." Her tongue trailed down his chin, tasting the devishly handsome cleft that defined his face, down his neck and stopping at his collarbone.

"I'm fine...don't stop." He hissed, his head lolling back as his body gave in to the arousing sensations that she was creating. He felt her hands slip to his waist, her nails digging into his flesh as her tongue greeted each nipple before dipping into his navel. He thrust his hips up at the sudden jolt of pleasure, all orchestrated from her tongue, that teased and tickled its way across his body.

Catherine straddled his thighs, pushing herself lower and lower until she reached the sensitive area right above his pelvis. She administered several small pecks, enjoying the feel of his muscles spasming with each specific contact made. Her hand brushed against his arousal and she felt his whole body jerk violently, coughs soon invading her ears. The site of his whole body convulsing due to his coughs was too much for her heart to bear, so she straddled his lap, forcing him into a body-hug. She tried to calm him with soothing words and a comforting hand rubbing lazy circles on his back.

After he had calmed down, he pulled back slightly, admiring her flawless beauty. "Let's put that," his eyes glanced down and then sheepishly back up, "on hold for awhile." He sought her lips again, bringing her body flush against his, his lips telling of his love and respect for her.

She kissed back the same statement, adding promises of her own. "Get some rest, okay?" She pressed one more kiss to his lips before placing a hand on his chest and pushing him back down on the bed. She watched as his eyes tugged closed before she settled herself beside him, watching her lover sleep.

Gil held the lab door open for Catherine and they both scouted their surroundings. Offering a quick kiss, they quickly made haste in opposing directions, secrecy lacing their actions.

Catherine sneezed for the tenth time in the last three minutes, as she made her way to the break room. Producing a Kleenex from her purse, she blew her nose and tossed it into the garbage as she entered the room.

"Woah, shouldn't you be quarantined?" Nick smiled, despite taking a couple of steps back.

Catherine looked up to hand Nick her famous evil-eye, only to notice that everyone else had also retreated to the other side of the room.

"I thought you had the vaccine..." Sara remarked, speaking more to the floor then to the strawberry-

"I did." Catherine coughed, lying down on the vacated couch.

"Against airborne influenza." Warrick added, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Hey." Gil walked in without looking up from his folders. "Nick, Warrick - you guys have a shooting at the Tangiers. Apparently a customer wasn't happy with the waitress's service." He handed them a file.

"Thanks - you look better, Grissom." Nick commented, taking the file from their supervisor.

"I feel better. Sara, take Greg with you," he passed the file to her, "floater."

"Yum." The brunette dead panned.

"Catherine - go home." Gil finally looked up, tucking some folders under his arm. "I'm going to take Catherine home, so I'll be on call if anyone needs me."

Nick's Cheshire grin slowly materialized. "Hey guys, what are the different ways to become infected with the influenza virus?" His question was slow and deliberate, revealing a suspicion to only the young CSIs.

"Well, there's the airborne virus - which is primary." Warrick offered with a confident nod.

"Contact." Greg chimed in, pressing his body against Sara's back in order to weight his statement, and get a riled reaction out of the young brunette. He smiled sheepishly when she pushed him away, and despite her reaction, still wiggled his brows at her - winning a rare smile for his effort.

"Hmm...there's still another." Nick tapped a finger to his lip, mimicking deep contemplation. "What other method can germs employ, to transfer from one system to another?"

Catherine rolled her eyes. "Saliva, Nick. Saliva! You learned that in basic biology that an easy way to exchange microbes is by exchanging saliva." Her monotonous voice echoed through the now silent room and she narrowed her eyes with intrigue, assessing the young Texan's reaction. Her eyes snapped to her supervisor's as realization hit, and she observed him: shaking his head with a embarrassed and an amused smile.

"Busted!" Greg sang, as he followed Sara and Warrick out of the break room.

"So that's why Grissom's feeling better..." Nick mused aloud, leaving the pair alone, grinning like fools.