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2:23 p.m. – Beverly Hills High School

It was a bright and sunny Friday as the girls and I walked down one of the halls of the school talking about whatever and on our way to the parking lot.

Sam stood in her short purple shirt, a short green jacket, long green pants, and high-heeled sandals (from season 1's "Incredible Shrinking World", and season 2's "Mommies Dearest."). Clover wore a pink dress, and a pair of high-heeled boots (from season 2's "Mommies Dearest", and "Green with N.V."). Alex wore a white shirt with a red heart in the middle. I wore a blue Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy T-shirt with some other sponsors on the front. On the back had Josh Hansen's last name and underneath it was a 68.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally thrilled to be back at school after a number of missions. It seems like only yesterday that we just missed a full week at school." Alex said.

"You said it, Alex. Being a spy is great and all, but it really takes a lot of time out of our lives." Clover said.

"What are you 2 blabbing about? Didn't we go to Canada last week?" I said, starting to get excited inside.

"Mm-hmm. Being spies is totally fun," Sam agreed.

"You said it, Sam." I said, high fiving her.

Clover and Alex looked over at us.

"Uh, Sam, Mathew, we went to Canada to stop some Canadian sicko from eating bark from all the most beautiful trees in the world, and spitting the bark at the top of Niagara Falls. Which might I add was totally sick," Alex explained sticking out her tongue. (A/n: I know I might've gotten that from season 2's "S.P.I." so don't bug me about it in the reviews, okay.)

"Yeah, but it was worth the trip, wasn't it?" I said.

The girls and I continued walking until Alex and Sam stopped to look at a poster. Clover and I stopped to look at it too.

"An all girls swimming competition is to be held at the Beverly High Pool on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. We need 6 swimmers in order for the competition to happen. We need two more," Clover read looking at the poster. It had pictures of 4 girls in their bathing suits, and 2 more with a question mark over the stomachs. (A/n: Who knows if Beverly High has a pool, but I'm the boss, so if I'm wrong, don't sue me.)

"Should one of us compete?" Clover asked turning to Alex and Sam.

"Yeah, I guess so," Alex said, "oh, I've got it: let's have Sam enter the competition," she added.

"Why not," Clover said.

"Why me?" asked Sam. "Alex is the one that's most into sports," she added.

"Yeah, well, I'm used to doing sports in the dry," Alex said nervously.

"I think YOU should enter, Alex," Sam said.

"No way, Sam. You're gonna enter that and win it all," Alex said back to her.

"Is this all about seeing me in a swimsuit or something?" Sam said seriously while crossing her arms. She was frowning in the process.

"Uh-uh, no way, Sam. Why don't you enter the competition? Besides, Alex, Clover and I will be sitting on the sidelines cheering you on. You can definitely rely on us for a lot of support including me because I'm fully confident that you're gonna win the whole thing. Trust me," I said turning to Sam.

"Are you sure, Mathew?" Sam asked.

"I wouldn't count on it." Mandy said. "If one of you 3 losers enter, then you'll be totally embarrassed when I take the gold medal, and she'll better off be taking the bronze metal," she said overconfidently.

"You're serious, right? Since when are you into swimming?" Sam said.

"Actually, I'm into kicking your butt, Sam. You better just step down and watch me win it all. And when I do, I'll take your boyfriend from you too." Mandy said.

"Why would I wanna be with a smelly prick like you? My heart belongs to Sam," I said. This made Mandy angry.

"Fine! If that's the way you're gonna be, I will swipe you from Sam, even if I lose!" Mandy growled, as she walked away to sign up.

Sam had growled too. "Ooohhhh! If she thinks I'm gonna let her swipe my Mathew away, then that dark haired criminal fuck is in for a loss she'll never forget!"

"Well, she looks like she wants to get Mandy for that," I said.

"What are you gonna do, Sam?" Alex asked.

"I'm gonna beat her my own way, by going as hard as I can to get in shape for that competition!" Sam said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Come on, let's go to my swimming pool. We can get Sam in shape in no time," Clover suggested.

"Perfect idea, Clover. After I sign up that is," Sam said. Now she was fully confident in herself as well.

The girls and I walked to where the sign-up chart was and Sam signed her name just below Mandy's, which was in the second to last box.

"Now let's go to get me in shape for the competition." Sam said smiling evilly to herself. She wasn't going to let Mandy swipe me away from her.

"Can you believe that motherfucker!" Sam said as the 4 of us got into her car and drove to Clover's house.

"I know, Sam. That prick is not stupid – she's full of shit!" I said.

"No kidding, you 2." Clover stated.

"I'd say we ditch the school, get to the swimming and forget all about that son-of-a-bitch." Sam said.

"Deal," we said.

3:00 p.m. – Clover's House

"Let's get you in shape for that swimming competition, Sam." Clover said. The four of us were sitting on her couch watching TV.

"Mm-hmm. I'll be right back. I'm gonna change my clothes." Sam said as she stood up from where she was sitting. She was sitting next to me as she walked upstairs to change into her bathing suit.

(Sam's P.O.V.)

I had reached Clover's room in only a minute. I opened the door and walked inside. When I locked the door, I flung off my clothes as quickly as I could. I started with my jacket, then off went my purple shirt, and my green pants came next. I placed them next to my right foot. I stood in my green bra and panties. I undid my bra, slipped down my panties, and placed them both with my other clothes. I stood naked as I sat on my bare knees, opened up one of Clover's dresser drawers, grabbed my green bathing suit, and slipped it on. I unlocked the door, then walked downstairs to where Clover, Alex and Mathew were.

"I'm ready now." I said. I stood in my green bathing suit with my sides showing and a towel was wrapped around my shoulder.

"I'm changing too. I'll be your coach, Sammy," Clover said.

"Thanks, Clover, you're a true friend," I said.

Clover went to her room to change to her bathing suit and got a stopwatch from her room.

When Clover came back, Alex and Mathew stood up and walked with me and Clover to her swimming pool. Clover put the same clothes back on after she finished changing. Alex and Mathew sat and watched me from a couple of Clover's beach chairs.

I got onto the diving board and dove into the pool. Clover timed me after I dove into the water. She had a stopwatch around her neck. When I reached the other side, Clover stopped the time. It read 8.61 seconds.

"Not bad, Sammy. Just over 8 seconds, 8.61 to be exact." Clover said.

"I'm shooting for just under 7 seconds." I said putting some pressure on myself. I walked back to the other side and climbed up the diving board once again.

"Here we go again, Sam. Hope you'll improve." Clover said, while she reset the stopwatch.

I nodded my head, then quickly dove back into the pool. While I swam as hard as I could, I started to breathe. When I reached the other end, Clover stopped the time and looked at it. It read 7.31 seconds.

"How did I do, Clover?" I asked.

"7.31 seconds, Sam. Not bad, but try to strive a little more harder, but somewhat a big improvement." Clover said to Sam.

"I think I can do it this time." I said as I climbed out of the pool.

"Hang on, Sam. Let me see how fast you are against me," Clover said.

"Fine, let's try it out. We'll race each other," I said.

Clover flung off her dress until she was reduced to her white bathing suit and red mesh tied around her waist (from season 1's "Vacation/The Getaway.").

Clover and I walked with each other to the left side of her pool.

"Sammy, if you beat me a few times, then you're ready. If I beat you, we'll keep on trying until you beat me." Clover explained.

"Alex, can you time us?" I requested as Clover took off her stopwatch and tossed it to Alex.

"Sure, Sam." Alex said as she put the stopwatch around her neck.

"Ready, GO!" Clover said aloud while me and her dove into the pool as Alex started the stopwatch.

Clover and I were neck and neck as they swam with everything we had. When we both reached the other side, Clover had beaten me by an inch.

"7.28 seconds." Alex said stopping the time.

"Sammy, try harder." Clover said as both girls got out of the pool.

"I'm thirsty. Mathew can you get me a bottle of water?" I requested. I was soaked from head to toe.

"There's a bottle of water on the counter in the kitchen, Mathew," Clover said.

(end Sam's P.O.V.)

"Sure thing, Sammy. I'll be back," I said as I disappeared into Clover's kitchen.

A minute later, I came out with a 15 oz. bottle of water that was full and handed it to Sam.

While Sam feasibly drank the water, I said, "Is she doing okay?"

"She's been improving her times with each swim she does, but I have to say that she is almost ready for the competition." Clover said.

"That's good to hear. What's she shooting for?" I said.

"Under 7 seconds," Sam said as she closed the bottle of water. It was 3/4 full while she put it down next to me, and took a quick break.

After a 10-minute break, Sam stood up and walked to the right side of Clover's pool. Clover stood up as well and walked to where Sam was. They were going to race each other once again. Alex got ready with the stopwatch.

"Trying again, Sam?" Clover asked making sure.

"Mm-hmm. I think I can beat you this time." Sam said.

Sam and Clover got into diving position.

"Ready, GO!" Clover said.

When Clover and Sam dove into the pool, Alex started timing Sam.

Once again, the girls were side-by-side swapping the lead. At first it was Clover, then Sam, then Clover again, then Sam once again and so on. When both girls reached the other side, Sam had beaten Clover by 1/2 an inch!

"You beat me, Sam!" Clover said, giving her the thumbs up.

"What's my time, Alex?" Sam asked.

"6.96 seconds, Sam." Alex called after she looked at the stopwatch.

"I did it! I made it under 7 seconds!" Sam screamed happily.

"That's our Sammy," Clover said happily.

Sam and Clover both hugged each other in joy. Sam was ready for the swimming competition.

All of a sudden, the ground opened up under Alex and I and we screamed as we fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels. Then, the pool drain lit up as Clover and Sam had been sucked in and fell down in another one of the WOOHP tunnels, like a water slide. Alex and I landed on a comfort, while Clover and Sam landed with a splash in a pool at WOOHP.

"Hello spies." Jerry said.

"Jerry, we were in the middle of my training for a swimming competition at school Saturday. If there is a mission, can you be quick about it?" Sam said as her and Clover climbed out of the pool. After they came out, Jerry handed the 2 a couple of towels while they wrapped it around their wet bodies and sat down on the comfort next to Alex and me.

"Actually, there is no mission. I just heard that Sam signed up for that swimming competition at school Saturday and I wanted to wish her lots of luck." Jerry said.

"You WOOHPed us for that!" Clover screamed.

"Calm down, Clover. I have something for Sam." Jerry said. He took out a gold heart-shaped locket out of his pocket and handed it to Sam. Inside had a small piece of paper that read "Good luck Sam, signed Jerry."

"Thanks, Jerry." Sam said. She stood up and kissed Jerry on his cheek.

"So long, spies. And Sam, I wish you lots of luck." Jerry said.

"Thanks, Jerry. I'll let you know how I did." Sam said walking back to where she was sitting.

"Right now, we've gotta get back to Sam's swimming training. We have to try and get her to swim a little faster. This time, we're gonna see how she does against Alex and me. She was shooting for a time just under 7 seconds and she did it," Clover said.

"Marvelous job, Sam. Remember, I'm on your side, along with Clover, Alex and Mathew. I'll see the 4 of you later," Jerry said. He pressed a button behind his back and the 4 of us were WOOHPed back to Clover's pool.

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