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10:57 a.m. – Beverly High Pool

The girls and I were in Sam's car driving to the school for the competition. Clover wore a pink shirt and a short black skirt (from season 2's "Stark Raving Mad"), Sam, who was driving, was wearing her green bathing suit with her sides showing, Alex wore a green and white shirt and long white pants and a teddy bear was around her back (from season 1's "Evil Boyfriend" and "Model Citizens."), and I stood in a green and white Chevy Trucks Kawasaki motocross T-shirt with other sponsors on the front. On the back had Stephane Roncada's last name on it and underneath it was a 21.

"You feeling okay after yesterday's shock, Sam?" Alex asked, who was sitting right behind her.

"Mm-hmm. I'm feeling healthy and I'm ready to beat Mandy." Sam said in confidence.

"Let's hope you do it, Sam. Besides, even if you don't win, you can so beat Mandy." I said. I was sitting in the front seat next to Sam.

"You sure, Mathew?" Sam asked.

"I know." I said assuring her.

"It really is a toss-up, but I have to agree with Mathew, Sam." Clover said, who was sitting in the seat behind me.

When we arrived at the school, the girls and I walked to the pool where the other 5 swimmers, including Mandy, were warming up doing some last-minute exercises. Mandy was wearing her one-piece purple bathing suit, while she was doing a few leg stretches and breathing. The other 4 swimmers were all light skinned. One wore a one-piece brown bathing suit, another wore a 1-piece white bathing suit, another wore a light red one-piece bathing suit, and the final swimmer wore a one-piece black and blue bathing suit.

The pool was 9 feet long and 9 feet wide. The start was on the right side of the pool when you look at it from behind. The race was 2 laps long. They had to swim to the other end of the pool, come back, touch the start, go back, and swim back to the start. The swimmers on the podium would be awarded a gold, silver, and a bronze medal. (A/n: I know this is like the Olympics, but I'm the boss of this story, so don't bother me about it in your reviews.)

Alex, Clover, and I sat on a bench about 15 inches away from the corner of the pool where the start was. Clover sat on the far right, I sat in the middle, and Alex sat on the far right, which was next to me.

"Do you really think Sam is going to win it, Mathew?" Clover asked turning her head to me.

"I know she can do it. Before we went to sleep last night, I gave her a few last words of confidence. Besides, it just so happens that I'm one of the more confident kind of guys, like I am with Sam. I have tons of faith in Sammy and I just hope that she'll do just that. Not to mention that she is looking pretty good after yesterday's training. Hopefully that'll carry into today." I pointed out to Clover.

"No wonder you're so confident in Sam." Alex said.

When the swimmers were ordered to get into starting position, they did exactly that, but something was wrong. Sam was nowhere to be found.

""I see the 5 swimmers, but where's Sam?" Clover said as she looked around.

When the referee was informed that Sam was missing, he delayed the race, but allowed 2 1/2 minutes for Sam to appear.

Sam was roaming around the school looking for an open bathroom because she had to go and she hadn't gone before they left for the school. When she heard somebody speaking over the speakers letting her know that the referee had found out she was missing and was allowed 2 1/2 minutes to come back to the pool or her name would be scratched from the competition. Unfortunately, Sam couldn't find a bathroom, so she coldly made her way back to the pool after 3 minutes of roaming around the school before the referee found out she was missing.

When Sam made her way to the pool, the referee called off the delay. She was the last one to get into position. She was on the far left side next to the swimmer in the black and blue bathing suit, while Mandy was lined up next to the swimmer in the light red bathing suit. Mandy was about 3 swimmers, including the one she was lined up next to from Sam.

When the referee blew the whistle, all 6 swimmers dove into the pool and feasibly swam as fast as they could.

Sam had started in 4th, but quickly made quick work of the 2 swimmers in front of her and moved into 2nd place. Mandy was leading, but only by about 4 inches. Sam exhaled, then charged as hard as she could, but didn't try too hard to literally pass out like the last time. She swam as hard as she could.

A few seconds later, Sam noticed that Mandy was starting to slow down. She was starting to tire out. Now's my chance, Sam thought to herself. She quickly swam passed Mandy a second later.

"What in the living fuck?!" Mandy said to herself after she saw that Sam had swam passed her.

Sam and Mandy were swapping the lead back and forth as they were on their final lap. They had dropped the other 4 swimmers and were battling for the lead. Mandy and Sam continued to swap the lead back and forth, until in the home stretch, Sam exhaled one last time, pulling ahead of Mandy by just 1 1/2 inches and made it back to the start first with Mandy close behind. The girl in the light red bathing suit came 3rd, then the girl in the black and blue bathing suit, then it was the girl in the brown bathing suit, and finally the girl in the white bathing suit.

Mandy was so mad at herself for slowing down. She wouldn't even come up to claim the silver medal for finishing 2nd. She wanted to win. She just grabbed her towel, dried off, and stormed out to the parking lot, bathing suit and all.

After Sam had received her gold medal for winning the competition, she ran off the podium to Alex, Clover and I. She had dried off before she claimed her medal.

Sam ran over to us with open arms as we shared a group hug. She was relieved inside when she knew that Mandy wasn't going to swipe me from her.

"You were awesome, Sammy! I knew you could do it!" I said in excitement.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam said happily.

Sam and I high-fived each other and shared a hug.

"Let's go back to my place. You guys wanna crash at my place for the night?" Sam asked.

"Sure, Sammy." I said.

"Great idea, Sammy," Clover said.

"Sounds like the best idea, Sam." Alex said.

"One more thing, Sam. Where were you before the start of the race?" I asked.

"Oh, I was looking for a bathroom, but now I don't really feel like going anymore." Sam answered.

The 4 of us walked back to Sam's car until a strange man stopped us and appeared in front of Sam.

"Are you the winner of that competiton, young lady?" the guy asked.

"Mm-hmm." Sam replied, showing him her gold medal.

"Well, I'm Josh MacArthur and I have just arranged a swimsuit model show and I would like to know if you would be interested in participating. All you have to do is walk out, turn around, then walk back." He said.

Sam thought about it for a moment. Finally, she said, "Why not. When is it?" she asked after that.

"In a few minutes at Venice Beach," MacArthur said.

"You look good with that medal, Sammy," I complimented.

"Thanks, Mathew. I feel good too." Sam replied sweetly.

The four of us hopped into Sam's car and drove to Venice Beach.

11:59 a.m. – Venice Beach

When the four of us had arrived at the parking lot at the beach, we hopped out and went to find where the model show was taking place. We found a stage 2 minutes later. The stage was filled with red and green curtains and a walkway where the models, including Sam would walk.

Alex, Clover and I stood behind the stage so we could get a good view of Sam. A few minutes later, she came waltzing out in the same bathing suit she wore when she was in the race at school. Sam still had the gold medal around her neck as she walked, turned around a full 360 degrees and walked back.

"Not bad for someone who still has a lot more energy after that race at school." Clover said.

"You said it, Clover old pal," I replied.

"Old pal?" Clover said looking clueless.

"Mm-hmm. I call all my friends pal," I said back to her.

"I'm guessing that includes Sam?" Alex asked.

"You got it," I said to Alex.

A few minutes later, Sam came walking back to where we were. "How was I?" she asked.

"Not bad, Sammy. I'm surprised you still have a lot in you after that race at school," I complimented.

"Shall we go back to my house now?" Sam asked.

"Mm-hmm. Let's go Sam," I said.

Alex and Clover started walking to the parking lot, while Sam and I took each other's hand and caught up with them. When we reached Sam's car, we hopped in and she drove us to her house.

12:28 p.m. – Sam's House

Alex, Clover and I were sitting on Sam's couch watching some TV.

"I'll be back. I'm going to change my clothes." Sam said as she walked to her room. She was still wearing her green bathing suit and she was barefoot.

When Sam reached her room, she took off her gold medal and placed it by her snail phone. She was still barefoot as she slowly pushed the straps of her green bathing suit down her arms, letting it fall down her moist and dry body. A minute later, Sam's bathing suit was down to her feet as she lifted them up and pulled them out from under the fabric of her bathing suit. She grabbed her bathing suit, laid it straight, and placed it neatly on her bed. Sam walked naked to one of her drawers, took out her clothes, and tossed them onto her bed. She was still naked as she walked back to her bed, grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She stood in her short purple jacket, and a long purple dress that went down to the top of her knees. (A/n: That was the only outfit she wore in season 2's "Totally Switched" – one of my favorites.)

Sam exited her room and went back downstairs to join me, Alex and Clover in watching TV. When she got there, she sat down next to me, and saw that we were watching the 125cc and 250cc National Motocross Series from Glen Helen raceway in San Bernadino, California on ESPN2. (A/n: The nationals are off-road motorcycle races and lasts for 1 hour on TV. The season is already done anyway because there is only 12 rounds, with some of them happening during the summer. If you want to try and watch it, you have to wait until October 9th and 10th for the U.S. Open in Las Vegas on either ESPN2 or SPEED Channel, but I'm not sure what time.)

"This is one of your favorite shows, Mathew?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, when I was younger, I liked watching and doing motocross." I said to Sam.

"Maybe I'll try watching this and see how I like it," Sam said. She quickly kissed me on my cheek.

"You didn't have to do that you know, Sammy, but thanks anyway," I said to her.

"That's for being so confident that I would win the race at school today," Sam explained.

"Okay," I said back to her.

While we continued watching, I gently grabbed Sam's left hand. She gasped after she felt a touch.

"You mind if I show you something in my room after this show is done – just the 2 of us?" Sam asked.

"Actually, there's 2 shows. This is the 125cc show and the 250cc show follows, but they are both just an hour long." I said.

""That's okay, I can wait," Sam said.

When the shows were done, Sam switched off the TV and took my hand as we got ready to walk to her room.

"Where are you 2 going?" Alex asked.

"My room. Just for the 2 of us," Sam answered.

Holding each other's hands, Sam and I went upstairs to her room and locked the door. We walked to her couch and sat down, while we clutched each other's hands gently.

Sam released her grip on my hand and took off her short jacket and tossed it onto her bed. My left arm was now around her shoulder blades.

My hand ran down her entire back gently until it reached her rear and went back up again. Sam and I gazed into each other's eyes as we slowly reached to each other. A minute later, Sam's lips met mines as we romantically kissed each other.

We stood up from sitting on her couch, as we embraced each other until our bodies touched. As our lips met each other's once again, I started to touch Sam's shoulders while she touched my collar bone.

"Can you take a picture of me in my swimsuit?" Sam asked sweetly as she grabbed her pink camera. (from season 2's "Ski Trip.")

"Sure thing, Sammy. By the way, I like your camera," I complimented.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam replied as she kissed me on my nose.

While I took a glance at Sam's camera, she started to take off her clothes until she was completely naked. She grabbed her light pink bathing suit that was identical to her green one and put it on.

"I'm ready, Mathew." Sam said sweetly.

While I pointed the lens at Sam, she smiled brightly while she folded her hands. When the flash was shown, Sam went back to her bed and grabbed her clothes.

"Perfect picture, Sammy," I complimented.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam said.

We embraced each other one last time. I was still in my green and white Chevy Trucks Kawasaki T-shirt with Stephane Roncada's last name on the back and underneath it was a 21, and Sam was still in her light pink bathing suit. While our bodies touched again, we started caressing each other's faces, then we kissed each other one last time.

"I'm gonna change clothes, I'll be right back," Sam said as she grabbed her clothes from her bed.


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