In your Shadow: Clouded destiny…

A/N: I am hoping to start a new long running story. This is about the children of Delenn and John, focusing on their daughter, an original character created by me.

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Rows and flows of angel hair

And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere,

I've looked at clouds that way.
But now they only block the sun,

They rain and snow on everyone.
So many things I would have done

But clouds got in my way.

Clouded Destiny…


Stephen watched the doors open in front of John Sheridan's swift footsteps. The serious frown that more often seemed to be on John's face than Stephen remembered swung his head until he spotted his friend. A smile bloomed as John approached. His grin caused by the sight of the tiny bundle Stephen was cradling. Stephen raised a finger to his lips and John nodded. He pulled back the edge f the blanket and looked down at his nearly bald daughter, her still slightly soft headbone was separated from her head by a soft piece of cloth which would remain there to ensure the bone would not become attached to her head until the skin on head and her DNA had settled into a pattern.

"Ahh..." said John softly, his smile widening, one tiny fist was plunged inside her equally tiny mouth.

"She just fell asleep… Finally!" whispered Stephen as John brushed a finger across his daughter's cheek.

"She's a fighter alright." There was a mixture of pride and wry amusement in Sheridan's tone. "She keeps me and Delenn up half the night. The only way she'll go back to sleep is if I carry her around, and get this, it has to be outside." He said, his whisper slightly exasperated. "On the White star on the way here, she just wouldn't sleep!" he whispered with a grin. Stephen returned the grin as the baby's legs started kicking in her sleep. They both chuckled at the kicks; her hand was still firmly imbedded in her own mouth.

She opened her gray eyes and blinked up at her father as Stephen offered the child too him. John cradled her in his arms. Barely three months old she frowned up at her father slate colored eyes blinking sleepily.

"Hey," he said softly. The baby made one of her strange little noises. Stephen watched at the strange rapport that the two seemed to share and then looked back at the results on the screens behind him.

"So, have you and Delenn decided n the name yet?" he asked he rubbed at his sore arms, it had taken her hours too fall asleep. John turned around.

"No…" he said with another wry grin. "We just can't seem to agree on one. We both agree that she should have a Minbari name, but neither of us have found one which we both like." Stephen nodded.

"Funny, I thought that you would name her after someone. Like David." John nodded somberly.

"We've been thinking about that." He nodded thoughtfully. He looked at Stephen seriously. "Actually," he sighed. "I have to talk to you about that." Stephen raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Really?" he asked. "Now you're not gonna name her after me are you?" he asked, slightly alarmed by the idea, yet still joking. Sheridan grinned.

"No of course not." He laughed.

"Well good." Said Stephen, pretending to be very relieved.

"But naming her after Marcus and... And Anna..." Stephen felt a pang of something. He felt a fist clench around his throat at the mention of Marcus. He nodded slightly.

"That… That sounds like an impressive name for such a tiny child." Said Stephen. He turned and looked down at the tests he had run on her earlier. To distract himself from them and memories of Marcus he asked. "Have you talked to Susan?" there was short pause.

"She suggested it." Stephen turned. John continued in a strange tone. "She called me and well..." John sighed. "She asked whether Delenn and I would consider naming the bub after Marcus, she said she wasn't likely to have a child and she wanted him remembered." Sheridan shook his head, as melancholy memories descended on the room.

"And Anna?" asked Stephen, sensing this was not Susan's idea.

"Delenn." Said Sheridan shortly. Stephen nodded.

"And your thoughts on that?" he asked. John shrugged uncomfortably.

"I don't think I want to name her after Anna." He said after a moment. Stephen watched as John stroked his daughter's small hand absently.

"Anyway, how is my angel-without-a-name?" asked John, abruptly changing the course of the conversation. Stephen sighed, this was the part he was dreading.

"Well in the main she's in perfect health." He said. "She seems fine, though there are a few things I need to show you." Stephen delved into his pocket and produced a small metal device. He pressed a small button and series of lights started blinking rapidly.

"So we won't be overheard." John raised an eyebrow. He moved closer.

"You'll recall that there are some abnormalities in your DNA. Things I can only attribute to two things. You're extended exposure to Kosh, and Lorien's healing of you." Stephen paused as John nodded. "Now when David was born there were only slight traces of this foreign DNA, this time however it's different." He typed in the keys to bring up the scans he had taken. "These parts in gray-" he indicated a third of the baby's DNA, "-are the parts that I have identified as belonging to the Human or Minbari traits in her." He glanced up at John who was frowning at the image.

"And the red and blue parts?" he asked softly.

"Their the alien DNA, the blue seems more entrenched and I believe that it is the Vorlon DNA that Kosh somehow imparted to you, the red… I've discovered cells belonging to that alien DNA repairing damage in other parts of your body." John nodded.

"And in bub they are present?" Stephen looked up.

"They're not only present, they're there in greater quantities then they are present in your DNA." Sheridan's eyebrows went up, he looked down at his tiny baby. "And there's something else," Sheridan looked up, his face muscles taut with tension. "When I ran my scans I decided to investigate the possibility that the Vorlon DNA might have had other side effects." He brought up another screen.

"This screen shows that the gene that controls telepathic abilities… and," He brought up another image to correspond with it. "It's active and about two times the size of the normal human's." John leant forwards, his face draining of all colour as he listened to his friends words.

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