In Your Shadow:

Clouded Destiny

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Chapter One:

The copper red hair flashed in the sunlight as Delenn and her daughter walked along the beach on earth. Nearby Rangers walked softly, their presence barely felt, but it was felt. As always an ISN reporter trailed after mother and daughter, though more interested in Sheridan's young daughter than the woman who smiled as she was presented with a shell, before the girl was off again, her laughter bright as sunshine on the air. One of the rangers leaned down and then lifted her high onto his shoulders.

Delighted squeals erupted from the nine-year-old. As the ranger sauntered across the sand, she called for her mother to watch her. Delenn smiled indulgently at the pair, the young ranger reminded her of her daughters namesake in many ways.

"Marciann, do not tire poor Matthew out." She called. She was responded to with waves from both of them and then the little girl was down again and running to play in the edge of the surf, letting squeals out as she played some kind of game with the surf.

Delenn walked calmly along the beach, her bare feet feeling the soft warmth of the sand. This beach was miles from the nearest cities and was in fact so remote that it had taken more than a day for the ISN crews to find them. She sighed, but find them the reporters had.

She frowned at something ahead; Marciann had gone stock still, head held at an angle, staring behind her mother, her expressive eyes wide. Delenn frowned, as she was about to turn she felt a scream. 'Get Down!' She responded instantly.

As she dived she felt fire along her side. Another scream sounded from the child in the surf.

"Miana!" the child was crying for her, Marciann was crying for her, yet Delenn could not find the strength to move. She heard cries of pain as the black clad figure she saw hazily ran amongst the Rangers. Darkness edged her vision… As though from a distant place words in Minbari came to her ears. "No! Don't!" and then, "Valen."


Marciann giggled and laughed as she danced in the waves, trying to hop over all the new waves as they came in. She had been feeling a strange thing for a while now. A sort of vague sense of unease. Maybe she was getting sick, she hoped not though as Papa was always so worried when she got sick.

She frowned, she stopped playing, the waves lapping at her feet forgotten, an image flashed through her mind. A knife… A gun, Miana, a knife, Miana, a gun, Miana… Slowly she turned, ill to her stomach. She just stared as the figures burst from their concealment, guns were tracking towards her mother, her reaction was instant, screaming a warning. She screamed again as she ran as fast as her short legs wuls carry her. Miana was diving in a graceful arc as she turned towards the attackers, Then one of the fiery bolts hit her side. Marciann's steps came to a halt. She screamed again and again, rooted to the spot. It was then she realised Matthew had fallen to the sand barely a meter away.

Bright blue eyes stared up at the sky. Her screams silenced, a cold dead certainty rushing over her as blood pounded in her ears. He was dead. She turned her head. One of the assailants was starting towards her mother's body.

"NO!" the words were out, strangely she found her self running. She launched her self at the assassin who had paused. She reached up and cannoned a small fist into his face.

"Don't!" she cried. She gripped the blade at his belt just as he swung an arm, she pushed to the ground. She shook her head, a ringing had started somewhere in her head, blinking away stars she launched herself upwards. She felt the knife meet resistance as it slid into the man's side. Suddenly the blade was jerking, warm sticky fluid flushed onto her hands, splashed her face. She watched as the man fell away. She grabbed the knife he held. Calmly, as though it was not her, she watched as the small red hands lifted the second blade. It plunged into the neck just as his hod fell back.

"Valen." She whispered as reality came crushing down around her. She just stared as his eyes lost all light. And then he was gone. And her hands were warm and wet… The earth seemed to spin around her as though the earth no longer was still beneath her feet.



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