Title: A Gift From The Heart.

Author: Silvi

Fandom: Ats with with mention of Btvs characters in it.

Disclaimers: All the characters you recognize belong to Whedon and Com.

Rating: G

Characters: Mainly Angel and another but mention of the ensemble of Ats and Btvs with some OC.

Category: Angst sort of, at least from Angel´s pov – bittersweet.

Spoilers: None I think.

Warning: None

Now this whole first page is really a background cath-up - if you want you could just jump to the story thats on the next chap-installment. Not that I recommend it...

AN #1: Where in the time frame does this take place? Well in the Btvs world somewhere between Season 6-7 though The First will never take place here. That means that Buffy has been treating Spike like shit. When things got too much for him and he decided to end it all he found out that he has a guardian angel in the form of Joyce who stopped him. The power felt that he needed one and that he needed to know that he wasn´t alone. That part is very much from the story "Spike´s angel." further notes at the end here....

In the Ats verse: Connor is around, Angel has been dumped in the ocean but was rescued by Fred and Gunn together with some of Gunn´s ex-gang. Cordelia was never taken to the higher realms and she is unaware of Angel´s growing feelings for her. Cordelia never accepting Wesley exile has managed to bring him back into the fold forcing Angel to forgive him.

Where are we when this story takes place? Well for one reason or another which is not important for the story Buffy and the rest are at the Hyperion. Groo has come back and Cordelia is trying to establish a relationship with him – again, this time concentrating on actually getting to know him and not just jump his bones.

Connor has been forced to deal with his issues and even though his relationship between Angel and him are not the best they tolerate each other. He, by Cordelia´s machineries, has moved into a room in the Hotel. The Beast will not happen here.

Moving on: due to some mess-up with a spell something has happen which has allowed the people within the hotel to see the various being in it. They have found out that they are the guardian angels of them. Here are the pairings (subject and angel):


Buffy – Kendra. She was quite shocked to see the dead slayer and tears fell as she learned she is her angel.

Willow – Carry. A woman that died 300 years ago – former witch.

Spike – Joyce.

Dawn – Arthur. A boy who died 900 years ago.

Xander – Mathews. A soldier from the world war.

Anya – Jessica. A girl that died in Sunnydale during the earthquake 60 some years ago.


Cordelia – Jax. A teen that died during Al Capone's reign.

Gunn – Corrine. A girl who died during one of the big famine in Ireland a couple of centuries ago.

Wesley – Nina. A woman who died by the hands of and during the Spanish inquisition.

Fred – Vincenzo. A boy who died during the last stages of the Roman Empire and the oldest of the gathered angels.

Lorne – Ginny. Shot during a mugging in 1963 and like she says – "like humans are the only ones who need guidance." Sarcasm here. "We are not the only ones to have been created ya know!"

AN #2: There is a character here that I have made younger then she was when she appeared in Ats – quite alot younger. I am well aware that she suppose to be older but this is the way a saw her in my head and the way she fitted in this story.

AN #3: This is semi inspired form a story I read on FF unfortunately I don't remember the title of it – wait a minute yes I do, it's called "Spike´s angel" though who wrote it escapes me. In that story Spike finds out that he has a guardian angel and well I have spun on that idea the only thing in common with that story this has is that Joyce is still Spikes guardian angel. I hope I don't offend you – the writer – for using that, it just seamed to fit – think of it as my tribute to your great work. If you still think what I have done is wrong let me know and I'll just change it.

Woaaw that was one major AN – though it´s stuff – background stuff – one should know before moving on to the story....Lets just hope that the story is actually longer then the AN...

Summary: Angel receives something precious both by and from someone.

The actual story is on the next chap...

Note: all the babbling I did up...those character don´t actually appear in the story itself. But it´s knowledge of this particular verse that could give you a little more flesh on the bone so to speak...