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Title: Valley of Death3?

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Manon

Rate: PG-13

Warning: Violence, angst, guilty. Characters death?

Disclaimer: Not mine, never was.

Spoiler: AU. Only a plot bunny, this never happened, I think…

Summary: What lies on the Misty Mountains? What make the elves easy prey when they go there? Is there anyone who can face it, and stay alive?

Note: Estel and Legolas are children in this story.

3. Leaving

"I cannot wait to see everything…" Legolas said excitedly. Thranduil hugged his son, smiling at the elfling's enthusiasm.

"But first, my son, I have to make sure that nothing will happen to you and to my people," Thranduil said.

Saelbeth approached his king. "My lord, the patrol is ready to leave," he said.

"Thank you," Thranduil said to him, and walked towards the elves making up the patrol.

"May the Valar protect you where ever you go. Come back here in one piece." Thranduil blessed them before they left.

"Thank you, your highness," Silinde said, bowing to his king. The others did the same, as did his son.

Thranduil looked at Legolas, surprised to see his son bowing to him.

He smiled to his guards and son, feeling his cheeks burning. He knew he was blushing, but he did not care.

"Adar, you are red," Legolas said to his father and giggled.

"Come over here, my son," Thranduil said softly.

"I love you adar," Legolas said and hugged his adar.

"I love you too, my lovely son," Thranduil said and kissed his son on his forehead.

The patrol party smiled amongst themselves and left.


The messenger left and rode as quickly as he possibly could to Mirkwood. He did not wish to stop, knowing that the letter was important. He had to go on.

The Lord of Imladris was ready to leave.

Estel watched his father as he prepared to leave; he felt sad, and did not know why his father was leaving him alone.

Estel walked to his father. "Please, adar stop, do not leave me as my brothers did… please?" Estel begged to his father. But Elrond did not listen to the boy.

Elrond mounted his horse and looked down at the boy, who glared up at him. Estel's eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

"Forgive me my son…" Elrond turned away, his own eyes filling with tears. He rode away, his heart heavy.

"ADAR!" Estel shouted, and then sank down onto the grass as the tears fell down his face.

Elrond did not turn back to look at his son; he swallowed his tears and urged his horse to go faster. He did not want to see his son's heartbroken face.

Glorfindel watched the boy as he cried, and came closer to him. Kneeling down beside him, he took the boy in his arms and embraced him.

"Adar…" Estel cried, burying his face in Glorfindel's chest, sobbing loudly.

Glorfindel held onto Estel and spoke soothing words to him. Soon the boy stopped crying, and Glorfindel realised Estel had cried himself to sleep.

'Oh my friend, why have you done this to your child?' Glorfindel thought.

Glorfindel took the child to his chamber and laid him on his bed. Gently he removed the traces of tears from Estel's cheeks with his fingers. He then kissed the boy on his forehead, before sitting down on a chair next to the bed. He picked up the book from the table and began to read.

Mirkwood… at the same time…

Legolas moved his hands softly over the flowers; every touch was filled with love.

Thranduil watched him as he talked to his guards. He wanted to keep his only beloved son free from harm, and did not want him out of his sight.

"Ada," Legolas called as he walked towards his father.

Thranduil turned to his son, smiling.

"What is it, my son?"

"I am bored. Can we not practice with bow and arrow, or paint, or perhaps play 'Race to the Top of the Trees'?" Legolas suggested.

Thranduil stared at his son, never having heard of such a strange game.

"W… what?" he asked.

"The twins taught me when I was once in Imladris…" Legolas said, seeing his father was curious.

"And how or what is the purpose of this game?" Thranduil asked.

"Hmm…" Legolas said, then stopped as if he was trying to remember. He smiled at his father, and continued, "It means… to run and climb a tree fast as you as can and the one that reaches the top first is the winner… the one that gets…"

Thranduil looked into his son's eyes, waiting to the rest of his words. But Legolas did not add anything further. He was staring at the birds, and seemed lost in thought.

"Greenleaf?" Thranduil asked.

Legolas lowered his head and did not answer.

"Greenleaf?" Thranduil asked again.

Legolas looked on his adar; he opened his mouth as if he wanted to tell his father something, but there was silence. Legolas only stared at his father, fear filling his heart.

Thranduil knelt next to his son, and stroked his son's face. "What is wrong, my son, that you appear so sad?" he asked.

Legolas began to cry. "Adar, will you… will you promise that… that you will never leave me?" he sobbed.

Thranduil hugged his son tightly, and he could feel tears welling in his eyes. "I promise that I will never leave you... I would never forgive myself if something happened to you, my son," he said.

"Really?" Legolas asked. He raised his head and looked into his father's eyes. He had stopped crying.

Thranduil nodded to his son, his own tears spilling over, and he wiped them away.

"Now… my son… start telling about this game you played with the twins… you never told me what the winner gets…" Thranduil teased his son.

Legolas looked in his father's eyes. He could feel the love that his father had for him, and the tears began to fall again.

"Do not cry my son…" Thranduil said, unable to stop his own tears.

"I do not know why I am crying… I am happy…" Legolas sobbed before smiling a big smile at his adar.

Thranduil hugged his son one more time, and said to him, "I know… but I will not tell… until you tell me more about this game."

Imladris… at the same time…

Estel dreamt of his adar and his brothers. He had dreamt that something bad had happened.

"ADA!" he yelled, and woke up, shaking like a leaf.

Glorfindel hurried to his side and wiped the sweat from Estel's face.

"Shush… my child… it was only a nightmare…"

"No… it was real…" Estel sobbed, and let himself fall into Glorfindel's embrace.

"Too real…" he whispered.

End of Chapter 3.