Only One
Chapter 2: Just a Crush

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"Sometimes it's hard to say "no" if you really mean "yes". It's hard to close your eyes if you really want to see. It's hard to forget if you really can't. But the hardest thing is to let go if you want to stay."

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Sakura's Point of View

So maybe I had gone crazy to develop this little infatuation with Hirigazawa Eriol. My previous accident was probably behind all this madness. I, Sakura Kinomoto, had never fallen for a guy like him ever before!

I already made up my mind few years ago that guys like him would never be my type so what was all this nonsense? Right now - me, blushing, in front of him, too shy to reveal myself with my new haircut.

They showed me a picture of Yanagi and yes, I got to admit, I do look like her, except for the eyes. My father did tell me that my eyes were unique.

I glanced around the room, where every one was looking at me. Tomoyo had a frown on her face and we knew the reason why. (I tried convincing her to cut her own hair but she wouldn't.) My father and brother – I could never exactly tell what they are thinking. Li Meilin had a contented smile.

Eriol, on the other hand, seemed like he was seeing right through me with that gaze of his! One more minute – and I would explode.

Stop looking at me like that!

"You are so perfect!" Meilin stood up with glee. She walked towards me and quickly twirled me. "Now, there's one more thing – your contacts!"

"Contact lenses?" I asked her to make sure if I heard her correctly. Those things would kill me. At that time, it made me wonder if I could back out because there was no way I could pull this off.

"Of course, you need to wear contacts to hide your green eyes!" Meilin said in a matter-of-factly way. I chose to just roll my eyes and follow her to the dressing room again.

I did agree to help them so I guess I need to give it all my best.

Looking at the mirror with my blue contacts, I almost did not recognize myself. I looked totally different or maybe I was so used seeing my green eyes.

It made me feel different. It made me feel like I was in another person's body. Who was I kidding? Of course I was! Well, not literally speaking. But I was, in a way, borrowing an identity.

Without permission. Because she passed away.

Could this be considered as stealing?

It was disappointing to hear that Tomoyo would not be joining me for today. She said she had some things to do. So here I was, left alone with Meilin and Eriol, on the way to the Li Advertising Company.

Eriol did not say anything when I came out of the dressing room. He was practically gawking – that was what he looked like to me. Dad and Touya simply hugged me, wished me luck and left.

Meilin was the only one who had been giddy about the matter all day.

I, for one, was not feeling excited at all about all of this. Nervousness and cowardice were slowly taking over my body.

Oh, crap. So why was I doing this again?

"We're here!" I heard Meilin say.

I got out of the car after them and just stared at the huge building in front of me.

"Ok, just relax and remember, everyone knows you," Meilin was whispering to me as we walked to the front door. "Just smile and wave back or something. You don't have to learn their names yet for now."

I simply nodded and swallowed as the front door opened before us. Here goes nothing.

The lobby was huge and high. There were two wide staircases on each side, meeting at the second floor where a restaurant was. The reception desk was below the terrace of the second floor with a very handsome guy behind it. The elevator was on the right side of the staircase.

People wearing different suits were rushing in and out of the numerous doors on the first floor. I suddenly became conscious of what I was wearing – a simple black tee and a denim skirt.

"Meilin," I spoke. "Are my clothes appropriate for this?"

Come to think of it, Meilin and Eriol were not as casual as me. Eriol was wearing a sexy polo shirt and jeans and Meilin was wearing a semi-formal-looking dress.

"They all know that Yanagi's not a formal girl," Meilin informed me.

I sighed in relief. Ok, so clothes were ok. Now, for the real show.

The guy behind the reception desk stood up from his chair when he saw our group approaching. He was grinning broadly and for a moment, I thought he was crushing on Meilin but when we were near him, I figured out that he was staring at me.

"Hello, Miss Yuki," he greeted politely. I subconsciously looked down, afraid that he might notice my contacts. "It's nice of you to come by today. We haven't seen you for a long time."

Meilin probably noticed my discomfort so she spoke up for me. "She had to deal with some personal things…" she trailed on.

"Nothing serious," I managed to say, adding a nervous smile at the guy.

He looked at me curiously, cocking his head to one side, as if surprised that I have spoken. "Is it just me or did your voice change?" he thought loudly.

Eriol coughed casually.

Think fast! Yanagi and I definitely will not have the same voice! Why did no one think of that? Why did they just bother with the contacts to hide the difference colors of our eyes?

I screwed it all up in less than a day!

"That's what she's been dealing with these past few days," Eriol said convincingly. "She had some infection and it greatly affected her voice box."

"She still sounds nice, though, right?" Meilin decided to add.

The guy looked pretty much satisfied with the lie because he was grinning again. "Ms. Yuki's perfection will never fade away," he said and it caused me to blush unexpectedly.

"That's so sweet of you," I replied to him as a sign of gratitude.

"Well, then, Gary," Meilin said. "We're off to see Syaoran now. See you later."

"See you later!"

As soon as we stepped in the elevator, I literally collapsed on the floor. There were no other passengers so I assumed I was safe. I was beginning to have second thoughts about everything yet again.

Li Syaoran's office was on the 26th floor. During the short ride, no one spoke a word. I decided to admire Meilin's and Eriol's shoes respectively; taking note that Eriol's black leather shoes were really shiny.

Cling. After hearing that, I knew that we were just waiting for the doors to open. I decided to stand up and fix my skirt.

Breathing in a deep breath, I whispered at Meilin's ear. "Do you really think I can do this?"

She gave me a comforting slap on the back and nodded with a smile. We walked to Li's office and I was surprised to not see a secretary by his office.

I reckoned afterwards that Meilin acts as his secretary. They did not bother to knock at all. We simply went inside the office – well, it was not like we would come across into a middle of something.

And then, the funniest thing happened. As in, the funniest thing ever today.

So, we entered. Eriol dropped himself on the couch while Meilin walked over to the corner where she started preparing coffee for herself. Meanwhile, I was standing dumbly there, not sure exactly what to do.

Li had not really looked up. He was reading a magazine and was holding a mug. The mug was in midair and he was in the midst of putting it on the table when he looked at my direction.

All the colors on his face suddenly disappeared – it really looked like something sucked his life out. His brown eyes opened wide and then… he dropped his mug and spilled its contents all over his table.

The sudden clang of the mug surprised Meilin and Eriol. They looked at him concernedly but he just shrugged off the looks they were giving him. He stood up quickly, ignoring the mess.

To me, it was really hilarious. The way he dropped the mug, you know – it was as if he had seen a ghost. Well, maybe he was seeing a ghost through me. I did look like Yanagi after all.

The main point was… what just happened was very amusing but then no one laughed. I was about to laugh but chose to hold it back because he might find it offensive. Especially, he seemed to be a guy with a very short temper.

So that I would not burst out, I looked away from him and pretended that I did not see anything.

"And I thought you were kidding when you told me she fixed up nicely," he said, turning to Meilin and talking as if I was not present in the room.

I saw Meilin shrug as she waited for her coffee.

And then, there was an unusual silence in the room. I was still standing by the door and focused on the very nice window on the right side of the room. I even assumed that Eriol had fallen asleep on the couch and that the coffee maker was broken.

"Aren't you going to clean up that mess?" I finally asked, growing tired of the tension in the room.

"Oh, yeah, sure," Li replied casually. He picked up the phone, mumbled something then hung up.

Afterwards and finally, Meilin's coffee was ready and she joined Eriol on the couch. "So, what do we do today?" she asked the guys.

"You need to work and I need to work," Li answered seriously, looking down at her.

Yet again, it was as if I was not there in the room.

"But what about Sakura?" Meilin nodded her head towards me. "She needs to know everything that is to know about everything that goes on in Yanagi's everyday life. Who would be with her all day?"

"Eriol can do that," Li suggested and as I heard his words, my mind was uncontrollably in panic. I would not survive being with that guy alone. "I need you here in the office."

Meilin huffed and walked towards me. "I guess we won't be bonding today," she told me sadly.

"Maybe you can take a day off today?" I asked softly, not really wanting Li to hear it.

She let out a laugh. "It's not really my call, Sakura," she said.

I sighed. "Then, I guess, some other time, then," I told her.

"Get out of here, then," Li ordered Eriol suddenly. Eriol, without a word, stood up and opened the door for me.

"I'll see you later," I said to Meilin and without looking at Li, I exited the door, followed by Eriol.

Eriol and I decided to go to a café and just chill there. We ordered two cups of coffee and two slices of chocolate cake and had been quietly chatting about his memories with Yanagi.

Thank goodness that I had stopped blushing madly five minutes after we got in the car so his presence around me was not bothering me anymore.

It actually felt nice being with him right now.

And from the way he was talking about Yanagi, she sure was a likeable person, which made me remember what he told me before – that I was just another Yanagi in his life.

"So has it always been the four of you?" I asked him.

"It had been the three of them then I came along," he answered. "They treated me well. Then, after a while, Syaoran and I took the responsibilities to take care of Meilin and Yanagi."

How did Yanagi die, anyway? I wanted to ask him the question but I assumed it would be too painful for him to tell the story.

"But we didn't take care of her enough," he mumbled.

I did not think that he wanted me to hear that part so I chose to ignore it.

"So, Sakura," he had a very serious voice all of a sudden – more serious than his normal voice. "I really will not let anything bad happen to you."

"Aaw, gee, thanks," I said cheerily. "I know you're doing it because I look like Yanagi." Since I'm just another Yanagi in your life, after all.

He was taken aback about what I said. And it took him time to reply.

"No, I'm doing it because you're you and you're helping us get through this."

I nodded but I did not believe him.

My infatuation was officially over.

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