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Chapter 1

The cool summer breeze swept the carefully taken care of streets in Surrey. The evening was clear and warm. The children that would be in the park on a day like this we inside their houses, hiding from Big D and his gang, who were still terrorizing the neighborhood of little winging. And there was one black haired, green-eyed teenager who had had enough of it.

It was surprising what one could see from Harry Potters window. The park near to where he had seen the dementors last year was just over the top of number 8 Privit Drive and he could see it as clear as day. Harry wanted nothing more during the first three weeks at the Dursley's than to smack his large overweight cousin Dudley right upside his head. But there was little he could do about it, even if he dared to hit his cousin, it couldn't be in the house where Uncle Vernon would surely have his head. And leaving the house wasn't possible this summer; the Order of the Phoenix had explicitly told him that he was to stay inside his house at all cost. A member of the Order of the Phoenix stood outside his house day and night to make sure of any attempt to escape failing. And so Harry was left to brood.

Harry stared up at his ceiling, counting the cracks. He sighed long and deeply, it had been along time since he had been happy, or even outside. But the day had finally come for him, when he could leave the house for 1 hour alone after extensive charms and curses had been placed around him by various Order members and Dumbledore himself, all of which only occurred because of Harry's persistent moaning. Harry was to wait for the signal from Moody, which was to be Minerva Mcgonagall running across the front lawn in cat form. It was all very random to Harry, as he yet again had not been kept up to date with the events in the wizarding world, and Harry assumed that it had to have become worse because of all the protections placed around him.

Harry walked over to his window, and gazed over the lawn below. Everything was in perfect order and properly placed. He glanced at his watch, it was 12.00 noon and the signal should be showing soon. Every time something moved Harry's eyes would dart over to it, and seeing that it was not Mcgonagall caused his eyes to darken a little more each time.

At 1.00 there was still no signal. Harry was at the edge of his string, impatience was clearly showing on his thin face. "five more minutes.." he said to himself "if they haven't given me my signal in five minutes i'll walk out."
The five minutes came and went. He walked downstairs, and opened the front door; there was no order member by the door, nor anywhere else within his eyesight. Harry smirked and walked out silently shutting the door behind him and walking quickly in the direction of Magnolia Crescent. A high-pitched scream stopped him in his tracks.
With a swift movement Harry turned and headed in the direction of the scream, he ran through the park and into Holly Road. There was a load crack from a lane leading off from Holly Road that was unmistakably the sound of someone disappearating. Harry sprinted to the laneway. Panting loudly Harry looked around; there was no one to be seen. "Damn" Harry whispered quietly, and he turned to leave the shaded laneway when he suddenly felt drawn to an area of dustbins, he tried to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of his head but it just wouldn't go away, so he decided to casually stroll over to the bins and look in them.
Feeling like a idiot Harry searched them. But it wasn't just rubbish he found, it was something much more shocking, so shocking in fact that Harry almost fell back from the utter randomness of it all.

It was a little baby Girl in the dustbin.

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