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Harry felt himself slam face down onto the floor. His glasses didn't break and he was able to pull himself up from off the floor, His head was spinning, and it took a while to realize that he wasn't alone.

Hermione was stood up, examining her surroundings; they were in a large room with high ceilings. It looks very familiar, but it looked homely and warm. Hermione seemed in a state of shock, she was walking over towards a wall covered with an assortment of pictures, and she stood in front of frame, fixated upon its details and workings. Harry walked behind her and came in for a closer look. It was of him and Hermione, they looked so content and happy, hugging and kissing. Amara cuddled up in Hermione's arms, sucking her thumb. It looked as if it were taken on a beach. And Harry could see in the background Ron and Luna splashing around in the sea, a little Boy with red hair chasing after what looked like his father. Harry was slammed back to reality with the sound of voices. "What in Merlin's name!" shouted a very old looking Moody who had just entered through a door to the right of the room. Lupin following in his wake, Lupin looked very ill, white with faded eyes. But he just looked somewhat shocked with the whole thing. "POTTER!" yelled Moody, there was the sound of several doors opening at once and an older version of Harry Potter skidded into the room, he had several fresh wounds on his face and arms. "WHAT!" he looked livid. Then his eyes glanced over to where Harry and Hermione were standing. "No...." he looked panic stricken. "NO! I can't, no please..." tears streaked down his face "Hermione... I can't believe... Your.... here again. Every time I close my eyes.... Every time I see you in my dreams...I. I. I cant." Harry fell to his knees and looked scared, and then a look of horror swept over is tear-ridden face. "My baby! Where is she?"

"Oh God..." whispered Hermione, seeing older Harry kneeling on the floor like that was shocking. Even if it was older Harry, the effect she had on him was scary. Especially since she couldn't put two and two together and see why he was acting like this. Remus Lupin and Moody were trying to coax Older Harry up from the floor whilst Younger Harry was locked in deep thought. Hermione couldn't bring herself to stop staring at older Harry.

After some time Older Harry had regained some dignity, but he still couldn't stay in the same room as Hermione and stalked off to his room, despite many calls from Lupin and Moody. And in the end, when he had disappeared and the footsteps had dies away, Lupin turnt his dying gaze back to the young teenagers.
"Come on. Into the kitchen, I think we have some explaining to do, Alastor would you call Ron for me please, Luna too she might be able to help... Harry needs to face this..." Lupin led the way through the door on the right whilst Moody hobbled out through a door hidden away at the back of the room. Harry and Hermione hurried after Lupin and settled themselves down on chairs in the kitchen. And then Harry finally placed it. This was Grimmauld Place and as Lupin settled himself into a chair he turned to Harry and said "Welcome to your house Harry, It was very nice of you to continue to let us use it after Sirius died, and after we found his will... I have some explaining to..." but before he could finish his sentence Ron burst through the emerald green flames. "What the hell's wrong it's my anniver.... HERMIONE!"

I'm even confused....