Chapter 1 the dream

All I can see is fog, its everywhere. I run in the direction of the voice calling my name, "Amy!" I spin around. I know that voice. "Amy help me!" I spin in the other direction but I can't see anything through the fog. "Where are you?" I call out into the fog. "Amy! Please save me! Amy!" the voice calls back. I know that voice I just can't place it. Suddenly I trip and fall in to the mud. It gets in my eyes and nose and all over my hands I try to wipe it away but I just get more mud on me. Then I hear the voice again and push off the ground. "Amy! Help me!" the voice changed suddenly "Amy? Amy? Wake up!"

I peeked my eye open and see my roomie, Brianna standing over me with a concerned expression on her face. "You were thrashing around and screaming," she says "are you ok?" I sit up and blink sleep out of my eyes. "Ya I'm fine."

I thought back to my dream, "what a weird dream. I wonder what it meant?"

"Some dream, what happened did you kill someone is that why you were thrashing around?"

"So not funny Bri!"

"Oh come on, it was a joke!"

I stare out the window rather than say anything in response.

"You didn't did you?"

I look at her "No of course not!"

"Look I'm going down to the vending machine you want anything?"

"No thanks I'll just chill up here"

"Suit yourself" I watch her boogie dance out the door and wait for the click of the door closing. I sit up and muse out loud, "Whose voice was that? And why is it so familiar?"

I close my eyes and remember the fog all around me and the eerie silence only broken by the calls for help. I remember the mud and the way it closed in on me and the panic I felt inside me. As I remember I feel the panic build up again. Suddenly the door opens behind me. I scream and turn around and then sigh with relief. Its just Brianna coming back with her goodies from downstairs.

"Whoa, what happened? Are you alright?"

I hear the concern in her voice and I take comfort in it. "Ya sorry I was just remembering my dream."

"What happened in your dream anyway? You want to talk about it?"

I shake my head, "no it's ok, it was just a dream right?" truth is I don't want to talk about it, it was too real.

"I guess so" she looks at me closely, "man you should get some sleep we have classes in 2 hours."

I nod a curl back up under the covers and try to fall asleep, but the dream keeps me awake. I look over at Bri to see if she's having as much trouble as I am falling asleep and I know before I do that she isn't. The snoring tells it all. As I was staring at her she rolled over.

"Please stop watching me Amy it's creeping me out," she muttered.

"Oh sorry" I roll over and watch the wall. The dream. The fear, the panic. The fog. "What did it mean?" I mutter.