Title: Thorns

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG, subject to change

Disclaimer: The characters and the canon don't belong to me, obviously. I own the plot for this fic, however. Don't take it and claim it as your own in any way, shape or form, please!

Spoilers/Timeline: Spoilers for seasons two, three, and four of Angel. Big star next to "four" for major spoilers, starting especially at "Shiny Happy People".

Summary: AU-ish from "Shiny Happy People". What if Jasmine was never stopped? Who could save us?

Author's Notes: I watched the first ten or so minutes of "Shiny Happy People" today, and I just had to write this. I couldn't even watch the end of it, because I wanted to start right away. Yeah, I'm an obsessive writer. So sue me. No, on second thought, don't. I don't wanna get sued. That's why I put this disclaimer up there. )


"And Cordelia? Will she wake up?"

"If we take hold of the world, strip away the thorns, win the battle, then yes, I think she will."

She lay in the same bed she had always lain in, ever since The Birthday. Different pajamas, from time to time, and different sheets, but always the same bed. The same bed with the same nail polish stain on the mattress and the places where small bits of thread poked out. She had loved that bed.

On some level, she still had to, because it was sort of her new home. She no longer wandered the halls of the Hyperion, no longer went out to eat or slay the Big Nasty or shop at her favorite stores. She didn't talk or laugh or cry. She just Was.

It wasn't so hard just Being. Certainly not fun. In fact, it was boring and frustrating, but at least she was good at it. Any moron could just Be.

But Cordelia Chase wasn't just any moron. She was special. In more ways than one, too. In high school, she had been special because she had money. And cars. Oh, and sometimes she helped save the world.

But then real life had hit, and she had lost the privilege of being special. She had to find a new way to get by.

And in that new way, she became not only special, but extraordinary.

She had saved the world, more times than once, become a half-demon, and Ascended for the good of the world. Or so she thought.

And now the world that she had always worked to save, had cherished and loved and, yeah, sometimes complained about, was in jeopardy. And whose fault was it? Hers.

Okay, so not completely. But if it wasn't for her, the world wouldn't be in this mess. This perfect, loving mess.

Cordelia Chase couldn't just sit back and Be anymore.

It was time to wake up.

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