Title: Thorns

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG, subject to change (?)

Disclaimer: They don't beloing to me. Never have, never will.

Spoilers/Timeline: Major, major, major spoilers up until "Shiny Happy People"'s beginning.

Summary: AU from "Shiny Happy People". What if Jasmine was never stopped? Who could save us?

Author's Notes: Thanks to the people who reviewed. I can count them on one hand (okay, I could if I had six fingers), but thankjs anyway. To the rest of you: reviews? Pretty please?

I think I'm gonna change the summary, see if I can get more readers. For memory's sake, the summary used to be:

"AU-ish from "Shiny Happy People". What if Jasmine was never stopped? Who could save us?"

Okay, now that that's done...

"Remembering the past is the only way we can fix our mistakes. Or at least blame them on someone else and move on."

Great quote. Love it. (From "The Complete History of America (Abriged)", The Reduced Shakespeare Company)



Oh, God, it's saying it again. That thing is talking to me.

"Cordelia?" It was Fred talking now. "Cordy, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just perfect," she lied. "I'm, uh, overcome with emotion at seeing what, uh, joy and peace my child had brought the world."

The thing smiled. "Thank you, Mother."

You're welcome, hell-beasty thing.

Fred smiled. "I'm gonna get the others."

"No need," the thing called Jasmine said. "Ive found thme already. In their minds. THey are coming."

"So, you can read minds," Cordelia said conversationally. Oh, God, no. Don't let her read mine. Please.

"No, not exactly," the Jasmine-thing replied in the same conversational tone. "But I can speak within minds."

"Care to give a demo?"

The thing laughed kindly. "I can't speak to you within your mind, Mother. We already have a bond, a natural bond, between mother and child. THere is no need for a magical bond. It's already there."

Oh, how lovely.

Suddenly, Angel burst into the room. "You said--" he gasped, looking at Jasmine.

"Right here," she smiled, gesturing to Cordelia. "It's true. Cordelia is awake."

Angel rushed over and hugged Cordelia, who squeezed him tightly back. Even if he's under this Jasmine hocus-pocus, I can still pretend he's not. He's still my Angel. Our Angel. The one and only, not some Jasmine-drone...

"...to the people as soon as you're ready."

Cordelia blinked. She had gotten lost in her thought. "Huh?"

Angel repeated his words. "I said that maybe you'll want to appear publicly. As soon as you feel up to it."

To tell you the truth, I'll never feel up to it.

"Sure. But I wanna do something first."

And that was how Cordelia Chase found herself in a car, one hour later, driving to Sunnydale.

Yeah, it's short. But I'm tired. So there.

That 'being tired' excuse also applies if this was a crappy chapter, or, as I will call it, a crap-ter. Thanks for reading, anyway.