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Warnings: This story will contain slash (m/m) pairings in the near future. If you don't like that then leave.

Author's notes: Well to start, I loooooooooove veela stories! I gave this one my own twist, and I hope you like it. It's currently my only 'serious' story, I hope I can do it! Lol, some of you may also be wondering about the genre. Angst/Humour? But it works dammit! Just read...


Prologue: When I'm Alone

A tear slowly trickled down the woman's pale face, falling gracefully from her cool blue eyes. Golden hair shined in the soft light of the full moon as the woman knelt in the damp grass of the shrouded meadow and sang.

"Kylh gõ kwah skõ do skõ dee shwl na'a tahm pya skee sklõ..."

The song reverberated through the night and tears continued to flow from the woman's eyes. Holding her hands up to the brightening sky the woman's song took on a tone of desperation.

"...Dee kõ dee nee kah gõ faey, gah fin dyon ly kõ gee, nah sa le õ le ah, ah õ-õ le ah, ah õ le ah, ah õ le ah."

As the final note faded into silence the woman broke down. She fell onto the grass and wept, occasionally calling out a line of the song in desperation as the sun rose to the east.

The sun's light shone on the woman and it was clear that she belonged in the sun. Her hair sparkled around her head like a halo and her eyes sparkled a clear blue like the cloudless sky above her. Crying out when the sun hit her the woman began to sob even harder, body shaking.

A man walked into the meadow, scowl fixed firmly on his face as he pulled the woman off her knees and forced her to walk with him to the waiting mass of black-cloaked figures.

"No! Let me go your bastard!" she cried, beating the man's back as hard as she could, struggling with all her might.

The man turned, sneered and slapped her hard across the face, gray eyes flashing dangerously. "Narcissa," he spat, "you'll behave or you'll be in for a world of hurt."

The woman turned to him, eyes strangely dead, "You think you can hurt me anymore then you already have, Lucius? I'd rather die then live as your wife for another second!"

"Bitch, you think I'd kill you? Oh no, you're far too precious a trophy for that. I had something else in mind. No matter how much you hate me, Narcissa, you still love our son."

Narcissa bit her tongue. She'd almost done it, she'd almost escaped the clutches of Lucius – again, but the song... the calling hadn't worked – again. When Rowan had taught her the song he'd said that if she sang it then he'd come, no matter where he was. Always.

It could only mean one thing.

Rowan was dead. The love of her life was dead.

"I don't know what you think you were doing, Narcissa," Lucius said in a falsely calm tone as the approached the waiting Death Eaters, "you cannot keep this up. The one you are calling is dead, has been dead for many years. Give up."

If the song hadn't just failed she wouldn't have believed him, would have kept hoping for Rowan to sweep in and rescue her and Draco, but now it was too late and her focus in life shifted. Draco was now what her world revolved around, and she wasn't going to lose him to Lucius and his foul schemes.


Author's Notes:

The song does actually exist, it's called 'Skidegate Lovesong' because the actually title of this song Gah dõ can't be translated into English... well it can... but not well, it means something along the lines of 'Desperate Cry' ; and the people who transcribed the song for mass consumption decided that wasn't a good title. The song's an old lovesong that's sung by people who have a traditional upbringing ish and are of Skidegate decent. The lyrics here are the whole song – it's very slow, very sad, and very beautiful – and it means something along the lines of 'When I'm all alone, I close my eyes, I think of you and it makes me so sad I want to cry.'

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