What Two Little Gondorians Do When They Are Bored


Little Pippin Padfoot


What do you do in Minas Tirith when you are 8 and 13? Well the Steward's sons are never bored, and if they are, watch out, because trouble will ensue. One-shot, unless you want me to go on with it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, J.R.R.Tolkien, no matter how dead, owns it all. Haradshur is a figment of my imagination. I'm sorry to say. But I do own a poster of Legolas and Faramir hugs SAVE A HORSE RIDE A COWBOY!

Boromir rounded the corner of the library; he was looking for his little 8 yr. old brother, Faramir, who was in the library reading. Boromir's history lesson had just ended and he was bored so he thought he would find Faramir, and they could find something to do.

Faramir was wriggling in his chair. He was reading a very interesting book, but he had a feeling that something was going to happen, and he was going to get in trouble.

"Faramir! There you are, I've been looking all over and I had a feeling I would find you here. Anyway, I'm bored so do you want to find something to do?"

Faramir shook his head. "No, I do not. Lord Haradshur is going to be here soon, and I do NOT want to get in trouble with Father."

"We won't get in trouble." Boromir assured Faramir "I promise, cross my heart and hope to die."

Faramir sighed, even at such a young age he knew that his 13 year old brother could very well get them in trouble. He closed the book and followed his brother's retreating back out of the library.

Eventually the two boys were at the stables.

"What are we doing here, Boromir?" asked Faramir

"We are going to play Truth or Dare."

"Truth or Dare, what's that Boromir?"

"Well, I ask you to pick truth or dare, if you pick truth, I ask you a question and you have to answer truthfully, if you pick dare, and then you have to do what I dare you to. Get it?"

"I think so....."

"Good, Truth or Dare?"


"What? Why don't you pick Dare?"

"Because you'll pick a dare that will get me in trouble, that's why."

"Fine, I'll ask a question."


"All right. Do you actually like reading that much?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I like to read."

"Figures, go ahead, ask me.

"Truth or Dare?"


"Do you really like that one girl in the market? The one with the blonde hair?"

"Now, that is a stupid question."

"Answer it Boromir."

"Yes I do. Truth or Dare, and you can't pick truth."

"Then what's the point? I'll have to pick dare."

"I know. So you pick dare?"

"I guess."

"I dare you to ride that new horse that Father bought."

"What?!?!? That horse is huge! I'll never be able to ride it. It's too big."

"Look, I'll lead it; alls you have to do is just sit on it. Ok?"

"I don't know...."

"Know, say yes."


20 min. later in the garden

"I'm doing it Boromir! I can ride this big horse!"

"I know Faramir, I'm right here." In spite of his tone, Boromir smiled.

"All right Boromir, go back to the stables before Father finds us. I did my dare; it's time for me to come up with one for you."

But just before Boromir could turn the horse around, a snake came hissing out of a bush, scaring the horse. The horse pulled the reins out of Boromir's hand and ran off, with Faramir stuck on the saddle.

Boromir was running after the horse, and gaining on him, when he heard the trumpet call, right ahead of him. The horse was head straight for Lord Haradshur.

The horse clattered through some mud, spraying Lord Haradshur. Then with an almighty neigh, reared up throwing Faramir from the saddle into the mud.

Boromir immediately ran over to Faramir who was lying there in the mud.

"Faramir? Are you ok? Is anything broken? Can you see me? I'm sorry! Father's going to kill us."

Faramir looked at Boromir

"That was cool! I want to do that again!"

Boromir was helping Faramir out of the mud, when Denethor came storming out of the castle, cursing Faramir and apologizing to Lord Haradshur.

"Faramir! What were you thinking? That horse cost a lot of money, and now I have several soldiers, who should be on duty, chasing a horse! And to top it off, Lord Haradshur's clothes are ruined! What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I uhhh I'm sorry you see we were playing and..."

"Father, it was my fault, I dared Faramir to..."

"Do not defend him Boromir, he is useless and will always be. Faramir I do not want to see you for the remainder of the week. Come Lord Haradshur, I'm sure we can find you some new robes to wear, and get yours cleaned up."

Denethor walked away. Boromir helped Faramir out of the mud, and wiped the mud off his face, but he noticed that Faramir was crying.

"I'm sorry Faramir, I didn't mean to get you in trouble, it was an accident, the snake scared the horse and it ran away. I'm sorry father yelled at you too. He didn't mean what he said, he's just mad is all."

"It's ok Boromir, Father always yells at me. I'm used to it."

"No, it's not ok. We won't ever play truth or dare again, ok?"

"All right."

"All right, now let's get you a bath, because you stink."

Sometime the next week

"Hey Faramir, I'm bored, do you want to do something?"