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.hackWOUND-Chapter 1: Reunion

"Wonder where everybody is?" Mimiru yawned sitting up against a pillar near the Chaos Gate in the Dun Loireag root town. With a small whoosh, someone warped in next to the swirling gate. Looking around, he spotted Mimiru and made his way over to her.

"You called, Mimiru?" Bear asked walking putting out a hand and helping her up.

"Guess what I got earlier!" she said in an overly excited tone.

"I don't know. Tell me," Bear answered, smiling at her hyperness.

"An e-mail from Tsukasa!" she exclaimed with pure joy.

"Oh really? Well that's good!" he said, his eyes widening slightly, "What did it say?"

"He said that I should get you, Subaru, Crim, BT, and the Silver Knight to go to  Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground."

"Hmmm, isn't that the failed root town? The place where we fought the green dum-bell monster?"

"Yeah! It is! Wonder why he wants us to go there?"

"Hmmm, well I think we should contact the others then."

"Already done!" Mimiru smiled, taking pride in her responsibility, "BT, Subaru, Crim, and the Silver Knight are already on their way. You were the first to arrive."

"I see. Well then, I guess we should just wait here then."

"Absolutely right, Old Man!" she chuckled

A few minutes later and everybody had gathered near the pillar.

"Yeah! Everybody showed up!" Mimiru cheered, making an "all right" gesture with her hand.

"Lady Subaru, Sir Crim! It is good to see you!" Silver Knight said in his usual formal tone.

Subaru smiled and addressed Mimiru, "Why have you called us all here?"

"Well... it's a surprise! So you'll see when we get there! So let's be off. We're headed to  Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground," Mimiru said excitedly, trotting to the Chaos Gate and warping out. Everyone followed suit and were soon on their way.

A few moments later and they had all arrived in a flurry of warp rings on the stone walkway to the strange, forgotten root town. After gathering everyone, Mimiru led them to the huge double doors. With the help of Bear and Crim she opened them and walked inside, followed by the others. Subaru's heart jumped when she saw who was sitting on the stone pedestal across the huge hall.

"Tsukasa!" she cried happily rushing over to him as he jumped down and put his hands out, pulling her into a hug. After a few seconds they released and stood beside each other, holding hands. They hadn't seen each other in the game since Aura had awoken, and only once or twice in the real world. They waited for the group to reach the front of the room.

"So, why are were we all called here?" BT asked, putting a hand on her hip.

"Um, I dunno, ask Tsukasa," Mimiru said, shrugging and then gesturing towards the wavemaster.

"Well, heheh, I, actually, was called here, too. So I don't really know what all this is about. I was just told to relay the message to her so she would gather all of you," Tsukasa said, grinning, "Why don't you ask him?" He pointed towards the other side of the hall where a man was silhouetted in the doorway.


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