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CHAPTER 4 (technically chapter 3)-

A few days after the meeting with Helba and Balmung, the group had gathered in the Carmina Gadelica root town. Bear, however, had yet to arrive and the others were pacing around impatiently.

"Guh! Where is he?" Mimiru said rolling her eyes after a loud yawn.

"I don't know," Tsukasa said swinging his staff boredly at his side.

"Nor do I," Subaru added quietly as she stood next to the young wavemaster.

Suddenly, with a rush of golden warp rings, the blademaster strode to the group. "Sorry I'm late. I had some problems at work," he said panting.

"Work? Hey! That's right, I still have one guess as to what you do for a living, don't I?" Mimiru said excitedly clenching her fists and jumping in front of the blademaster.

"Well, yes, that's right. Why? Do you want to take a guess at what I do?" Bear said, crossing his arms and grinning slightly.

"I think I do! Um," she began, ceasing her hopping and putting her hands on her hips, "I think that you are a cop!"

"Is that so? Hmm, well, that's a good guess, but you're wrong. Would you like to know what my career is?" Bear said chuckling.

Tsukasa stepped into the conversation timidly, putting his hand out slightly as a gesture that he wanted to say something. "I think I know what your job is," the wavemaster began awkwardly, "your... a doctor."

Bear's face bore a look of slight surprise, "Well, it seems someone has gotten it right! But my question is how did you know?"

"I don't really know, it was just a gut feeling I had, I guess. I mean, while I was stuck in here and unable to log out I felt like I knew you better somehow. It was strange, but for some reason I figured you had been one of the doctors at the hospital I was taken to," he shrugged and looked at the ground blushing slightly.

"So you were a doctor, huh? Well that sure does explain a lot," Mimiru winked.

"Mimiru, why did you think I was a police officer?"

"Well, you seemed to know a lot about what was going on in and outside of 'The World', so it only seemed logical that you might be a cop. They have access to a bunch of stuff normal citizens don't, ya know."

"Very good reasoning, no matter if it was wrong or not. I'm impressed you thought that through so much," Bear chuckled as Mimiru stuck out her tongue, slightly scorning the little joke that had just been made about her usual air-headed-ness.

After a slight chuckle from the group they were about to leave when they were suddenly interrupted by a strange intrusion. Without warning, they heard fast footsteps come charging at them. A young player character, who looked maybe 14 or 15, came running as fast as he could into the group, without seeing where he was going. He panted and skidded to a halt right in the middle of the congregation of people. He looked back where he had come from, the Chaos Gate.

"Is... is any... one... following me?!" he bellowed anxiously through ragged breaths. After a few moments of strained silence, he straightened and held his two short blades loosely at his sides. He was a Twin Blade. The whole group looked at him, taking in the strange new character's appearance. Around his head, flicking his shortish black hair into spikes, was a deep crimson headband tied behind so that the ends dangled over his back. Across his chest was a thick black belt, holding a sheath to his back, wear he deftly placed his two daggers. His deep cerulean vest and pants accented by a teal undershirt and light brown fingerless gloves. Across the bridge of his nose reaching both sides of his face were two bands of brilliant deep green and goldenrod yellow, complimenting his bright amber eyes.

With a slight turn of his head and flick of his eyes he scanned the people surrounding him. They all looked slightly annoyed at the rude intrusion. "Oh, uh... heheh. Sorry, I was um... running from some PK's. Quite strong they were too, I'm not too weak, if you know what I mean. Well, um, My name is... Okamiotoko," the Twin Blade said putting his right hand on his neck and grinning.

"I see, well, who were these Player Killer's you were talking about, Okamiotoko?"

"Dunno, I was just training in a high level area, around 49 I think, and these two characters came out of nowhere and started a fight. I held my ground though, they weren't a higher level than me, but the two put together made a pretty deadly pair , so I played it safe and ran off. I didn't want to lose all the experience I got. Probably make a living out of killing unsuspecting characters, those two do," Okamiotoko said looking around at each player in turn, his gaze landing of Subaru and staying a bit longer than the others.

Tsukasa's eyes narrowed when he saw this, but he didn't say anything, knowing full well that in real life that he and Subaru cold never hook up, him being female in the real world.

Bear also noticed Okamiotoko's passing glance at Subaru and quickly looked at Tsukasa, wondering what was going through the young wavemaster's mind at that moment. "Well, it seems we've been delayed in leaving for our destination for long enough."

"Oh, sorry again," the Twin Blade began, "Hey, where were you headed before I so rudely interrupted?"

"We were..." Subaru started then looked to Bear and Crim for permission to continue, "We were headed to lambda Pulsating Worst Core."

"I see," Okamiotoko said squinting then looking around excitedly, "Hey! I think I've heard about that place somewhere. There's this odd rumor flying around the boards that that place is the key to finding Net Slum, right?"

"What?! How do you know about that?!" Mimiru said, stomping her foot forward, a look of pure surprise on her face.

"It's not amazing that those types of rumors are on the boards. I mean, you've all seen some of the stuff that's been posted lately," Bear said in his usual informative tone.

"Yeah, well, I bet he's never been to Net Slum, like us!" Mimiru said without thinking. Then, realizing her mistake, she covered her mouth and stepped backwards, a look of sincere apology on her face.

"Wait... you've all BEEN there?!" the Twin Blade said in astonishment.

"Yes, we have," Crim said shouldering his spear. "You seem very interested, now don't you?"

"Interested? Interested?! Of course I'm interested! Can I come along with you guys... and er... girls?" Okamiotoko said excitedly glancing around at the older members of the party.

"Well, I don't see why not. Crim? BT?" Bear said smirking and looking towards the two other players, who merely nodded in agreement, a smile on Crim's face.

"Well, then... can we go now?!" Mimiru said, taking a few steps towards the Chaos Gate behind them.

With that, the whole group, Okamiotoko included, headed off towards the swirling gate, to warp into the odd dungeon.

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