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Title Ch.1 Hidden Feelings

Author Anime Star Tenshi

Rating PG/PG-13

Genre Romance/Drama

"And Hikari wins again! Dues Suzuhara Misaki isn't the champion for nothing! Suzuhara Misaki is the winner, once again this time!"yelled the announcer into the microphone.

Fourteen year old Suzuhara Misaki smiled at the crowd and waved. Though there were hints of of tiredness in her eyes. The smile on her face was a bit forced actually. But to please her fans, she'll have to do it with a fake smile.

"There's going to be a ten minute break before the next battle"said the announcer. Everyone filed out. Misaki sighed and went inside to her own specially booked room. Every top qualified dues get these kind of rooms whenever they're in a compeition.

But know, the only people who has these rooms are the following: her mother, the famous 'Shuu' or Shuuko, Junonchi Sai, Saitou Kaede, The Fujisaki sisters: Madoka14 and Arisu11, Seto Ringo, Kobayashi Hatoko, and lastly the Prince of Angelic Layer, Mihara Oujirou. Who might I add, is her boyfriend. Though it took a lot of courage in her to admit it.

Misaki sat down on the chair and closed her eyes. She didn't let it show but she was actually exhausted from battling another after another.She didn't realized it but her door was open silently and a figure slipped in.

A pair of strong hands began to massage her shoulders. She immediately tensed up but then relaxed when knowing who the hands belong to.

"You're too tight, Misaki"said the person.

"You would if you have to fight a battle after another,"Misaki said to her boyfriend.

Oujurou had an amused smile on his face, "Not exactly, if you have an older brother who keeps making you train for hours. It won't be so exhausting to me.".

Misaki pouted, "Well, I don't exactly train for long, hard hours like you do. I do train with okaa-san for a few straight hours, no more than that."

"Come on, I'll treat you to ice cream. You're starting to be sound cranky"said Oujirou taking Misaki's hand in his.

Misaki smiled a little at this. Oujirou always knew how to cheer her yp.

"Thank you Oujirou,"Misaki said.

"Don't mention it."he said.

"Before you start to spoil my daughter too much, Ou-chan, might I remind you two that to be back in an hour." Shuuko said smiling at the doorway.

"Kaa-san"Misaki said and she went over to give her a hug.

"Both of you would have an Angelic Fight in an hour so remember to be on time."she said.

The two nodded. Oujirou grabbed Misaki's hand and went out the door whith her.

"YOu can come out now, Hikaru"called Shuuko to across the room.

If you listen, you could hear a little voice which replied. "Are you sure, Shuuko-san?"the little voice asked.

"Hai, I'm sure. The others are waiting." Shuuko said.

The once lifeless doll stood motionless for a mere second and then its arms began to move slowly. Then it began to move faster when it finally stood up.

The red eyes angel, Hikaru strtched her arms and legs to get the feeling back into it. She moved her neck from right to left continually.

When she finished she spoke up, "Thoses battles tired me out a bit and Misaki's mind from controlling me."said Hikaru.

"It's been two years now, Kikaru. Are you ever going to tell Misaki about it yet."Shuuko asked.

"She'll just think that she was imagining it."Hikaru said, indignantly.

"She won't. It took time for me to understand Athena and how she can move outside the layer. We began to become closer after that. "Shuuko said.

Hikaru sighed and said with heaviness in her voice, "Alright. I'll tell her when I get a chance."Hikaru said.

Shuuko nodded.

"I'll bring you to the room where the other angels are. The kids lefted them in their room. But they had flown to the private meeting room to meet."Shuuko said.

Hikaru nodded. Shuuko gently, with much carefulness, picked Hikaru up and walked out of the room.

They came to the large private room, which was currently empty.

"Shuuko-san! Where's Hikaru -chan"Ranga asked as she flew over to Shuuko.

"I'm over here,"Hikaru said, peeking out from behind shoulders. She was hanging onto Shuuko's shoulders during the trip. She climbed onto Shuuko's shoulders and then dove down. She twirled in the air and then felt the table beneath her feet.She had gracefully landed on her feet.

"Ohayo, Ranga-chan" Hikaru said as she greeted the Arabian-looking dool.

"I'll leave all of you to talk. I'll bring Athena out"said Shuuko taking out the her battle angel from a purse which she had brough along.

"Athena-mama!"cried Hikaru. When all of the angels were born, they don't have a mother nor a father. But to Hikaru, Athena was like a mother to her. And Athena had treated her like a daughter. Even sometimes, angels mistaken them for mother and daughter.

Hikaru gave Athena a small hug which Athena had returned.

Shuuko watched this with a smile. "I'll be in my room when you come back, Athena".

Athena nodded.

Shuuko closed the door behind her and the sound of footsteps were drifting away.

"What do we do now?"Mao asked and she twirled her tail.

"How about we go to Cefairo later"suggested Alice.

Suzuka nodded and then spoke, "That's for later. We can't be outside wandering around".

"Why don't we just have an angelic fight"said the only male angel presently there, Wizard.

He obviously had a bored expression on his face.

Ranga huffed in experation. "Oh Wizard! Do all you care about is fighting.".

" Do you have a better idea?" he asked in an irratated tone. Of course he knew that he won the battle.

Everyone else sighed.

"Why don't you and Hikaru-chan battle then. You two do have a fight in 45 minutes"Shirahime said as she looked at the over size clock hanging on the wall.

Hikaru nodded. While Wizard's expression was like 'sure'.

Blanche spoked up and suggested, "Why don't we make this battle last about 5 minutes".

The two opponents agreed.

"Do not fight as hard as usually. Bruises could show and our dues will suspect. We don't want that, now do we."Athena said in a firm tone.

The opponents again, nodded.

"Well! Begin already!" Ranga said.

Hikaru's wings appeared on her back after Ranga had finished speaking. She flew a good amount distance to give Wizard and her some room to battle.

"Are you starting soon yet?"Ranga said. Leave it to Ranga to be annoying in a time like this.

After she said that, both of them decided to start the battle off. Hikaru lifted her leg and was going to connect it to Wizard's chest.

But Wizard held his arm in front of his chest to block the bow.

After that, they started to fight very seriously. Though not enough to injure the other too seriously.

Wizard's POV through the fight.

"Why don't Hikaru-chan and you battle then. You two do have a fight in 45 minutes"Shirahime said as she looked at the over sized clock hanging on the wall.

Leave it to Shirahime-san to suggest that. Though why do I always have to battle Hikaru everytime we have these kind of meetings? Due to logic, we both do have an Angelic fight soon.

Unknown to them, it's hard for me to fight Hikaru. They'll never believe if I tell them. It'll be too hard to believe. They sometimes dub me as 'Icy Wizard'. Though I know they didn't mean it. Define 'icy'. Not the chilly type. The cold hearted type.

Would believe me if I told you that I love Hikaru and there is no denying it? Maybe you will, maybe you won't. But I do suspect that Oujirou knew about this. Whenever he goes with Misaki-sama, he always leaves me Hikaru together.

Not a lot of people I know has the knowledge of Cefairo. The only people I know has the exsisting knowledge of Cefairo are Oujirou, Shuuko, and Ichirou.

I rolled my eyes as Ranga being impatience again. Hikaru's wings appeared after she said that. She flew as light as a feather. I masked my awe with a stone look. She really is beautiful.

Ranga rambled on again. She is annoying. Hikaru and I started the fight at the same time which I didn't really suspect. I tried not to hurt her very much. Athena-san had said not to cause injures that could be seen or our dues would suspect something was wrong.

I managed to get on top of her which I hadn't intended to do. I may love her but I'm not a pervert. But nevertheless, we both fighted to a normal speed. I was currently blocking her moves by being on top of her.

I took this rare oppurtunity to look at her and be close to her with any secretness. I stared deep down into her ruby eyes. I didn't want this moment to end byt eventually, it will. I felt being lifted up a little and thrown to the other side. But I was prepared. I landed on my feet, just the same. We got into a hand to hand combat.

Normal POV

"Time's up!" Blanche announced. She was keeping track of time for the fight. Hikaru and Wizard stopped and paused to take a breath.

"Well, I say it's a tie."Suzuha said.

Athena nodded, agreeing with her.

Hikaru's POV after the fight

I caught my breath afther Wizard-san and I fight. Speaking of Wizard-san, I noticed he was acting awkward when we had battled.

This may sound silly to anyone but I admit that I'm in love with him. In the beginning when we met, I considered him as a friend. But later on, I started to have these weird feelings about him. I couldn't tell anyone about this. They'll just tell me that he won't feel the same because he had rejected most of the female angel population in Cefairo when they confessed their undying love for him.

I know that he won't return the feelings because I'll be just like the others. Why do I have to love him? Why did he had to be the man of my dreams? why did I have to love someone who would never love back? Love was so complicated.

He rarely speaks to me unless it's about business. He just looks at me, just like how he looks at the others, as an opponent.

Normal POV

"It's almost an hour now, everyone. Why don't we finish training for the time being?" Athena suggested. everyone agreed. A nice rest could do everyone good.

Five minutes had quickly pass and everyone stopped fighting. Everyone was taking turns fighting with eachother. Though Athena was just watching. You could say that she was the judge of the battles.

Hikaru dropped her hands to her sides when the time for her to return came. "I better go now. Misaki-chan could be back now."Hikaru said bidding goodbye to everyone. A pair of cerulean eyes never lefted her form. Even when she flew out the door.

"She's gone now. You can stop staring at the door"said someone behind the owner of the cerulean eyes.

Wizard flinched slightly. He was caught. He turned around to see that it was Athena was the one who spoken.

Wizard placed a confused and stony look on his face. "What are you talking about?".

Athena smiled. She could clearly see through his mask. "

"You're a horrible liar, you know that." she said as she looked amusely at him.

He just walked away and ignored the comment.

"You can't hide your feelings forever, Wizard" Athena said to herself quietly. She turned back to the others. Who were beginning to get ready to leave as well.


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