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Chapter 1

High School Tour



His thoughts were fuzzy. Something annoying kept tickling in the back of his thoughts. Something annoying kept beeping at him.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

He groaned. Something about that sound just made him want to explode its inventor's throat. Whoever created the cursed electronic irritation would feel his wrath very, very soon.


Angry, blurry blue eyes opened to slits.


He slammed his fist into the black plastic contraption, pleased when it made a quick, pleading, quivery noise. Smirking, he yanked the alarm clock from the wall, tearing the cord, and pulled his head up from the desk, a pen-covered piece of paper falling from his cheek.


So helpless. It was such a scared little device from hell.

Heero stood up from his desk's wheeled chair, taking the petrified black device, cord and all, with him as he strode purposely towards the corner of the lab. Grabbing a beaker of his newfound love, Acetic Acid, he dropped a moderate amount onto the loathsome gadget, watching with pleasure as it melted away. With practiced hands, he avoided the rapidly decaying areas and tossed it into a large bag labeled "Biohazard". The alarm clock gave one last piteous squeal.


The acid cut it off, and his smirk almost grew all the way into a sadistic smile as he returned to his padded chair. His head slammed down, and the chocolate-haired boy was out for good.

The now forgotten alarm clock's red lights, displaying nine thirty am, fizzled and died as the seventeen-year-old Heero Yuy, with a masters in physics and a PhD in chemistry, not to mention a much-neglected bachelor's in art, dozed off once more in his private laboratory.


Duo Maxwell yawned again, and it was only Quatre constantly whacking him upside the head that kept the braided boy awake.

"Missster Maxwell, if you cannot keep yourself awake, feel free to go wait in the bus," the teacher hissed, cat-eye glasses making her chubby face look almost buggy. Her two pigtails didn't help, either, with how they seemed to spring up like wilting antennae.

"Can I really," Duo pleaded, and both Quatre and Hilde whacked him again. "OW! God DAMMIT!"

"DUO! You will not utter another word, or I'll personally see to it that you never get to college, because I will have KILLED you," Mrs. Vermette, the teacher with a supposedly nonexistent husband since the violet-eyed boy had no idea why anyone would ever marry the crone, tried to restrain herself. Duo, being the eternal pain-in-the-ass he is, grinned.

"Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful," he cooed. Vermette stood rigid, and suddenly her hand snapped out to point in another direction.

"WALK! I swear if I see anything other than your back-COVERED BACK-I'll have you sent back to whatever hell-hole you came from, you ANTI-CHRIST," Vermette was shrieking now. Duo couldn't help but wince. Wow. Anti-Christ. That stung. Shrugging, Duo walked in the direction the teacher had pointed the senior to.

"See you, guys. Don't get in too much trouble while I'm gone," Duo called back over to Quatre and Hilde, smart enough to not turn around. When Mrs. Vermette began literally growling, he quickened his pace.

The lab was actually pretty interesting without The Bug's constant play-by-play of incorrect information. Walls were decorated with awards and experiments, from psychology to physics. The complex was huge, and on this Friday morning the swarm of intellectuals made even its current size seem too small for the population. Interns squeezed past him, five people abreast in a four-person hall.

Apparently, their tour route was the least happening place in the joint. At ten o'clock, the place was swamped, and avoiding the crowd soon lead him to a thin hallway so deserted it was almost scary. However, the large red sign above the door proclaiming "DESTRUCTION EXPERIMENTATION" perked his interest, where most would have backed away very, very slowly.

Grinning, Duo opened the door, and was astonished at what he saw.

The lab was, to say the least, haphazard. Chemicals and random bits of...something were strewn everywhere. It was on the counters, the wind tunnel, the bizarre glass machine in the far corner. It was even on the intern quietly napping at the desk, looking very proud of himself.

Duo eyed the boy warily, but soon his eyes slipped over to the whiteboards that circled around the room. Every single one was full of equations, and the very center one, he noted, had a very blank square in the lower right corner.

The curious side of him rose. Sure, he was a proud underachiever with a C average and no plans whatsoever to ever get any better. But, he was like that just because he saw no need to do work he already knew. Why go to school when you already know everything? He'd never understood why Quatre bothered with it.

He could follow the calculations easily, and with a triumphant smile he doodled in the answer, a little braided smiley-face next to it for good measure. On a second thought, Duo wrote a little message on it. "See line 174. You put ClO3! What were you thinking?! Love ya, and have a good day!"

Feeling truly proud of himself, Duo Maxwell strode out of the lab, only stopping to stare at the mutilated remains of an alarm clock lying in the biohazards bag. With a quiet chuckle, he met back up with the rest of his class.

Mrs. Vermette was ignoring him, so he couldn't be happier. Well, a million dollars and being able to drive to the damn field trip would have, but solving a big problem? Duo was positively glowing inside, even though he made sure to act mopey, just to annoy Hilde and The Bug.


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