Code Lyoko

.::::::A Star From Above::::::.


Okay, this is my first fanfic, so really, don't yell at me if it is not good.

This story is about Code Lyoko, this is about a girl named Rika who has came out of nowhere. She ends up at Kadic Jr. High, and, well if you want to know, read the first chapter!


"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rika screamed, she was falling out of a cloud. "Aaaaaaaaaa.............."


"No, if you cannot obey me, just leave!" Rika's mother yelled. "Why can't I interact with him? Why can't you just accept Ranzan?! He's been my best friend since...." Before she could finish, Ranzan came in on Rika and her mom. "Hey Rika! C'mon! The dance is gonna start! Rika?"

"Why if it isn't R-R-Rannnnnn........" Rika's mother hated the name so much she couldn't bring herself to say it. "Ranzan!" Rika screached, "What are you doing here?! Ra......AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Her mother blasted Rika off the cloud.

.::::::::::End Flashback.:::::::::::.

Rika started to concentrate, "Mmmmmmmm.......gotta fly, gotta fly......" Soon Rika stopped in mid-air. "Whew, huh?" A hawk came and smacked into Rika. "Aaa.............." She lost conscienceness.


"Oh Uuulrich dear! Won't you plea......" Sissi was interupted, "No, I don't want to do whatever you're gonna say." Ulrich then shot out of the area. "B-B-but, hmph! Fine then!." Sissi said as she left in a huff.

"Hey ya!" greeted Odd."Ulrich, where were you? C'mon! let's go! Yumi is waiting!" Ulrich blushed, "Really? Then let's go! Wait, what's that?" They saw a girl laying there motionless, lifeless.Odd ran over to her,"Whoa! Are you okay?" The girl moaned, "Uhhh...." Then she passed out. "I'll get help!" Ulrich said already heading for the infermary.


Rika was having a nightmare, about her mom, her solid, rock hard heart who couldn't even take in such a nice boy, Ranzan. She was caught in this nightmare like it was trapping her, strangling her. Then she heard Ranzan's sweet voice, or what she thought. "Mmmmm.......R-R-Ranzan?" She moaned as she opened her eyes. "Hey you feeling better?" Odd asked. "Ranzan? How did you get here?" She said, the confused Odd asked, "Huh? Who's Ranzan?" Odd realized he won't get his answer for a while since Rika fell asleep again.

"So how is she?" Ulrich asked, "Okay, she is just resting, but she confused me for someone else, um..what's his name? Ranzan." Replied Odd. Someone came down the hall, it was Jim the parinoid P.E. teacher."Hm? Uh, oh, Ulrich Jim's coming! He'll go on and on about us hiding secrets......" As Odd babbled on, Ulrich tried to explain to Jim, "Uh, we were just waiting for someone to recover, uh....Jim?" Jim walked right past Ulrich he was walking almost like a robot, then he saw it! Xana's sign on top of Jim's forehead! Then Jim turned around, and said in a strange voice, "You are going to die!"


To be continued...


Okay this is my first chapter, if it isn't good please, please don't flame me, just add some suggestions instead. Okay, bye! ::