Heir to the Throne

By: Datenma

Maybe it is because I have been playing Breath of Fire II for the GBA lately that I came up with the idea for this story. The idea of a character suddenly showing up without telling you their past and then you later finding out that they are either the prince/princess of a kingdom appeals to me so I thought…why couldn't that have happened in Golden Sun? For the longest time I wondered if Picard was King Hydros' (is that right?) son or something. It was never proven wrong. For all we know, Picard's mother could have been the king's daughter making Picard the King's only heir. Maybe I just think that because I saw Picard in this frilly pink dress one time…Ah heh. Let's not get into that.

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Warning: Shounen-ai later in the story, some hints in the first few chapters. Don't like, don't read. Couples are Robin/Ivan and Garcia/Picard (both later in the story)

Chapter 1: The White Knight

For as long as I can remember, I have been cooped up in Hammet Palace, hiding from those whom wish to see me dead by passing myself off as a servant boy to Lord Hammet and Lady Layana, founders of the town in which Hammet Palace was built, Karei Town. To me, this is how a prince is supposed to be treated. I have known nothing outside of this servitude and it would feel strange if that were to change all of the sudden. This is why today came as such a surprise to me.

I am sitting on the windowsill of my bedroom, reading a large tome by moonlight as I usually do when I have trouble sleeping and lately I have been having trouble sleeping because of a strange dream that insists on haunting me whenever I begin to drift off into a comfortable sleep. There is a light knock on my door followed by the sound of Lord Hammet's voice, coming out as a muffled whisper through the solid wood of the door. I quickly hide my book under my bed—twice Lady Layana had already yelled at me for reading by moonlight, she said that it would ruin my eyes—and hurry to the door, opening it slowly and poking my head out attentively.

"Yes, Milord?" He smiles at me warmly but I can tell that there is more to the smile, something dangerous behind it. I have been gifted with strange powers and these powers are partly the reason so many people want me dead. I have the ability to sense other people's emotions just by being around them and I can read their true intentions so it is hard to lie to me. Not only that but I can also control wind, to a certain degree. The wind can be an awesome force and sometimes frightful, it is not a toy that a mere child can play with just for fun. It takes concentration and a mental strength that few people my age would be likely to have and even I have a hard time using my powers.

"It has come to my attention, Ivan, that lately you have been having bizarre dreams that are…reoccurring?" I nod carefully, drawing myself away from my thoughts to listen to Lord Hammet. "I think that it is time that I took you somewhere, Ivan." For a moment, the abruptness of the statement catches me off guard and I lose my voice in spite of this. I shake my head to clear my mind.

"I do not understand, Milord." He waves his hand and turns his back to me, heading back down the hall. Just as I am about to follow him, he pauses in mid-step, does a quarter-turn and holds a finger to his nose, pushing it like a button three times.

"Get packed, Ivan. You are going on a caravan with me. We are going to Vault to trade with the locals and after that, we are going to Haidia Village. They have extended a special invitation to us as long as you accompany us." Excitement rushes through my body and my heart begins to pound faster.

This will be the first time in fourteen years that I will be allowed to leave Karei Town and this will also be the first time I will be allowed to accompany Lord Hammet on a caravan. Each time he returns from a trip to another town, he brings back the most amazing stories with him. Stories of monsters attacking them and then a heroic warrior suddenly appearing and fighting them off and then the warrior disappears before they are able to thank him. I wonder if something like that will happen on this trip.

I nod earnestly and bow to Lord Hammet before he can disappear down the corridor, "Thank you, Milord!" I call after him in a hushed whisper. I turn on my heel, shutting the door behind me and run about my room, gathering everything I would need for the caravan. Usually Lord Hammet's caravans last for a month so this should be no different. I pack for a long trip, grabbing my cloak and staff before I head out of my room, pausing in the doorway to give my room one last look before I leave. This trip could change me. I know it may be foolish to think like that but something very influential could happen on this trip and I want to be prepared for whatever that might be.

I meet up with Lord Hammet outside of the palace. The town is still sleeping, only the sound of the people around me breathing and the singing of crickets hiding in the bushes nearby. A man next to me gathers everything and piles the bags into the wagon then he turns to me and holds out his hand to me, offering to help me into the wagon. With a glance to Lord Hammet, I take the offered hand and hop into the wagon, the curtain of the wagon closing with one fluid movement as the man and Lord Hammet begin to talk in hushed voices.

I understand that eavesdropping is rude and I should not do that, but I cannot help but listen to their conversation. I lean against the curtain of rough cloth, careful not to lean out too far in fear of toppling out of the cart. The horse settled in front of the wagon paws the ground restlessly and flares its nostrils, making it twice as hard to hear what the two men are saying but I do catch something, maybe a little more than I could have hoped for. "…It is not safe for the prince, Milord. Think about what Sir Robin would say…he has already lost one royal under his watch. What would this do to his reputation as the White Knight of Weyard, Guardian to the Heirs of the four thrones to Heaven…if Prince Ivan were to be lost as well…" Lord Hammet shushes the man quickly and I can see the rough hand gesture he makes when the moonlight shines through the thick fabric surrounding the wagon.

"Ivan's powers…may be a great asset to Sir Robin and the villagers of Haidia. Besides, there was that fearful storm that struck until Haidia Village a few days ago…I have to fulfill my promise to Ivan's parents by taking him to Haidia Village." I hold my breath, wanting to hear more. He made a promise to my parents and it had to deal with him taking me to Haidia Village? Why had he never said anything to me about it? Why did he wait so long…? "Let's not discuss it right now. It will take a long time to reach Vault, which is where Sir Robin will met us to escort us to Haidia Village personally.

"I do not want Ivan to know about the truth of this caravan until the last possible moment. I do not understand the extent of their plans for him myself, but I am sure that they do not want to harm the boy."

"Of course, Milord." They break apart and I tear myself away from the entrance to the wagon, leaning back against the right wall and pretending to sleep as Lord Hammet takes a seat at the head of the wagon, picking up the reigns to guide the horse.

"He is sleeping…that is good." Lord Hammet gives the command and there is a hard tug as the wagon protests against the pull of the horse but eventually it gives way to the kinetic force and we begin our long journey to Vault.

I open my eyes slightly and shift so that my back is to Lord Hammet. I have heard rumors…fanciful tales of a handsome knight in white garb, he has strong powers, said to rival even that of the gods whom created Weyard long ago and still watch over the lands. According to the rumors, Sir Robin, as everyone called him, was chosen by the gods to protect four special royals, royals with powers to control the Elements. Before this, I thought that he was just some mythical hero Lady Layana told me about to help me sleep at night when I was younger. Sir Robin is real…and I am on my way to meet him…It is almost as if all of my dreams have come true in one night. Only one more thing would make this perfect but I know that that is impossible. My family…

Before I know it, my eyelids begin to feel heavy and my mind clouds, making it harder for me to keep a consistency with my thoughts. I give up before I can embarrass myself and curl up into a little ball, being cautious of what I lie on and drift off, enjoying the click-clop sound of the horse's hooves on the hard dirt road.

Two uneventful weeks later, we arrive in Vault with a beautiful crimson sunset behind us. The man who drove the second wagon takes the wagons and the horses to the other side of town while Lord Hammet leads me up a flight of stone stairs and finally to a two-story house built on top of a grassy hill. "The Mayor of the town has graciously allowed us to stay in his quarters during our stay in his town. He is an old friend of mine so there is no problem." It seems that you do not have to have my powers of empathy or telepathy to "see" into the hearts of others. That is one of the reasons I like Lord Hammet and Lady Layana so much, they seem to understand the way I work and the pains I go through even if they never had to deal with ridicule from villagers because of strange powers. Or even the skull-splitting pain that comes from trying to use my powers for a long time or just trying to use powerful skills.

"Y-yes, Milord." I turn away, staring at the patterns in the wood attentively, counting the rings to calculate how old the tree was when the lumberjacks cut them down. This tree must have been in its prime…before I can stop myself; I hold my hand out slowly and touch the cool wood of the door, shutting my eyes and trying to sense any emotion from the smooth material.

"Ivan?" I jump back, tearing my hand away from the door as if it had been on fire. "Please be careful. We cannot protect you out here, away from the palace. You are still in danger if anyone finds out who you really are, or even your powers. People may wish to exploit you for their own personal gains." Hammet lays a hand on my shoulder, giving me a careful shake. A mixture of sorrow and happiness come to me, but sincerity reigns supreme over those emotions and I smile wistfully at Lord Hammet. "The world is not what it once was, Ivan. The rulers of the four thrones to Heaven have all died and all but one of the Heirs identities' are unknown."

I turn my head as his hand slips from my shoulder, "I am sorry, Milord, but I thought that all of that was just a myth. I believe in the gods and goddesses who created Weyard, just as the teachings of Shima-sensei would wish of me, but the Heirs to the thrones of Heaven…it seems too good to be true that having four people with special powers sitting at the thrones would make everything right again." He sighs, looking back at the setting sun, a golden light now reflecting in his hazel eyes.

"I know that it sounds too good to be true, Ivan, but it is. I was a mere boy when the last rulers sat on the throne but it was a beautiful time, and peace was all around." Lord Hammet shakes head sorrowfully. "You must have noticed it yourself, Ivan. Peoples' hearts have grown black over time, a demon seed planted in their minds to make them strike out without reason, or even the least bit provoked. Then there are those horrid monsters roaming the lands…I do not want to scare you, Ivan, but things do not look good."

"It is all right, Milord. If it was meant to be, the Heirs will be found soon and things will return to the way that you remembered them when you were a child." I try give him a smile to reassure him that things would go as I said, but it is easier said than done so how could I believe what I said when I thought that all of this…the Heirs, the White Knight…they were all just myths to me two weeks ago.

The door to the house creaks open and a young man begins to step out, his head turned away from us as he pauses in mid-sentence. "I'll go out and look for them, Hamako. They should have been here by now, something might have happened…" He finally turns to us, "…to…them…?" Pale blue eyes widen as the man looks from me to Lord Hammet and back again. He returns his gaze to Lord Hammet, bowing his head to the Lord of Karei Town. "Lord Hammet, I was beginning to worry that something might have happened to you and the caravan. Haidia Village is eager to start trade with Karei Town." Trade with…? Is that the story Lord Hammet is going with to get me into Haidia Village? Or is this man mistaken?

Lord Hammet smiles, "Of course, I would not have it any other way. Ah, Sir Robin, this is Ivan." My heart skips a beat. My hero, my idol…the man that had chased away the demons in my dreams was stranding right in front of me. He turns to me and smiles at me, my knees almost buckling for some reason. I am excited; I have to admit to that emotion at the very least. He does not look like what the stories say, perhaps better because I am seeing him in person this time, the real him.

I hold my hand out to him tentatively, but he breaks our gaze by lowering into a low bow, bows that he should only give to the Heirs, or kings of countries, not to a prince of a small city who is undercover as a servant boy. Before I can pull my hand away, he takes it in his and brings it up to his lips. "May the Light of Venus shine down upon you, my fair prince." He whispers before kissing my hand.

I do not know what to say. What do you say to a man who has just kissed your hand? I stutter as I try to find my voice and muttering out one of the most stupid things I have ever uttered. "T-thank you…" He pulls out of the bow, not releasing my hand, and continues to smile down at me, the motion lighting up his pale blue eyes.

Lord Hammet clears his throat, breaking the comfortable silence we had fallen into. When I turn to look at him, he has a knowing smile on his face and I feel my cheeks redden so I pull my hand out of Sir Robin's grasp, making him look at me with a questioning expression on his face. "We should go inside before night falls. I am sure that you are both tired from your trip from Karei Town." He takes a step back and allows Lord Hammet and me to enter the house first.

After he closes and locks the door, he shows us to the common room in the middle of the house and Lord Hammet sits down in a soft, plushy chair in the corner of the room while I sit on the couch with Sir Robin. "It means a lot to me that you would come all the way out here just for the sake of helping me, Your Highness." I start, quickly looking to him.

"Y-your Highness? M-me?" Lord Hammet nods.

"While you are in the care of Sir Robin, you are allowed to be yourself, the true prince you are." He motions for Sir Robin to continue, my heart still pounding loudly in my chest. I wish everyone would just slow down with all this news, it is a little much to handle all at once. Maybe if they took it slowly I would be able to understand better but this…

"Your Highness, if you wish, I could show you to your room so that you can rest while I discuss everything with Lord Hammet. I can fill you in once you are rested." In spite of myself, I smile warmly at the White Knight. It is strange to me when someone that I have just met shows sympathy towards me, something that not even Lord Hammet has done in light of this.

"It is all right, I need to be here to hear all of this. I do not want to inconvenience you by asking you to repeat yourself on my behalf. Also, please call me Ivan, it is strange when someone of your caliber addresses me by such a high title." He smiles weakly, looking away from me and focusing his eyes on the coffee table before him.

"I cannot do that. Just as it would feel weird for you to be addressed as anything other than your formal name, it would also be weird for me to address you as anything other than 'Your Highness'. My sincerest apologizes if it causes you any discomfort, Your Highness." Lord Hammet allows us a moment of silence as Sir Robin and I watch each other, with me trying to study his emotions and he…I do not know what he is doing. Lord Hammet finally clears his throat and Sir Robin tears his eyes away from mine to look at the man. "Yes, Lord Hammet?"

"You were going to discuss everything with us." Sir Robin dons a thoughtful look as he leans back in the couch, suddenly looking much younger than he had appeared only moments before.

"There is a difference in the meaning of 'everything' to you and the meaning of it to, His Highness." He gestures towards me carefully, trying to be respectful as possible, I suspect. "There are things that I am at liberty to speak about to His Highness alone, but the Mayor of Haidia Village has admitted that, since you are His Highness's caretaker at this point, there are certain things that you are entitled to know yourself. We do not want you to worry about His Highness while he is in my care." I blink between Sir Robin and Lord Hammet, still confused about what is going on between the two men.

"Of course, just tell me all that I am allowed to know and then in private, you and Ivan can discuss all that needs to be taken care of." Sir Robin nods respectfully to Lord Hammet.

"That is how the Mayor wanted me to discuss things." He looks down at his gloved hands, both resting on his knees, before he lifts his eyes to look at Lord Hammet and me. "First, I think I should explain about the Heirs to the four thrones of Heaven, and my duty as their guardian because, even if many people know of the legend and pass it on to loved ones or friends, most do not know or understand the true story. It was something that the Gods deemed unfit for mere mortals to know, well, mortals that were not involved with the Heirs and myself.

"Long ago, before any of the people alive today roamed the land, the Gods and Goddesses walked in Weyard among the mortals. Times were peaceful and no one knew of hatred, greed or pain. There were no demons and the continents were connected as one super continent, not separated by vast amounts of water as they are today." I find picturing such a thing hard. The hearts of man have turned dark, just as Lord Hammet said to me before. Greed and hatred run rampant among us and even the most innocent of hearts can be turned with the least bit of provocation. It is a problem of loyalty and what binds you to the side of justice, as well as your values and how you discern the difference between right and wrong. To some, the two lines sometimes cross and at times, that is true.

"But soon, the Gods and Goddesses knew that they could no longer remain among the humans they created. They were beginning to become an annoyance to them, the humans praying to them for one thing, begging for that. They believed that it would be better for them to leave, to make the mortals forget about them, maybe even completely if that was at all possible." He folds his hands together, resting his chin on them as he leans forward, propping his elbows up on his knees. "But they knew that they could not protect the world from greed, hatred, or the other emotions that threaten Weyard today, if they were far away in the Heavens. Thus, they needed four special people from Weyard to act as…vessels of a sort to the Gods and Goddesses. They had free will but I suppose they could be seen as oracles, the Heirs to the four thrones of Heaven. The Gods and Goddesses had to choose carefully, the Heirs had to be pure of heart, undying loyalty and courage that knew no bounds. They searched for a long time, and just as they were about to consent to defeat, four people appeared before them, each praying for the power to save a loved one.

"This was what they had been looking for all along. In return for saving the life of that one loved one, the four people were willing to sacrifice their own lives, as long as that one person that meant the most to them was alive and safe, but more importantly to them, happy." The way he speaks, with such intelligence, such careful attention to what he is saying…who is this man? He is not a normal person, even for being the Guardian. "The Gods and Goddesses came to them in the dead of night and explained their own plight. In return for the lives of their loved ones, the four must station themselves at four points of Weyard's great expanses. They hesitated, but it was only for a moment, the thought of having the loved ones back was too great an offer to pass up and they all eagerly accepted the task set before them.

"In order for them to become Heirs, they were first given the power to control one of the four elements that make up Weyard. The powers they had are quite similar to yours and mine, Your Highness." I start for a moment, surprised to find another person with strange powers like mine. Therefore, he would understand me, more than anyone else that I have met so far would at least. "Just as we have to use our mental powers of concentration, as did they. The only difference was that it came easier to them since it was given to them and not earned or drawn out through strenuous training. They also had more control over the elements, more power to do with as they pleased.

"They knew the danger of becoming too power hungry, of course, so they used their powers wisely, keeping them secret from others, even the people they loved most." Something painful passes over his eyes and I find myself lifting my arm to place a comforting hand on his shoulder but I stop myself and pull my hand back, sitting on it to make sure that I do not accidentally repeat the action. "They were given extended lives once they had proven that they were capable of keeping the peace in Weyard. However, they were not immortal, not even the power of the immortal Gods and Goddesses could give them that. Their powers were passed onto their children and to their children after them.

"However, the heritage of the four thrones to Heaven is not something that is handed down from generation to generation. It is something that is earned before you are born, your soul's true image, the true extent of your character determines just who the Heirs are. That is why it is so hard to find the Heirs once the pervious ones cross over." He smiles reassuringly, "There is only one person who knows just who the Heirs are, but that is only once they are before him and only if their powers awaken at that moment. It is a troublesome task but the Gods and Goddesses wanted it to be this way.

"That is all that I can reveal at the moment." He bows his head to Lord Hammet and then turns to me, smiling once again. "If there is nothing more for me to explain to you at this moment, I will show you and Lord Hammet to your rooms." He pauses for a moment before rising to his feet. I stand up quickly, almost tripping over my own feet but regaining my balance before I fall on my face. He allows himself to laugh but I can tell that he wanted to do more, suppressing most of the laugh with a powerful restraint.

Lord Hammet waves his hand at us. "You two run along. I am not tired so I think I will wait for Ekarl to return from the stables." Sir Robin nods and leads me out of the common room and up a flight of wooden stairs. The stairs lead into a large hallway, lit with a glowing golden light by the small wax candles set up on either side of the hallway walls. I follow him down the hall until he pauses in front of a wooden door rimmed with blue engravings.

"I hope that you will find this room to your liking." He leans across, twists the doorknob and pushes the door open with a delicate hand. I lean over and gasp, surprised to have a huge room all to myself. I turn to him quickly, trying to protest. He holds up a hand, his fingertips inches from my lips. "I know that you think this is too much, Your Highness, but you are a prince and you are entitled to this, no, in my opinion, you are entitled to more. You have endured a great deal because of other's dark hearts but you no longer have to worry about them. I promise to protect you with all my strength."

My heart is racing again. Just those simple spoken words are enough to send my heart pounding a mile a minute. Maybe it is the great respect I hold for him or the other way around, or the way he treats me after spending so little time with me…I do not know but something about this man… "T-thank you." His words…they seem to mean so much to me. I wish I could one day earn the respect he pays me. I feel guilty for not doing anything in the past, it is almost as if I am participating in some sort of crime against Sir Robin.

"If you need anything, I will only me across the hall in the room facing yours. Do not hesitate to call for me. I am only here because of you." He bows to me and turns to his room, opening the door and stepping into the room. Just as I am about to turn my back to him and enter my own room, he begins to speak. "Your Highness, please call me Robin." Before I can turn back to him, his door snaps shut, leaving me standing in the hallway alone, staring at the wooden door that separates us. The myths did not do him justice. He is a far greater man than in the stories.

A small smile tugs at the corner of my lips and I allow it to pass, tilting my head down slightly but keeping my eyes on the door. "Robin…"

After spending an almost excruciatingly long three hours in my room, sitting near the window so that I can look around the small town or stargaze, I finally give up on sleep ever coming to me and head out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind me as not to wake anyone. I tiptoe down the hallway and find stairs leading up to the roof. I hurry up them and push the passage above me up, letting it down gently so it does not bang against the roof.

Looking around, I am glad to find that no one else is on the roof. I pull myself up onto the ledge and close the door behind me before walking to the edge of the roof and gazing up at the stars. It is hard to imagine that the Gods and Goddesses are truly real, that they once walked among the mortals of ancient Weyard. It makes them seem more real, as if they could have been people like us at one point, making mistakes here and there and striving to correct them or letting them be, hoping for the best result.

A gentle gust of wind blows my bangs out of my eyes, calming me at the same time. I shut my eyes, letting the wind blow my thoughts away. Before I know it, I begin to drift off, leaning against the railing as my eyelids grow heavy and my breathing grows shallow. Only a few minutes pass before I receive a strange vision of a dark room, clothes littered haphazardly along the wooden floor. A pair of pale feet appear, not as if the person is standing but lying on the ground. I tighten my eyes as a painful emotion grips my chest, almost as if someone were trying to rip out my heart from the inside out. Unconsciously, I grab a handful of fabric near my heart, allowing my fingernails to bit into my palm with the cloth as the only protection. "Un…"

"Your Highness! Prince Ivan!" Someone is shaking me, yelling in my ear but I cannot pull away from the vision, even though it has grown dark, the last thing that I saw was a naked pair of legs bathed in the silver light of a full moon. There is a pause from the person shaking me, almost painful in its obvious worry and sorrow. "Snap out of it, please! Your Highness!" A cool hand presses to my forehead and all my thoughts leave me once again and I slump forward onto the person's chest. "…Your Highness?"

I open my eyes, having difficulty making them focus on the pale blue fabric pressing against my face. I pull away slowly, swaying until a pair of strong hands grab onto my arms gingerly, trying to steady me. "Robin…?" His hair is not what it was when we first met him; it is not heavy with water as if he had only been taking a shower minutes ago and did not have time to dry his hair. He breathes a sigh of relief at my simple question.

"I am so relieved, I had thought something terrible had happened to you. What are you doing out here by yourself, Your Highness?" I lean forward, my mind still fogged with the remnants of sleep, and I press my forehead against his chest. He lets out an uncomfortable squeak but does not try to push me away, merely slipping his arms around my body to hold me closer. "We can talk about it later then."

"What are your powers, Robin?" I have been wondering what his powers were, ever since I first found out that he did have powers like mine. He pauses in answering, most likely wondering why I would want to know so I continue before he can answer. "You seemed so in tune with my emotions, I was just wondering if you could control the Air like me."

"Oh…I see." He shakes his head once, very slowly, as if he were unsure of the action himself. "No, I am not an Air Energist like yourself. I have the ability to control the Earth." If I had been fully conscious, I might have been a little disappointed at this news but it is all right. I am fine with it as long as he allows me to stay in his arms like this. I feel protected and warm…

"Energist?" I ask, maybe it was just to keep him talking to me, to try to avoid any uncomfortable silences that may fall between us.

"It is what we are called, the name given to us by the Gods." He explains, sounding a little tired himself. "There are few Energists on Weyard but we are all connected somehow to the first Energists, the first Heirs. As there are four different elements to control, there are four different types of Energists. Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the four different elements but it does not matter what element your parents had. I guess you can say that the elements chose the Energists. Some children of powerful Energists never attain powers and sometimes the children of people who are not Energists receive fearsome powers. I suppose that you can say the ability to control an element sometimes skips a generation or two."

"Why did Lord Hammet have to take me here? What am I supposed to help with?" I pull away, shaking my head in attempts of getting my bangs out of my eyes. He releases his hold on me and leans back on his hands.

"This can wait until morning, Your Highness. You need to get your rest. The mayor of Haidia wanted me to return to the village as soon as you were in my care." I shake my head. "Your Highness…"

"I cannot sleep, I'm too busy thinking about all of this. So with that in mind, it would not hurt anything if you were to tell me why you need my help." He sighs but a smile slips onto his face as he shakes his head, laughing softly to himself.

"No, the mayor will explain everything to you once we reach Haidia Village. There are other things that I have to tell you but not tonight. In the morning, I will be more than happy to answer your questions but not right now. We both need our rest." He stands up and holds his hand out for mine; pulling me to my feet after I grasp his hand. I thank him and start to head to the door that leads back into the Mayor's house but pause when I realize that he is not following me. I turn around to find him leaning against the railing, gazing up at the stars as I had been doing when I first came out to the roof.

"Aren't you going to go to bed?" He smiles, not turning around to face me.

"I like to come out here at night when everyone in town is sleeping. I used to do the same thing in Haidia Village. It helps to clear my head when things get to be too much for me. I know what the people say about me, that I am such a great hero, but really, I am just a normal teenager. We can all become overwhelmed so easily, Your Highness, you must realize that. You are not alone in your troubles. I understand what you are going through. I was thrown into this at a young age myself." As I move to stand next to him, he lowers his gaze to the ground, his eyes attainting a dazed look. "You should go to sleep, Your Highness. You do not want to sleep the day away tomorrow." I must have been staring at him the whole time because he gives me a bewildered look.

"Robin, could…I stay here with you? I promise I will not ask any more questions. I guess it is because I have trouble sleeping in a weird place. This is the first time I have been out of Hammet Palace since I first came there." He nods.

"I would not mind it if you stayed with me, Prince Ivan." He turns his back to the village and sinks to the floor, brining his knees up to his chest. "I heard that Lord Hammet and Lady Layana were under specific orders to make sure that you did not leave the palace until the time came for you to do so. It was the best way that they could protect you because the people who want to kill you are not normal murderers." I blink down at him.

"Not normal…? What do you mean by that? Are they like us?"

"It is difficult for me to explain. I myself have not gone against them but I have seen them retreating from one of the thrones. I did not sense any power from them and so the mayor believes that they might be normal humans controlled by someone with our powers."

"An Energist…?" He cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.

"It is just a theory. We do not know much about them at the moment, which makes them very dangerous to us." I merely nod, not knowing what more to say about the matter. After a few minutes of silence, he pats the bit of roof next to him, "Your Highness?" I lower myself to the ground next to him, yawning as I do so. I blush, covering my mouth as he laughs. "Hopefully you will not have trouble sleeping now."

"There has to be more…" I do not know why I said that, so suddenly without even being provoked but it has also been bothering me since Lord Hammet asked me to go on the caravan with him. For fourteen years, I have stayed in Hammet Palace and Lord Hammet and Lady Layana never allowed me to leave for fear of the murderers after me. Then suddenly, Lord Hammet comes to me in the middle of the night to ask me on a caravan…this is more than a simple request from my parents or whoever had instructed Lord Hammet to take me to Robin. "The reason I was brought here…who am I?"

Robin shifts uncomfortably next to me before he speaks softly, "You are…Prince Ivan, that is all that you need to know. Have faith that everything will soon be revealed to you, Your Highness, but do not go seeking things prematurely. You may not like the answers that await you."


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