Heir to the Throne

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Chapter 6: The Escape

"We're breaking out of the prison." He whispers up to me quietly. I look back into the room to make sure that no one was coming before I turn back to look at Robin. "Jump out of the window, you know I'll catch you." I nod to him and climb onto the windowsill, slipping out and falling quickly through the air. I let out a short gasp as I land in Robin's arms, our eyes locking for a moment before he smiles at me and set me on the ground.

"A quick introduction before we make a break for it." Gerald says, motioning for me to come closer to him and the other man. Robin slips his arm around his shoulder, pulling me close to him. The other man with them smiles softly and bows to me. I go to bow to him but Robin holds me in place.

"This is Kyuhi, we needed his help so that is why he is here." Robin says softly.

"It is both my pleasure and honor to assist the young prince of Contigo in anyway possible." He turns to Robin, his smile slipping away quickly. "There isn't much time before sunrise, Robin, we must act quickly. I will inform His Highness about your leaving and perhaps the two of you can meet up once his time in Lemuria is spent."

"Perhaps…but the King and Queen would become worried if he did not show up eventually. I have a feeling that this is going to take a long time." Kyuhi ran a hand through his long hair and flashes us another quick smile.

"Nothing comes easily, right? If you want to get this over with, you are going to have to work for it, Robin. Now, I shall stall the King and Queen for as long as I can but other than that, I haven't much influence over them."

"No more than I do. I know that they will not listen to reason but I refuse to train Prince Ivan recklessly, he was drawn into this because of their selfish desires. He is my responsibility because it is my fault that Jasmine was kidnapped in the first place." Kyuhi sighs softly and turns away from us, looking up at the moon.

"Is it a selfish desire to want your child back safely? No matter the cost?" Robin looks down at his feet and the hand lying on my shoulder tightens slightly. Kite leaves my shoulder and lands on top of Robin's head, a small breeze playing with Robin's hair. "I know they are royalty, Robin, but they are only human. What would your parents do if something ever happened to you or your brother?"

Kyuhi waits for a moment before looking back at Robin, smiling again. "No matter, this isn't the time for such talk. In time, you will come to understand on your own, but someone very important to you is threatened." It may have just been my imagination but as he says this, Kyuhi's eyes dart to me for a second before falling on Robin again. I continue to watch Kyuhi but he does not look at me again.

"He's right, Robin, we have to get far enough away from Haidia that the King and Queen don't send anyone to follow us."

"We? Us?" I blink at him before turning to Robin. Robin nods, breaking out of his silence.

"Gerald's coming with us, he insists…and this way I'll be able to protect you better without worrying about myself." Gerald grins.

"Yep, that's what I'm here for. I'll make sure that Robin doesn't do anything stupid." Robin shakes his head calmly.

"No, I think you have it the other way around, Gerald. Out of the two of us, you are more likely to do something stupid." Before they could get into an increasingly loud argument (mainly Gerald getting louder), Kyuhi waves his hand in front of their faces.

"Unless you both want to get us into trouble, you'll stop your senseless bickering this instant. There is far too much at stake. Something is going on, something more than what you think it is. You are going to have to go to Master Hama, she'll know what to do and will be able to help Ivan learn what he needs to know. Robin, you know the way so take Prince Ivan there as soon as possible, try not to take any pointless detours. It will take long enough to get to Lama Temple without going anywhere else."

"Lama Temple? But that's so far…" Gerald complains and I glance between Robin and Gerald. Lama Temple? I have never heard of such a place…though…there is a lot about Weyard that I still do not know. Maybe this will be my chance to learn more about all the other towns and villages.

"There isn't much choice." Robin lets out a sigh.

"All right then, we'll go to Master Hama but I doubt she will be pleased to see me again so soon." Kyuhi laughs softly and ruffles Robin's hair, upsetting Kite and forcing him to take flight again.

"Did you give the poor Master trouble, Robin? You can be stubborn, I'll admit." He sighs, "As much as I would love to take up more of your precious time, there isn't more left. You know what you must do, Master Hama will know of your arrival so make haste. The people after Prince Ivan are most likely still out there, and close by. They will not give up so easily. You'll have to be extra careful when you go to towns."

"What have you heard, Kyuhi?" Robin narrows his eyes slightly but Kyuhi waves his hands.

"Nothing, nothing. It is just the paranoid words of an old man. Now, please, let us go to the gates. There is no telling if someone is awake or not, and if they see us leaving, they may inform the guards." With that, Gerald and Kyuhi nod to each other and start to head for the stairs.

Robin takes a step to follow them but pauses for a moment and turns around, leaning down close to my ear and whispering an apology. I look up at him, blushing but he turns away without an explanation and leads me to the stairs as well.

We reach the gates without trouble and Kyuhi climbs the ladder on the side. After a moment of silence, there is a groan from the gates and it slowly creaks open. Kyuhi leans out from the tower at the town of the gate and waves to us. "Good luck, and be careful. I'll never forgive myself if anything happened to you."

Robin waves to him as we pass through the gates and Kyuhi closes them behind us. "Thank you, and try not to get into trouble with the King and Queen, they hate you enough as it is."

"Gee, thanks for the confidence boost, you're a great kid, Robin." He disappears from view, and Robin turns away, looking down the path towards the horizon.

"I did not think that I was going to be leaving Haidia again so soon." He sighs as Gerald grins at him.

"Come on, Robin, just think of it as another adventure. This is great! I never get to leave Haidia."

"I cannot think of it as an adventure, Gerald, and neither should you. This is not supposed to be some pleasure trip or anything. Prince Ivan's life is in danger as long as we are out here. Those assassins will come back, I am sure of it." I lean against Robin and he looks down at me, slightly startled. "Prince Ivan, are you all right?" He whispers to me gently.

"It's all right, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry about me all the time. I'm not that fragile." He smiles at me and inches closer but pulls away when Gerald says something. He looks at him, cheeks tinged with color.

"What?" Gerald grumbles something before speaking up again.

"I asked you which way we have to go." Robin sighs but does not show it in his voice.

"There is only one way for us to go. We have to go through Goma Range to get to the Bilibin. From there, we go through Kolima Forest and after a week or so of walking, we should get to Lama Temple." Gerald whirls around, stomping over to Robin. Robin pushes me away as Gerald grabs the front of his tunic rather roughly.

"A week?" Robin sighs grasping Gerald's hands and forcing him to release him. "A week!" He exclaims again.

"What? Did you think that this was going to be short? If you think you are going to miss your parents, you can go back now. Gerald, I'll be able to protect Ivan and myself just fine on my own. There really isn't any point in you coming along, I just didn't want you to go off and tell someone where we had gone before anyone at the palace found out." Gerald deflates at this.

"You didn't have to go and say it so harshly, Robin."

"I had to, otherwise you would not see the severity of this matter until it was too late. Now, there isn't any time to waste." Robin turns to me and holds out his hand. "Are you ready to go, Prince Ivan?" I nod to him and he hesitates for a second before reaching around behind me and pulling my hood over my head. "Maybe you should keep that on, just in case."

I smile and laugh softly, "Thank you."

"All right then, let's get going."


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