Frankfurt, Germany

"Mom, are we really have to go?" a little boy asked to his mom. "Yes, Sumisugu, we have." "But, why must we leave? This is our home" "Not anymore son" She replied herself. "Listen, we will go to Tokyo ok? There you can play with Rena anytime you want. You like her, do you? "She tried to change their conversation. "Yeah, I like Rei, she is funny. But we will come here again right, mom?" he asked again. "Yes, son. You will come here again when you have a holiday." She replied slowly and that made her son smiled.

Divorce was always hard, and that happened to them. Now she must to leave with her only son. Leaving all happy memories in this house. It's time to leave. She doesn't want to live here any longer, too painful. "Ready to go?" a weak voice from a man in the door wake her up. "Vati!!" her son ran and holds the man. "Do I have to leave? I don't wanna leave, please tell mom!" her son tried to persuade his father. "Listen to me Jonathan, you know sometimes we must do something that we hate. That's what you have to do with your mom, right now. But don't worry, I will visit you sometime, and you still can come here when you have holiday, okay?" his son started to cried "Really?" he sniffled. "Yes, I promise." He replied and holds his son. "I'll miss you so much, Jonathan. ""I'll miss you too Vati" "okey, honey, we must to leave now. "His mother suddenly said. They left the house and going to the airport.

Tokyo, nine years later.

"Sumisugu, hurry up!! It's eight o'clock! You will be late to school!"

"Yes mom!" her son replied. "okay, I've done. I'm going mom!"

Sumisugu Kobayashi, 13 years old. His parent's divorce made him a lot different. He's not a cheer boy anymore. But he always tried to survive from this entire hard situation. His mom was married again 2 years after the divorce, it's fine for him. He will be happy if his mom happy.

Here, no one will call him Jonathan Hoffman, now he used to called Sumisugu or Kobayashi in school. And once more, he just quite, no comment!

He joined kendo club at his school, it's fun. But actually he knew that all his friends didn't like him. And right now he had a little match. He tried the best to win, he pushed his rival until he surrendered. But suddenly his rival said "You are scaring! I don't wanna play with you again"

Kobayashi froze in shock." Yes, you were right. Kobayashi is too serious and he scared me either." Answered the other. Kobayashi very very sad. He put all his stuff quickly and then ran. He didn't know where to go, he just want to run. He hates his life. He hates it since the divorce, although he never said it to another.

"Why can it happened to me? "he walked slowly , regretted his life until suddenly someone tapped his shoulder.

"hi, Sumisugu, what are you doing here?" said a cheer voice. He knew who is the voice owner, then he just answered" Nothing, Rei. I just walk." The girl just smile and looking forward him" What's wrong, Sumisugu? Do you have a problem?" She said with a certain look. That's made him felt uncomfortable. She was always like that.

"Sumisugu.... I'm waiting" she still stood in front of him with hands crossed her chest.

"Don't bother me, Rei. Just leave me alone, okay? Thanks for your attention, but I'm really really fine. So, can you leave me? Or do i have to leave you?"

She just smile heard his answer and said again" I know you, Sumisugu, better than yourself sometimes. You always hide your problems for yourself. Maybe you don't understand yet, but sometimes we need someone to share. Soon you will know it. Just call me if you need my help." Then she left Kobayashi alone, knew that he gave attention to her words.

It's six o clocks. Kobayashi looked up to the stars, it's a beautiful night but not for him. Maybe Rei was right, he said to himself. He needed someone to share his problem, and on this case maybe she will be the best choice.

"Mom, I'm going to Rei's house! Maybe I will be late at home!" he shouted.

"Go to Rena's house?" his mother came from living room "What will you do there? "She asked him

"Err.. I need to do something" he replied quickly, unsure if his mom will agree.

His mom smile and gave him permission. "Ok, just don't be too late, okay?"

"All right mom!" he kissed her in cheek and ran to Rena's house.

He arrived in front a big house. He used to came to this house since he was a kid, but now he didn't want her father knew his arrival. He walked until he found her window and threw a little stone to it. He just needed to wait a few second. Rena opened the window, saw Kobayashi under her window. She smile and said "wait a minute Sumisugu. I'll be there"

A few minute later, they sat in a park.

"Okay, Sumisugu. Now tell me your problem." She started to speak.

"I'm not joined kendo club anymore, Rei."

"What?" she shouted loudly "you like kendo, do you?"

"Yes, I am. But in this afternoon, i had problem with my friends. They hate me. They said i was too serious and scared them. And do you know what? They were right, i will have no friend."

A little quite surrounded them.

"Sumisugu that was I hate from you. You never trust yourself. You are more than their say." "Really?" he asked her unsure.

"Of course. Come on, Sumisugu, you know they were wrong. They even didn't know you. But I did, do you forget something? We were best friend since 11 years ago. Remember, a friend who don't understand each other is not a true friend" she looked at him and continued "if I were you, I will find another thing to do"

"Like what? I'm sure if I join another club I'll have same problem" he sighed

Rena thought something for a few second, at last she said "okay, i know. You don't have to join a club. Just like me! "She pulled his hand and said "come on, follow me."

"Where?" he asked her again. "To the best place in Tokyo you've ever know" she said happily.

Still confused, Kobayashi followed her, didn't know where they were going. Maybe it wasn't right, he said to himself. He knew her very well. She always had crazy ideas in her mind, and some of them were dangerous. She is a trouble maker, but something said to him that it was the best choice.

They were came to a strange place where Kobayashi never seen it before. Actually it was the most dangerous place in town, but she like didn't care about it. He saw men with scary face looked at them, but Rena just smile back at them. When they were stopped walking, he saw a fence surrounding a basketball court. She turned around, watched him and said cheerily "Welcome to Golden Hope" Kobayashi didn't say anything, so she continued her explanation." Like its name, you will have your dreams come true here. You will find a lot of people who recognized your abilities. That will happen if you play basketball here. It called Ultra-B, union from legal and street basket. This game was spread almost whole Japan with Osaka as its central. So, do you want to try your opportunity? "He nodded. "Okay, let's go there!"

He followed her step to Golden Hope. Some people saw Rena and called her "hey, RJ! Where were you going? Long time I didn't see you." Rena replies them" just ordinary business" she said with smile.

Kobayashi surprised with it. It's not because Rena knew them. Just because they called them RJ, her little name which given by her died mother who have the same name.

"Rei, why did they call you RJ?" he asked her . "all people here call me RJ, do you mind?" she said without looked at him. Kobayashi just shook his head.

The match in court was over. Kobayashi paid attention to some man who left the court. Some people were still there. Rena invited him go to their direction, and then she said "Tetsuya, can you help me? "the man who called Tetsuya stood and asked her. "What can i do for you, RJ?"

"Easy, i want you to play basketball, one on one with him." She said with his finger pointed at Kobayashi. Kobayashi was shocked by her words. What did she mean? He even didn't know anything about basketball. Then he cried "Rei, what do you mean? I never play basketball before. "Rena answered "it's always have first time, isn't it? And i think you aren't late to learn."

By this time, Kobayashi really regretted his self, he wished if he never followed her to came here, he won't be here, on a strange place, faced a man who 10 cm taller than him, doing stupid game that he never do before. But he knew, it was useless thought about it right now, because regret didn't help him, beside who can fight Rena's want. So here he was, stood in court's center, held a ball clumsily. From its edge, Rena just shouted "Come on, Sumisugu!! You can do that!!"

He felt if he wanted to hit her. When they heard the whistle's sound, they started to play. All people knew the result of this unbalance game. Tetsuya was a good basketball player and he could got the points easily. Kobayashi couldn't do anything. He was very very angry, he never upset like that. Suddenly he stopped and walked toward her. Angry, he shouted at her "enough, Rei!! I don't understand your mind. But i have revolted with all of this, right now I'll leave from here." Kobayashi almost walked when Rena said with calm voice "so, it's that your ability? If you really want to make your dreams come true, then try! Only cowards who run from his battle and a coward never have a friend. Go back to the court, just jump and throw the ball. If you sure and try with your heart, you can do that. i'm sure with it. "He just silent. She got the point. Slowly he went back to the court. "Ok, now are you ready for the game?" Tetsuya asked him "absolutely" he replied.

But, although he tries his best, he still didn't match with Takahashi. Rena gave him support from the edge. When Tetsuya careless, he stole the ball. On his head, he just knew one thing. Jump!! Kobayahi jumped, avoid his block and threw the ball to the ring and he did it. He almost unaware about what he did, and then a man shouted at him "Walking feint! He did it!". all the people shocked, Rena ran to him and suddenly gave him an embrace. His face blushed. "Do you hear that, Sumisugu? Walking feint! You do the greatest dunk in Golden Hope. I know you can do that!" she said happily. Kobayashi still confused with his experience. But he felt something inside his heart. For the first of his life, he found a place he belongs to. Tetsuya said to him "I think you win this game, I really love your dunk. Just practice more and I will challenge you when you are ready" Kobayashi smiled and nodded. "Oh my God, what the time is it?" Rena suddenly screamed in panic. Kobayashi looked at his watch, he was panic too. It was nine. "O o, Rei, we must go home right now or we will get in trouble. "He said. Rena nodded and then they were ran go to their home. Before left Rena shouted "Sumisugu!!" Kobayashi stopped and turned back to her. "We will do it again, ok?" Kobayashi smile and nodded. "Thanks, Rei!" he said to himself. Now his head was clear, he didn't afraid anymore with his life. And for the first time, he really enjoyed his life "it's not as bad as I thought" and he ran to his house happily.

To be continued

Nothing is impossible if you want to try

If you find your limit get over it

And you will find another way

To make your dreams come true

Nb: Vati = dad