It was a bright sunny day. This Sunday looked so beautiful. Rena opened her window in the morning and thought that it was a great idea to go to Golden Hope.

"I wonder what Sumisugu do today." She said to herself. "Maybe it will nice if I take him with Me." she smiles to her idea and go inside to took a bath.

Her steady steps toward to Kobayashi's house. She played her favorite ball along the road. She went to the house, cheerfully and greeted his father. "Morning, uncle, is Sumisugu here?" the man she called laughed "ah, Rena. What's up? You came here earlier." " Do you mind that I'm come here?" she asked unhappily." Of course I don't mind you come here. I'm glad you still want to come here. Sumisugu in his room" He smiled. "Thanks uncle" she replied. Enthusiastically, Rena jumped the stairs by two and made a noise sound in house. Kobayashi's father just shook his head to saw her "when will Rena become a little calm?" He mumbled with a sigh.

Rena who entered Kobayashi's room started to scream with her full power.

" Sumisugu, let's play!!!" Kobayashi didn't look surprised with her, he just saw her and said" Rei, can you lower your voice? I can hear your scream since you enter this house." Rena grinned and said, "Don't be fussy. Do you want to go with me or not?" with no expression he asked her "where?" "Don't tell me you don't know. Of course to Golden Hope." She said impatiently. Kobayashi nodded "ok, I will go with you. Now wait me outside. I will change my clothes. "He said. "Why if you change your clothes in front of me?" she teased him. Kobayashi glared at her and made her laughed loudly.

Like usual Golden Hope was always crowded. After a month, Kobayashi started to use with this place. He started to know all people who lived there. "Hi, Kobayashi! Want to play basketball with me?" someone asked him when he saw Kobayashi. "Okay!" Kobayashi replied.

Now he used to played basketball. With Rena trained him everyday, he a lot better. He thought that actually basketball was not difficult, you just need to practice more and more. The problems were Rena. She liked to use chances to bother him. And this time, worse than the last eleven years since he knew her.

Tetsuya came to Rena and asked her. "It's look like that he much better than before, isn't it?" he looked at Kobayashi who has a match right now. "I think so. Although he could do the greatest dunk in Golden Hope, he needs to practice more and more. Especially basic of this game." She said. "Why don't you make a team, RJ? I think you can make a good team. You have Kobayashi. I know he will be a great player." He said suddenly. "Do you think so?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm sure with it. And if you have one, my team will be the first to challenge you." He continued. Rena smile and thought about his idea for a while when suddenly she heard a noise. Everybody looked at that direction.

"What do you mean with your words? Do you want to challenge me?" a big man shouted. His enemy looked so scared.

"wah, it's look like there's a man who make a trouble with Kojiro." Tetsuya said.

"Who is the man?" Rena asked him." I never saw him."

"He is a hooligan, RJ. No one will make a trouble with him. And don't make trouble with him too. That's my advice for you. "

He was right. Just a few second later, everyone didn't care anymore with that and preferred to watch the game. But Rena still looked at the two men. When Kojiro started to punch him, Rena felt that she didn't like him and watch over Kojiro. "His move was Karate's Style..." she whispered. Then Rena came close to him and unbelievable, she caught his hand that want to punched him again. Kojiro shocked. He didn't think that there would be someone who challenges him.

"What do you want?!! If you want to safe, go away from here, little girl!!" he shouted. Everyone watched them on reflects. So do Kobayashi who straight walked to her place.

"You couldn't do that!! What are your problems, actually? If you want to fight, don't do here. Do on other place!" Rena replied him, angrily, and of course with a loud voice.

Kobayashi was worried with her, try to change her mind. "Rei, stop it! Don't get a trouble here!"

"Stay out of this, Sumisugu! "she shouted.

Kojiro said "oh, so now you want to challenge me?"

"Yes, I want to challenge you! Do you think I scared with you? I'm not a coward like you think!" she replied still angry.

Kobayashi really confused and worried. He knew that her biggest problem was she never could controlled her emotion when she angry. If she was in that condition, no one could stop her.

"Wait a minute!!" Tetsuya broke their argument. "It's GoldenHope! If you want to finish your problem here, do it with basketball! That's the rule."

"Okay, I challenge you play basketball!" Rena challenge him

"Okay, I agree with you!" He shouted. "But I have one rule. If I win, I don't want to see you here, understand?!"

Rena thought for a few second and then said "how great are you until you sure that you will win this game. Okay, I accept your rule but I have one too."

Kojiro laughed and said" do you think you will win, little girl? Okay, if I lose you can get all what you want. But I will make you regret for challenge me"

Rena was really really got in a big trouble. Behind his big body, he was a very good player. She couldn't throw the ball to ring easily. He always blocked her. He was a great center, she thought. What she could do now was tried to made him not got the point again. Now Kojiro controlled the game. Kobayashi looked so worried about her. He knew what will happen if she lose. Rena also knew her position, so she though about his weakness. After ten minutes passed, she suddenly realized something. "He loss on my trick, an I'm faster "then she smirked and whispered to him "trick or threat?" she stole the ball from him, with a little trick she could cheat him and threw the ball to the ring. "Yes!!" she shouted happily when it entered ring. "Don't be satisfied with that, little girl, you know I'm still won "Kojiro said. "But it'll end, not long time again." She smiles.

Now the game more balanced. She was right. Kojiro lose in trick. In the last second, she exceeded him she won the game! "I win!!" she jumped happily. Kobayashi smiles too, relieved. All the people there congratulated her. But Rena remembered something. "Wait a minute, Kojiro! You don't forget your promise, did you?" Kojiro who still angry, just nodded. "Okay, what is your command?" she grinned wider and said" I want you to be my team member. "

"What? " Kojiro and Kobayashi shouted in unison.

"What happen to you, guys? I just want Kojiro to be my team. That's all. I think that's not difficult, right?"

Kobayashi and Kojiro looked each other then Kojiro agree. "Okay, okay. I'll be your team"

Rena laughed, "See, Sumisugu. We will have a team start from right now. "She continued

"Okay, let's go!" "Where?" they asked her.

"I'll threat you. I must celebrate my victory, okay? Beside, we must talk about our other team members. We still need two." She replied.

When they were walked to café, she suddenly said "by the way Kojiro, why did you fight with that man?"

Kojiro frowned "forget about that!"

"Why?" "It's just nothing. Just don't ask!"

But she more curious and asked him again and again.

At last, Kobayashi said "she is stubborn, Kojiro. If you don't answer her question, she will chase you until she gets the answer." "Really?" Kojiro asked and looked surprised.

"Hey! I'm not like that!" she protested.

"I'll answer if you promise you won't laugh."

"Okay, I promise."

Unwillingly, he explained, "He sneered at me because I helped a puppy that trapped on a hole."

"What?!!" Kobayashi and Rena screamed at the same time.

Rena laughed loudly and held her stomach. Kobayashi put hi fist to his mouth to help him not laughed. Kojiro ignored them and just looked at the sky shyly.

To be continue

We can't see someone by her/his performance

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Don't judge the book by its cover