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Um . . . heh . . . on with the fic!

At the (insert name of city here) gym, the trio met a person. This person was most likely a girl. She was also most likely the (insert name of city here) gym master. She had a pokemon. For the sake of limiting the parenthesis a bit, let's call the girl Ingrid and the pokemon Pokemon.

"Hi! My name is Ingrid! I'm the gym master!" she said. "Welcome to the (insert name of city here) gym!"

"Ingrid," said Brock, abruptly grabbing her hand. Suddenly, the back round turned all pink and fuzzy, and little hearts spontaneously popped out of nowhere. "The moment I saw you, my heart stopped beating. When you looked at me, your eyes shot fire through my soul and filled me with warmth-" Once again, Misty grabbed his ear and dragged him away, muttering something about having warmth on his check after she slapped it around a bit . . . .

"Wow, cool pokemon!" said Ash. He took out his Pokedex, or whatever it's called, and pointed it at Pokemon.

"Pokemon," it said, "it is a (insert fire, water, ice, lighting, plant, insect "EEEEW!" screamed Misty, psychic, dark is anything missing?, or rock here) type pokemon. It's attacks are (insert list of attacks here)."

"It looks awesome!" said Ash.

"Pikachu!" said Pikachu.

"Thanks," said Ingrid, "but I have this problem with it . . . and I'm afraid we can't battle in the gym until we solve it."

"What problem?" asked Ash.

"It's probably associated with Pokemon," said Ingrid. "I've tried everything, but it just won't evolve."

"Really? Hey, let us help you!" said Ash.

"Yeah!" said Misty. Brock opened his mouth to say something, but Misty stepped on his foot to shut him up.

Suddenly, they all heard a noise. They all turned to see a hot-air balloon/robot. It was none other than Team Rocket! (dun dun DUN!)

"Team Rocket!" said Ash, surprised. "It was you who robbed that store!"

"HAHAHAHAHA!" laughed James and Jessie.

"Prepare for trouble!" yelled Jessie.

"And make it double!" yelled James.

"To protect the world from devastation!" yelled Jessie.

"To unite all peoples within our nation!" yelled James.

"To denounce the evils of-" ah, bloody hell, you know it.

"Who are they?" asked Ingrid.

"They're a really big threat!" said Ash. "Pikachu, attack!"

"Pikachu!" yelled Pikachu, as he pounced after Team Rocket.

"Oh, no you don't!" yelled Meowth as he trapped Pikachu in a jar in which electric attacks were useless. Then Jessie and James summoned there own pokemon to attack the little twerps. James's pokemon inevitably attacked him instead.

Ash, Misty, and Brock pelted Team Rocket with pokemon far superior to theirs. But it was Ingrid's pokemon, Pokemon, who successfully attacked Team Rocket and freed Pikachu.

"We're blasting off again!" announced Team Rocket, as they indeed blasted off again.

"Pikachu! I'm so glad you're okay!" said Ash as he hugged Pikachu.

"Pikachu!" yelled Pikachu.

Suddenly, Pokemon evolved, and the problem was solved. "Oh, Pokemon! I'm so proud of you!" exclaimed Ingrid as she hugged it.

"Hey, can we go battle now?" said Ash.

"Sure!" said Ingrid. They battled, Ingrid lost, and Ash won his badge.

The End.

(If Jigglypuff had appeared in this episode, he would have sung them all to sleep and drew all over their faces.)


Ash won all the necessary badges, entered the (insert name of pokemon tournament or league here), and won it. Then All of Ash's pokemon, save Pikachu, were replaced by several of 150 new pokemon that were miraculously discovered after the (insert name of pokemon tournament or league here) was over. Then Ash decided to enter the (insert name of other pokemon tournament or league here). Later, after years of following Ash through all sorts of adventures and dangers, Misty left to return to her horrible sisters because she got her bike back. Many years later, Brock died a lonely virgin.

Note: Cold ending, isn't it? Sorry about that . . . . Anyway, if you're wondering why Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are always following them, I don't know. That joke came to me at random. And if you've seen more than one Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy at one point. . . those were just clones.