BeyBlade: Tyson Returns


It was the world championships, the finals had just begun. The last scheduled match was between Tyson from the Blade Breakers and Ray from the White Tigers.

A year ago these two competitors were the best of friends, and on the same team. Ray, Kai, Max, and even the chief had decided to go their own way this year and form their own teams, leaving Tyson scrambling at the last minute to get a team together. They each wanted to beat Tyson, for their own personal glory.

Surprisingly it was Ray that survived long enough to face him, just barley edging out Kai in the semi-finals.

The matches had taken their toll on Tyson, and it was plainly obvious to anyone that knew him. He was still reeling from the loss of his original teammates and had made his own mistakes in the matches up to the finals.

The team that he had put together were virtual unknowns, most only in it for the prestige of becoming champions, and leaning heavily on Tyson to get them to the finals. But in the end what could have Tyson done? He couldn't compete alone, and it was too late to forfeit even if he wanted to.

As Tyson stared into the eyes of the man he had once called his friend he could recognize nothing of his former teammate. All he saw was a man obsessed with winning, a man that had forgotten what BeyBlading was all about.

In that moment Tyson made a decision, that some still called the strangest thing to have ever happened in the world of BeyBlading.

"Alright everyone!" The announcer shouted. "Here's the match that you've all been waiting for. This is the one match that will decide who your new BeyBlading world champion is. LET IT RIP!"

Ray quickly launched his blade and waited expectantly for Tyson to launch his, but nothing happened.

Tyson was just holding Dragoon in his hand and looking at it, not even noticing that the match had started.

"What's wrong with you Tyson?" Ray asked angrily. "Launch your damn blade!"

"Why?" Tyson asked, finally looking up from his blade.

"What'd you mean why? This is the championships we all came here to blade," 'and to beat you'. Ray thought to himself.

"I don't have a reason to blade you or anyone else here for that matter." Tyson replied calmly. "I don't know what happened to the game over the last few months but it isn't something I want to be a part of anymore." Tyson said referring to the underhanded blading, tricks, and tactics that were going on.

"So what are you going to do? Quit?" Ray asked smugly believing that he could goad Tyson into blading.

"Yes. Congratulations Ray, you're the new world champion." Tyson said sincerely as he turned on his heel and left the stadium.

"Well there you have it folks." The announcer said, getting over his shock. "It just goes to show that anything can happen in the world of BeyBlade.

It had been three days since the shocking end to the BeyBlade World Championships, and Ray was trying to celebrate as best he could. No matter how many times that he denied it, no matter how many times he said he could have beat Tyson there was always one or two people that said the only reason he won was because Tyson walked out of the match.

'That's it. I'm going to Tyson's and proving once and for all who the top blader is.' Ray thought to himself as he walked to Tyson's house.

Two Days Earlier…

"What happened out there little dude?" Grandpa asked as he sat down beside Tyson.

"I don't know." Tyson replied honestly. "Ever since I started blading, it's like I've had this force driving me, pushing me to do thing I didn't even think were possible back then, but as soon as I looked into Ray's eyes the force just disappeared."

"Did you think you weren't good enough to beat Ray?" He asked curiously.

"No it wasn't that, I just… I guess I started thinking why I was up there, what was the point to all of it? In the end I didn't have my friends, a team that I had to carry all the way to the finals that spent more time having their pictures taken than practicing their blading, and just the way everyone at the tournament were treating their blades. To them it was just a shiny piece of metal." Tyson contemplated.

"I think I understand." Grandpa said as he patted him on the back.

"You know in the end I thought it would be the cheering of the crowd I missed, the trophies, or even the fame, but in the end it wasn't any of those things." Tyson said with a sigh.

"What was it you missed?" Grandpa asked curiously.

"I missed our friendship. Before all of this started I would have died for them. They were like brothers to me and when it all came down to it, it didn't mean a damn thing to them, none of them could see past their own personal glory. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I can't see blading for what it really is." Tyson thought as he stood up.

"Where are you going little guy?" Grandpa asked, the conversation didn't seem closed to him.

"I'm going to find out what blading is really about." Tyson decided. "I just hope it's something better than what they've turned it into."

"Great!" Grandpa said with a smile. "It's been a while since I had a vacation."

"No Grandpa. This is something that I have to do alone. I'll be back when I find out the answers to my questions." Tyson said solemnly.

"Are you sure?" Grandpa asked feeling deflated.

"I'm sure Grandpa" Tyson said with a sad smile. "Oh, and when Ray show up to challenge me, tell him there isn't any point. He's the champ now. Tell him that I'm just not what blading is anymore."

"Sure little guy." Grandpa said with a tear in his eye.

"What are you guys doing here?" Ray asked when he reached Tyson's house.

"What do you think?" Kai asked. "No one's the champ until they beat Tyson we all want our shot."

"I'm first." Ray said as he shoved past them. "We never finished our match at the championships."

"He's already gone." Grandpa said as he came up behind them.

"What are you talking about?" They all asked at once.

"Tyson wanted me to give you a message Ray, but I guess it goes for all of you. There isn't any point to challenging him. He said that Ray was the champ, and he wasn't what blading was anymore, and he won't be back until he figures out what it is."

The former blade breakers looked downcast as they left Tyson's house, not because their best friend was gone, but because none of them could say they were the best now.

To Be Continued…