A/N: This is my first Gravitation fic, so please be as kind as you have been with my other fics, ne?! This one sort of came to me one day as I was pondering about how Shuichi felt every time Eiri kicked him to the curb or tried to run from their relationship. Every time I watch an anime that I really like, I eventually grow a, kind of, connection to the characters that are most endearing to me. I become empathetic of their feelings and thoughts! I hope that doesn't scare any of you! I just thought I'd be honest with you guys!

Summary: This is in Shuichi's POV! Shuichi is being up front with Eiri about his feelings toward the cold shoulder he's been receiving from him. He's telling him that he's basically stuck with him forever! Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation in any way!

You can run and hide

But I'll find you!

You can push me away

But I'll keep comin' back!

So why fight it?

My love for you will never die.

I know you love me, too

Otherwise, you wouldn't have allowed me into your life so willingly.

You open up to me and show me your true colors.

I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart

But please don't shun me right after you finally allow me to see your heart and soul.

I have never, nor will ever, hate you.

The only thing I hate, is not being able to stay close to you without you running from me!

You say I'm your lover

You say you want to stay with me

But, yet, you still run!


Don't bring up the past as if it were some stupid excuse.

The past is the past!

You can't spend your whole life running from something that's already happened.

You have me now!

We are the present and, hopefully, the future!

I don't want to lose that to some worn out memory.

I know you still blame yourself for what happened

But you don't seem to notice that no one else does.

Everyone close to you still loves you and want you to live on without those horrible memories.

I also realize that I remind you of your past

But, isn't that, in a way, a new beginning?!

I'm the new start and finish to your, otherwise, horrible past.

I want to light your way and remove all of the bad memories.

Please let me do so with all of my love!

I want, more than anything, for you to be happy!

When I first set eyes on you, you took my breath away!

You still do, Yuki!

With every kiss

Every touch

Every kind word

You take my breath away!

I never want that to disappear!

Stay with me, Yuki

And I'll show you a world full of love and understanding.

I'll never betray or forsake you.

Trust and believe in me!

I'm in love with you

And I'll never give that up!

You can't escape from my love!


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