Title – …Till Death Does Us Part – Chapter III

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Paring – Harm & Mac (Or was it Goofy and Miss Piggy? Nah, that would make our story a crossover then.)

Spoilers – …Till Death Does Us Part – Chapter I & II. The Series started in Season 9, when Harm was still working for the CIA. Everything after that never happened in our JAG world. Mattie doesn't exist in our JAG world as well.

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Summary- This is the third chapter of the …Till Death Does Us Part Series. Harm and Mac have to make some life changing decisions and To Be Or Not To Be…

Authors Notes-

(God, I love these little books we write….I'm talking about the AN, not the FF.)

1. "Warning, even so it's not needed! Anyway, you wanted to have one, now you'll get one. You are about to embark on yet another Michi and Carol FF. This is your warning to expect…..Thrills beyond your wildest imagination. Emotions that will make you want to scream. Angst which will make you wish chocolate was unavailable to the authors." - Shoe "Are you sure, you're still talking about TDDUP III here, Shoe?" – Gum "No, not really. However, it sounds great, doesn't it?" – Shoe "Yeah, I got a thrill out of it." - Gum

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…Till Death Does Us Part Chapter III – Part 1/24

Monday July 19

Harm's Apartment

6:54 PM

'She's early.' Harm thought his eyes shifting from the papers in front of him to the door were Mac was standing on the other side of. 'What do I do?'

Knock, knock

"Just a second," Harm hollered as he tried to get the papers back into the envelope. "I'll keep them in the desk drawer for now," Harm murmured to himself, slamming the drawer shut thus keeping the papers out of the way for the rest of the evening.

'What do I do?' Harm thought on his way to open the door. When he opened it, Mac stood in front of him, with a raised hand, ready to knock again.

"You're early," Harm said slightly out of breath and trying to get himself under control again.

"Well hello to you, too. Am I interrupting something?" Mac asked with a little bit of worry in her voice.

"No. I'm sorry, it's just…I was getting ready and I didn't expect you for a few more minutes…that's all," Harm tried to explain with a little smile on his face.

"Okay. Hmmm, something smells really good. What is it?"


"I sure hope it's not vegetarian lasagna," Mac told him with a stern glance.

"No, Mac, it's lasagna with meat on your side. But I'm sure that in your condition vegetarian lasagna would have been the better choice."

"Ouch," Mac quietly yelled as the baby gave her one strong kick.

"Is everything okay?" Harm asked worried.

"Yeah, everything is okay. Our baby just gave you the right answer to your 'vegetarian lasagna in my condition'-comment. That was a big 'no way'-answer!" Mac told Harm with a little smile on her face, seeing that Harm still had to get used to this 'condition'.

"Harm, it's okay. Don't worry. The baby really likes to kick. I got used to it months ago," Mac chuckled.

"Our baby," Harm whispered and realized his hand was now resting on Mac's belly.

"Yeah, and to tell you the truth, our baby wants to get fed. Now."

"Okay, okay. Gee, sounds like you do have a little marine in there." Harm walked into the kitchen.

"Sure do. However, every now and then it's a sailor on the way. Sometimes, the baby has really bad timing, just like its father," Mac explained with big grin on her face.

"Ha-ha, very funny. Now sit and let me get the food."

"You bet I will. Get on moving or else these marines are starving!" Mac sat down at the dining room table, which was nicely set with a small centerpiece and a few small candles.

They made light conversation over the dinner. They were still amazed at how calmly AJ actually took the news. Mac also used the time to tell Harm why she asked AJ to be the godfather of their child. Harm felt much better knowing Mac had support in the past months. He wanted to know everything that happened to her, especially about her time in Italy. While Mac told him some anecdote about her staff, he could see and hear that she had a great time there and that it had suited her.

"That was great Harm, thanks for the dinner."

"Even the little vegetarian piece of lasagna you ate?"

"Yes, even that, and it was just a little piece."

"Still hungry?"


"I knew you would ask. Please tell me you still love chocolate ice cream, or are you craving something like a medley of pickled onions and vanilla ice-cream now?"

"I can control myself pretty much, thank you. Chocolate ice cream would be great," Mac informed him with a serious tone. "Do you have Beetroot?"

Mac had to laugh when she saw the frightened look on Harm's face.

"I'm just kidding Harm, lighten up. But chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream would be great and no kidding this time."

"Chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream coming right up. Why don't you sit down on the couch?" Harm suggested as he stood up from the table.

Mac stood up and considered helping him in the kitchen, but she didn't want to intrude in his space. She walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

A few minutes later Harm delivered the ice cream to Mac. She enjoyed herself as he sat there drinking a glass of water. They talked more about Italy and Harm's return to JAG.

After Mac had finished her ice cream, they found themselves getting lost in their conversations. Harm decided to ask Mac about the baby and what still needed to be done.

"So, Mac, have you made any plans for the next few weeks? I'm sure there are still a lot of things that need to be finished before the birth. Maybe I could help out."

"I've made a list of things I still have to do. On the top of the list you can find what I need for the big day. Like I need to pack my bags and not to forget to buy nursing bras. Think you could help me out there?"

Mac couldn't stop laughing, while Harm had to spit out the water he had in his mouth in order to fight against a coughing fit.

"I think I can handle that on my own. I've pretty much covered everything, but thanks for the offer."

"How about the nursery? Will you make a nursery out of Chloe's room?"

"Yeah, I guess I have to. I've actually been looking for a house, but I think I might have some trouble getting a loan from the bank. I know, sooner or later, I'll have to come up with an idea. I really don't want to raise a child in my apartment," Mac paused with a big yawn, "and I think I should head home now, the little fellow here is already asleep and mommy needs some shut-eye, too."

"If you're too tired to drive home, you could sleep here or I could drive you home," Harm suggested when he looked at his watch and noticed it was 10:32 pm.

"I'll be okay, Harm, but thanks." Mac stood up from the couch and walked to the door with Harm behind her.

"Call me when you get home, please," Harm told her with a soft look in his eyes.


"Mac, please."

"Okay, I'll call ASAP. Goodnight, Harm. Thanks for the dinner and the nice evening."

"Night, Mac, and thanks for being here. Please drive carefully." Harm stood outside his door as Mac walked to the open elevator.

"Yes, Dad! Talk to you later." Mac laughed and got into the elevator.

He remained in that spot till the elevator went down the shaft. He closed the door, locked it, and walked over to the windows. He stood in front of the windows, so he could make sure Mac got to her car safely.

Mac stepped outside of the building and walked over to her car. She used the key to unlock the door, but before she got in, she looked up towards Harm's window. She didn't laugh as she saw the protective look on Harm's face. She gave him a quick wink and a smile before getting into her car and driving out of his sight.

Mac called later just as she had promised. Harm could hear in her voice how tired she already was. The call was short and he let her get the rest she obviously needed badly. He also came to the realization that he too needed some sleep. He took a quick shower and got ready for bed. However, sleep couldn't find him easily this night. His mind was too focused on the newly discovered papers in the drawer and the thought of 'what do I do?'

End Part 1