...Till Death Does Us Part Chapter III – Part 24/24

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Friday August 19

Harm and Mac's House

McLean, Virginia

10:30 AM

A loud buzzing filled the room. "Mac, alarm clock," Harm muttered into the pillow. The alarm clock continued to buzz. "Mac?"

Harm sat up and realized Mac wasn't in the room. He turned off the alarm clock. "Mac?" He tried a little louder, before a piece of paper on the nightstand caught his attention. 'Harm' addressed on the cover of the paper.

He picked the paper up and unfolded it, trying to keep his heart from falling a little as he hoped it wasn't a letter from Mac saying she was sorry for last night. He carefully read her words.


I called the hospital and AJ is fine. He's going to be released this morning. Meredith is still watching Ty 'till noon (Bud already picked up Jimmy). Since daycare is closed today, they want to investigate the accident. I'll pick Ty up before our appointment with the lawyers.

The appointment is at 1:00, I set the alarm for 10:30. I hope you slept well and there is salad and lasagna in the fridge.


Harm was in shock and a little confused about the note. She didn't mention their night and it sounded like she was just reporting the facts to him. He folded the note back over and placed it on the nightstand. "Well, better get ready to face the music."

Thompson and Greenblatt Attorney's at Law

Georgetown, Virginia

12:50 PM

Harm sat in the conference room waiting for the lawyers and Mac to arrive. He stared at the coffee cup in front of him and wondered what he could do to convince Mac not to divorce him. He had just taken a gulp of the coffee when the door opened and Mac and Ty walked in. Ty was busy playing with the insignia on Mac's collar before the polished table caught his attention. He looked across the table, saw his father and smiled. He bounced in Mac's arms, knowing his Daddy was there.

Harm stood up and walked over to them. "Hey there, Buddy. I missed you." Harm plucked Ty out of Mac's arms.

"He missed you, too." Mac grinned as Harm gave Ty a kiss and Ty laughed.

"I think he got bigger," Harm commented when Mac sat down across from where he was sitting at the table.

Mac chuckled. "He might have. He was trying to walk on his own."

"How'd that work out?"

"Let's just be glad he's still in diapers or his little bottom would be black and blue." Mac chuckled.

Harm was about to respond, when the door opened and Eric Hyer and Darcy Giblin walked in. "We're sorry to keep you waiting." Eric smiled to his client and Mac.

"It's no problem," Mac started. "We both got here a little early."

Darcy sat down next to Mac and looked over at Harm and Ty. "Is this your son?"

"Ty meet Eric Hyer and Darcy Giblin, they're Mommy's and Daddy's lawyers," Harm said turning Ty around so he could see the two lawyers.

Eric sat next to Harm and placed the divorce papers on the table. "I don't think I've had a couple bring their child to the signing of the papers."

"Our daycare is closed today and we couldn't get a sitter," Mac informed Eric.

"We understand," Darcy said softly. She didn't want her client to be upset. Divorces were always hard on all parties involved.

Eric looked at Darcy and knew they were ready. "So what do you say we get this started?"

Harm and Mac exchanged looks and both gave Eric their attention. "Okay." Eric handed a copy of the papers to Mac and Harm. "The papers are exactly what we agreed to in the previous meetings. We didn't change anything." Mac and Harm started to read the papers to themselves.

"Once you two finish reading you can sign the official copy and the divorce will be finalized," Darcy instructed.

The words made sense to Harm, however he felt like part of his soul was being ripped out of his body. He didn't want this. He wanted Mac as his wife. But he also wanted Mac to be happy and if this is what it took, then he would give it to her. He finished reviewing his copy and looked across at Mac who was still reading. "I'm ready to sign, Eric."

"Do you have any questions?" Eric asked.

"No," Harm stated.

Eric slid the paper in front of Harm and Ty pushed it out of the way. Harm chuckled at Ty's movement from his lap. Eric slid the paper again and Ty again pushed it away this time with a laugh. Mac and Darcy looked at Ty and Harm.

"Why don't I take Ty?" Darcy offered.

Harm smiled at her and handed Ty to her from over the table. "Thank you, Ms. Giblin."

"No problem. I miss my two being this size," Darcy said as she set Ty on her lap.

Harm took a breath and looked back at the papers in front of him. Eric pointed to the places where Harm had to sign and initial. Harm scrawled his signature when he had to, each time a part of his heart broke. By the time he was finished Mac had completed reading her copy. He slid the papers in front of Mac and with Darcy's instructions, Mac repeated the same process.

Once the papers were signed, Darcy handed Ty to his mother. Mac kissed the top of his forehead and Ty settled into her chest. Harm smiled softly at the scene in front of him. Eric took the papers into his hands as Darcy collected the copies from the table.

"Well," Eric started and absently thumbed through the papers checking to make sure everything was in line. "We'll submit these and within a few..." Eric stopped suddenly. The others in the room looked up at Eric and waited for him to continue.

Eric looked at Mac in utter confusion. "Ms. MacKenzie, ummm... I think you accidentally wrote the wrong name."

Mac looked at Eric. "No, I didn't Mr. Hyer."

Eric looked at Darcy in confusion and handed the papers to Darcy, who was now standing next to him. Darcy blinked several times as she looked at all the places were Mac signed. They all were written the same. "Umm...Sarah...I think we need to talk."

Mac carefully looked up at her lawyer. "No, we don't."

Harm looked at Mac and wondered what she had done. "May I please see the papers?"

Eric and Darcy exchanged a look and Darcy handed the papers to Harm. Harm carefully looked at the place for his signature and read Harmon Rabb, Jr., before his eyes moved to the line below his and saw Mac's. A smiled threatened to cross his face as he read 'XOXOXOXO.'

He glanced up at Mac who was staring at him. "You know they can just print out a new copy."

"I know."

"What are you going to do then?" Harm asked her, hoping for a response.

Mac gave him a small grin. "I could put them in a drawer and forget about them for at least a year."

A smile started to etch itself on his face. He cleared his throat and looked at the two shocked lawyers. "Could you two please give us a few minutes to discuss this?"

Darcy and Eric weren't sure what to do, but they had a feeling they should honor his request. "Sure, we'll just be outside." With that, the two lawyers left the room.

Harm glanced across the table at the woman that sat there and waited for her to explain herself, but Mac didn't say anything. Harm crossed his arms over his chest and Mac glanced at him. She stood up and placed Ty in the corner of the room with his bag. She pulled out his blanket and a few toys. "Now you stay here so Mommy and Daddy can talk."

Ty looked up at her and then at his toys. He grinned and started moving Cere and a few blocks in his spot.

Mac walked over to Harm with her hands shaking slightly and sat down next to him. She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. "I don't want a divorce."

Harm's shattered heart started to rebuild itself. "What do you want?"

"You as my husband."

Harm closed his eyes and let her words sink into his head. He stood up from his chair and started to pace about the room. He stopped and looked at her frightened face. "When did you decide this?"

"This morning," Mac said then looked up at his face. "Last week... I don't know anymore."

Harm looked over at Ty who was playing with his toys and sat back down next to Mac. "What do you know?"

"I know I love you." A tear rolled down her cheek.

Harm gently wiped the tear away. "I love you and I want to be your husband. Can we do this?"

A smile grew across Mac's face as more tears fell. "Yes, we can."

Harm had to laugh at the circumstances. "It's going to be tough."

Mac sniffled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"We might get in trouble at JAG."

"As long as we're in trouble together I don't care."

Harm took her hands into his. He felt a shock pass through his hands and into hers, or was it the other way around. "Sarah, do you know what you're doing?"

Mac looked up into his eyes. "Yes, I'm asking the father of my child, my best friend, and the man I am in love with to stay married with me and to make it real."

"Real?" Harm questioned.

Mac removed one hand from his and reached across the table to her purse. She pulled a slip of paper out of it and handed it to Harm. Harm read the paper. It was the note he left her on her nightstand from their first time together. 'Sarah- I want it to be real. –Harm.'

Harm looked at her to say something, but Mac cut him off. "You told me, you were talking about a real marriage."

Harm smirked. "I was."

Mac sat up a little straighter. "So what do you say we give this married thing a try? Say in a year if it's not working we go come back here and sign the papers for real."

Harm glanced at the papers on the table. "No."

"No?" Mac questioned and started to get scared.

"Let's give it forty years or more." He leaned forward and captured her lips in a hard, but passionate kiss. "I've got you right where I want you; I'm not letting go of you for anything."

They kissed again. "I love you," Mac said breaking the kiss.

"I love you," Harm repeated to her as he gently kissed her again and held her close to him. They broke the kiss and looked down at their legs where they felt a little hand on each one of their legs. Ty stood there with a smile on his face, laughing at his parents. Harm picked the little boy up and set him on his lap. "Were you feeling left out?"

Ty laughed and kicked his feet. Mac kissed the top of his head and chuckled.

"What?" Harm asked.

"I was just hoping he crawled over here and didn't walk."

Harm laughed at her words. "Yeah, it wouldn't have been a good thing to miss his first steps alone."

Their hands found each other's again and fingers intertwined as for once they finally felt like everything thing was okay with them. "What do you say we go home?"

"I'd like that very much."

"We've got a lot to talk about." Harm squeezed her hand.

Mac exhaled a breath. "We sure do."

She stood up and placed Ty's things back in his bag. Harm stuffed the slip of paper into Mac's purse and stood up with Ty on his hip. He joined Mac in the corner of the room, gave her the purse and a kiss on her forehead. They both left the room at the same time.

Eric and Darcy looked at their clients and wondered what had happened. Harm looked at Mac and decided to deal with the lawyers. "We've decided not to get a divorce. We know the papers aren't official without our signatures and we would like to keep it that way."

Eric looked in shock, while Darcy just smiled. "I'll call the judge and tell him the divorce is off. You might want to stop by next week and settle any unfinished business."

"We understand." Mac smiled to Darcy. "Thank you for all your help Ms. Giblin."

Darcy shook Mac's hand. "I wish you three the best of luck."

Eric looked at his client and shook his head. "Yes, good luck."

"Thank you," Harm said before he placed his free hand on the small of Mac's back and led her down the hallway and out the door of the law offices.

Eric looked at Darcy who looked like she was about to cry. "You think they'll make it?"

Darcy sighed. "They will."

Harm and Mac's House

McLean, Virginia

4:35 PM

After leaving the lawyers Harm and Mac reached home in their separate cars and decided to talk about the big things first. They settled some problem with tears and holding each other. They also admitted this wasn't going to be easy, but they could and would do it.

Harm was lying on the hammock with Ty asleep on his chest, and Mac paced in the living room as she informed AJ about the newest development.

"Yes, Sir," Mac said before she hung up the phone. She looked at it and chuckled. "Glad I told him over the phone and not in person. He would have killed me or Harm."

She opened the sliding door from the kitchen and walked out to the hammock.

"What did AJ say?" Harm asked with his eyes closed.

"Our friend AJ is happy to hear that we are remaining married. Our boss has cleared his schedule and ours to see us first thing Monday morning."

"So he's giving us the weekend to come up with a defense."

"Yep." Mac ran her fingers over Harm's arm.

Harm opened his eyes. "Join us. There's plenty of room."

"You sure?" Mac asked.

"It's a hammock for four. Climb on."

Mac carefully sat on the hammock and slid onto it. Very quickly she was pulled against Harm's side with his free arm wrapped around her. Their faces were close together and they shared a soft kiss. Mac set her head on his shoulder and placed her hand along with Harm's other on Ty's back. Mac closed her eyes and knew this was the right thing.

Harm pulled Mac closer to him and kissed her hair. Everything was right and everything was going to work out. They silently swayed in the late afternoon August sun. The leaves moved into the trees with the light playful breeze and somewhere children could be heard laughing.

Mac sighed into Harm's shoulder and a thought occurred to him. "We need a dog."

"A dog?" Mac asked and lifted her head off Harm's shoulder.

"A dog. I think Ty would like a dog." Harm ran his hand over his sleeping son's back.

"A dog."

"Yeah. We'll get a puppy." Harm grinned. "Name him Donald, Toby, or Gonzo. What do you think?"

"A dog," Mac repeated again not believing her official husband wanted a dog.

Harm grinned at her. "Can we get a puppy, Mommy?"

Mac groaned and lowered her head back to his chest. "A dog."

Harm just chuckled and held her tighter to him. It might have been a strange, long trip to get here, but he was finally there. Happy with the world and in love with his family.

THE END...the Conclusion will follow

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