"Dragonball AS: Aftermath Saga"

Chapter 1- "The Journey"

By- Tiny

It had been four long, agonizing years since the day it happened; four years since Son Goku, the Earth's greatest hero, had simply vanished with Shenlong. Life had gone on as it should, with the people of the planet settling back into their daily routines and habits as though nothing had ever happened. For others, however, life had not gone back to normal...

"C'mon bro," Goten chuckled as he dodged a ki shot, "I know you can do better than this! Unless you've gotten soft that is..."

"I'll show you soft, Goten," Gohan growled, "Show you just how soft your face is after I'm done with it!"

Goten had changed little in the years since his father's disappearance, at least physically. He had decided to start training more after his father left with the Eternal Dragon, allowing his wild hair to grow into a style that greatly resembled Goku.

Gohan, on the other hand, had changed dramatically, both physically and power wise. His upswept black hair had grown out as he refused to cut it as often anymore, falling into the position it used to be when he defeated Cell. In addition to that, his muscles had grown so much that he had to go up a shirt size and his power was now below Vegeta only!

Goten threw his fist out to strike the older, much more experienced fighter only to find himself phase through an after image, followed up by a kick to side. Gohan smirked at his success, but felt that smirk melt away as Goten jumped back up and slammed a fist into his brothers stomach. Blood flew out of the older Saiya-jin's mouth, the pain surging through his body almost indescribable.

"See, I was right!" Goten chuckled, "You're getting soft, old man!"

Gohan immediately snapped back on the offensive, driving a knee into his younger brothers groin. Goten lurched over in agony, but had little time to dwell on that as Gohan's powerful fist slammed into the side of his head. Goten flew into the floor below, scraping some of the Gravity Room's tiles up, but soon jumped back up to attack.

"Gohan shouldn't be able to hit this hard," Goten pondered, "That is, unless...."

"Hey Goten, are you gonna just stand there all day or are we going to fight?" Gohan laughed, taunting his younger sibling to no ends.

"Oh, we'll fight alright," Goten snarled, "First, however, I want to see the full extent of your power. Only Vegeta can hit that hard at Level 2, meaning you've been holding back on me and I want to see your power NOW!"

Gohan dropped his arms to his side, smirking at his little brother in a fashion that would put even the Saiya-jin prince to shame. His cold, jade eyes glared at the younger fighter below him, wondering how he figured it out.

"Well," Gohan mused, pulling his arms up, "he DID ask for it..."

The elder brother began to draw out his power, his screams echoing off the walls of the Gravity Room and hurting his siblings ears. Goten could only watch in awe as Gohan's golden spikes of hair slowly extended further down his back. His golden aura flared out sporadically, knocking Goten back towards the wall from the sheer output of power his brother was putting off.

"I can't believe this!" Goten struggled to get out, "He's ascended!"

Gohan's screams continued to fill the Gravity Room as his golden hair finally reached the back of his knees. His eyes flashed pure white for a split second as the eyebrows seemingly melted away, completing the transformation. Gohan had reached the third level.

"Well Goten?" Gohan chuckled in a deep voice, "What do you think of me now?"

"I think we're about to be in trouble...." Goten gulped, pointing to the door of the Gravity Room.

Gohan looked back to see the door handle open, setting the gravity instantly back to one. The two hybrid Saiya-jin didn't even have time to react as they flew towards the ceiling, slamming hard into the ki resistant metal. A harsh, raspy voice laughed as the two fell back down to the ground and rubbed the tops of their heads furiously.

"And to think that you two are the spawn of the great Kakarot!" Vegeta laughed, "How pitiful..."

"A little more warning next time, huh Vegeta?" Goten whimpered, still rubbing the bump on his head.

"Maybe now you'll think next time before using my training room WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" Vegeta snapped, making both Saiya-jin wince, "Now scram! Bulma wants to see you two."

"Oh, already?" Gohan grinned, brushing his pants off, "Well then, it'd be rude of us to keep her waiting! C'mon Goten, let's go!"

Vegeta watched as the two hybrids darted out the door, hearing it slam shut behind him after they exited. Vegeta gazed up at the ceiling for a second and then powered up to SSJ status, initiating the gravity sequence. He would not be seen for the rest of the day.

"Well Bulma?" Goten grinned, bursting into the room, "Is it ready yet?"

"So, Vegeta actually got you two blockheads out of the Gravity Room when I told him to?" Bulma chuckled, "Miracles do happen..."

"Anyway," Gohan grumbled, "Goten asked a question. Is it ready?"

"It will be by the end of the week or so," Bulma grinned, "I've designed this one after the one your father used to use before Frieza. You remember, right Gohan?"

"How could I forget?" Gohan growled, "Everything about that time period is burned into my memory."

"Well, it's over now kid," Bulma smiled, "When do you guys plan on leaving?"

"As soon as possible," Goten answered, "Trunks and Ubuu said they'd come along, but this is mostly a trip for me and Gohan to get over....some issues."

Bulma nodded in acknowledgement, knowing full well what the young Saiya-jin had meant. The two boys and their father had been incredibly close before the whole incident with Bebi and such, so it was only natural that they took Goku's disappearance harder than most people.

"Are you sure you guys don't want Vegeta to go with you?" Bulma finally spoke up, "He'd be a big help with your training."

"No thanks," Gohan said warmly, "Vegeta may be the strongest on the planet with dad...missing, but that's the point of this trip. Goten and me need to prove that we're just as much Saiya-jin as he and our father are!"

"What's this about a trip, Son Gohan?" a harsh, female voice called out from the doorway, causing the Son men to turn around quickly.

There stood Videl, arms crossed over her chest in a style that would put Vegeta to shame, a scowl plastered to her face. Beside her stood the only Saiya-jin females alive, Son Pan and Bra Briefs, their tails twitching anxiously behind them.

"Well...you see...." Gohan gulped, backing away towards Bulma, "Goten and I....and....well..."

"Oh, come on Gohan!" Goten chuckled, "You're such a wimp!"

"Then would you care to explain, Goten?" Videl hissed, glaring at the younger Saiya-jin man, "Because my patience is wearing thin."

"Well, after dad disappeared, me and Gohan began to feel as though we let him down with our lack of training and decided to get stronger," Goten explained, "Ubuu and Trunks agreed and picked up in theirs as well, thus we've all been growing exponentially stronger every couple of months."

"I didn't know Uncle Goten could use such big words..." Pan snickered.

"That doesn't explain this 'trip' you're planning, Goten!"

"I'm getting to that," Goten gulped, "You see, we felt that it would be a good idea to train in space and that way we wouldn't have to worry about attracting any new evils to the planet. Make sense?"

"I guess so," Videl mused, "But who else is going on this trip with you? Vegeta?"

"No, not Vegeta!" Gohan snapped, "Trunks and Ubuu have agreed to come and we felt it better to wait and tell you."

"Well, guess again buddy boy!" Videl laughed, "Because you're going to have me tagging along, as well as the girls!"

Gohan looked down at the girls for a second, pondering Videl's rather rash decision. True, both had grown stronger since they transformed to the SSJ state a few years ago, but they were only fourteen! They had school...and chores...and....

"And nothing!" Bra suddenly snapped, "I can read minds too, you know! We're going and that's final!"

"......yes ma'am......"

"More like her father every day....."



"I didn't think so," the daughter of Vegeta smirked, "Now if you'll excuse us, Pan and I have some training to do."

That said, the two hybrid Saiya-jin left the lab, earning a chuckle from Bulma and a full fledged laugh from Videl. Right about then, Trunks came into the room from his training with Ubuu.

"Well, this is odd," the hybrid prince sighed, "What did I miss?"

"Oh boy," Gohan gulped, "This is gonna be a LONG week..."

NEXT TIME: The ship is ready and the crew is off! What new adventures await the Saiya-jin and crew as they travel the galaxy on a training mission? Who are these two new fighters and why do they seem so familiar? Find out next time!