"Dragonball AS"

An Announcement

To those who have read this story and enjoyed it, I thank you greatly, but after going over it myself and reading the reviews of those who have read it since I finally finished, I am not satisfied. Things didn't turn out the way I had wanted them too, the writing is fairly poor on my part, and the characters are, sad to say, too much alike for comfort. As such, I will soon be rewriting the whole story from the beginning before I work on a sequel of any kind, though this time each individual saga will be broken up into its own story.

This will be so that I can better elaborate on the relationships, many of which will be altered slightly or simply omitted, and to focus more on character development as the story goes. I hope this doesn't upset anyone and I once again thank those who have enjoyed DB:AS as I wrote it. See you again soon, and please give my other stories a read sometime!


P.S.: The original will stay up, just for those who enjoyed it the first time around!