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A tear slid down her cheek as he said the words she never wanted to hear. "Amy Rose I hate you! Will you just get that into your thick skull! Now stop pestering me!" Sonic shouted letting anger course through his voice. More tears slid down Amys cheeks. She turned around around and ran for life, she needed to get away. Away from all the heart brake in her life, away from Sonic. Why did I even think I had a chance, i'm just a silly girl! she thought.

She ran for god knows how long, but considering it was midday when sonic had his outburst, and it now turning dark; she must have been going for hours. Amy survayed her surroundings and saw that she was in a harbour with ships heading in and out from all directions, she saw a grimy wooden bench and sat down crying her eyes out. The tears soon stopped pouring from the pink hedgehogs eyes and were set in a glassy expression staring at the floor, she looked up from the cold grey pavement and looked at a ticket store. She had brought all her money and some clothes but that was it, she walked up to the ticket staore and bought a ticket for a ship going god knows where, she just wanted to leave as fast as she could.

Amy waited on the grimy bench looking at dock 12 hoping the ship would be here soon, and sure enough her prayers were answered. They silvery grey ferry(u know its 1 of those large ships that do criuses n stuff) pulled into the port, Amy rushed in and looked around. It wasnt a dead fancy one but it was enough to impress her, she walked up to the top deck and rested her arms against the railings looking out to see. The full moon reflected in the lapping water making it look like liquid silver, she took in a deep breath and continued her gazing.

At some poiny in her lonely staring she saw something streak across the water heading the way were the ship, all she could see was a black blur with hints a red. It reminded her of something...but what. Then it jolted through her mind faster than lighting, shadow. That word echoed in her mind, them colours, they remind me of him. He was kind to me, I wish he was still alive. A single crystle tear rolled down her cheek in slight mourning for him.

He darted across the waters with graceful speed that kept him afloat on the even waters and caused it to spray behind him, he needed to get home. After the incident he wated to stay far away from civilization, he only went there to gather supplies. The home was situated on a small island that was deserted and, as he suspected, uncharted. Only moments ago he had saw a cruise ship, that had worried him a bit. If the island was to be disturbed, he would have to go throught the bother of finding a new habitat. However he had looked up to survay the ship for a moment and saw a glimse of pink whilst rushing past the grey vessel, it reminded him oddly enough, of the girl who showed him kindness on his so-called fatal day.Amy.The name repeated itself in his head like the shouting in a cave, she was so kind to me. He apporached the island that was submerged in a thick blanket of different shades of green, though oddly enough tropical wasnt the only way to describe the island. On the other side it conained freezing tempratures and ice-glazed surfaces, he was fasinated by it.

He reached the shore and skidded to a halt causing a sand/dust trail flaoting behind him, then he walked a couple of metres into the dense rainforest sized trees and found the shelter he had biult out of chopped wood. After placing his supplies down he sat down on the swingin hammock, slowly drfting of into a dreamless sleep, like always

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