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Amy smiled in content and nuzzled into Shadows fur whilst he slept. The sun was just about to break over the horizon.

"Shadow...l think..l love-"

"l know" his voice breathed near her neck causing her to shiver. She hadn't noticed he was awake; she was saying the previous comment more to herself then him, but she guessed it was better to get things out in the open.

"l feel the same..." he said, tugging her to him more.

They both watched as the sun lit up the oceon before them, giving it a golden glow. After it had risen fully they decided to get up. As they were eating fruit and taking a morning stroll through the forest amy screamed. Shadow turned to see a snake wrapped around amy's leg.

She kept chanting to her self, "l don't like snakes, l don't like snakes, l don't-"

Before she could say another word Shadow had easily removed the snake and threw it into the distance, he looked at Amy with amusement in his ruby eyes. She frowned and was about to walk past him when he wrapped his arm's around her waist stopping her movement.

"Don't l get a thanks?" he asked pouting and Amy laughed.

"Well l'm sure l can give you a reward..." She turned around in his arm's and kissed him.

"l like this reward" he chuckled. He suddenly felt the warmth leave his lips and opened his eye's to see Amy running off giggling.

"Come on, slow poke!" She yelled back.

"SLOW POKE!?!?" he fumed.

"OH I'LL SHOW YOU SLOW POKE, AMY ROSE!" Shadow sped of and within two seconds came on level with Amy. She suddenly burst out laughing again and dropped to the floor clutching her stomach. Shadow's ear twitched in annoyance. After her laughing fit she got up off the floor and brushed the dirt of her clothes. Amy looked at Shadow's annoyed face and fought hard to keep her face straight, though she was failing miserabely.

"l think you've noticed that l'm not a slow poke by now" he said stepping forward and putting his hands on her hips. She blushed.

"Well Mr. l'm-so-brainy l thought it would have been kind of obvious that l was joking" she retorted.

"Hn" was his intelligent reply. Amy smiled; she had won the arguement-if that is what you would call it. She snuggled into the white fur on his chest and mumbled something.

"What?" Shadow inquired raising an eyebrow.

Amy repeated what she said.

"This is the life for me."


"And we can stay here forever...." She said in content.

"Together..." Shadow replied in the same tone as Amy;content.

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