Wing Commander, The Furry Conflict: Defiance

The Wing Commander Universe, and the Kilrathi, are © Chris Roberts and Electronic Arts Entertainment, I am in no way, shape, or form associated with EA or any of its subsidiaries. While the Wing Commander Universe is the inspiration for this story, it has been highly modified from its original form by the author.

VF-33rd 'Starfighters is an actual USN F-14 Tomcat Squadron retired in 1992

Sher narr Khal'Saad is © John Robinson

Zannah Lyles is © Ashley Holohan

Marcuso Xaiver is © Julius Harper

Admiral Allen Rikes and Paul van Arragon, Lieutenants Felippe Gerringer, Chaser 'Goliath' McLoude and Krystal McLoude © Shawn Tigges




OCTOBER 12th 2565AD

Lord Kalralarh Sher narr Khal'Saad let a soft, menacing rumble escape from his throat as he looked out the large observation viewports of the main command deck of the starbase he commanded. "The reports?"

A young Lahrss, probably only two-eights and three cycles old bowed, trying not to grovel. This one had backbone Sher thought as he could see the dim reflection. Better than most those that were sent to him. "The J'kra has just come into dock m'lord Kalralarh, she will be... five months in repair."

Sher let the rumble grow. "Five months?"

"Yes m'lord, and, her escorts G'rank, Fellara and the cruiser T'klar were lost as well."

"And the canine's losses?"

The lynx still did not look up but his reply was sharp quick, and strong. "Two destroyers lost, a cruiser heavily damaged, two battle-carriers lightly damaged. The system of 'New Scotland' was not touched."

Ser nearly roared at that, but he kept his raged in him, letting it fuel him. "So little damage?"

"The canines had four battle-carriers and their accompanying claws in orbit at the time to commit to action. J'kra was, lucky to survive."

"And her captain?"

"Dead m'lord, upon the order of the Crown Prince."

Sher turned, his eyes burning with rage, the strips of his tiger pattern, noble, royal marking stood out as his fur seemed to darken around them. "How?"

"He was ordered to take, Zu'kara, to atone for his failure."

"All personnel, leave the command deck," Sher's deep voice softly ordered, the tone more terrifying than any yell and the kil manning the consoles performing traffic control and sector intelligence work fled quickly, though it was against regulations to abandon the command deck. All but the Lahrss that delivered the report were gone in moments.

"That zivat!!!" Sher finally let loose with all the fury he felt. "One claw, one claw against four complete claws? An entire striking hand?"

"New Scotland is a major repair and refit station for the canine fleet m'lord. That was why the Prince ordered it attacked."

"Attacked with a single carrier claw. It had no hope of survival against such ods, and he orders her Khantahr to take Zu'kara because he did not complete objectives that were impossible."

"Lord Khantahr naar Nigita was clan Nagit'aga." The Lahrss announced evenly."

Sher rumbled. "I thought as much... zivat!!!" he cursed again. "I do not care for the fool's rivalries. I care that he uses poorly dispatched orders to detach one of my best carrier claws into a pointless battle just to rid himself of a opponent!!!" the last part of the statement came out in a furious roar.

All throughout the young officer did not flinch, or move from his position, he held a firm, but respectfully submissive stance as was required of a lower officer to his commander. "Sire, what you speak is treason."

Sher harrumphed and turned back to the view port. "Treason, no, it is only treason because that feeble old kil on the throne decreed such words against him and his family treason. They are loosing the war for us."


"It is true, the feeble old kil and his incompetent grandson are loosing this war," Sher rumbled as he walked back away from the view ports. "Gemini sector could be taken, yet they squander resources in Vega, breaking our strength against the strong fortified wall of the Confederation when there is a week gate here to be exploited," Sher announced as he looked at the holographic map of the front lines, spread across three sectors of space, what the Terrans called the Vega, Enigma and Gemini Sectors.

"'The only victory is the hardest fought victory'," the young Lahrss announced citing a passage from the Book of Sivar, the Kilrathi's most sacred of religious books. The passage was one quite popular in the courts on the Homeworld, and one quite misused. It was obvious by the tone in the young officer's voice what he felt for the Prince, and it was not a favorable tone.

"And 'The fool's plan leads to disaster and ruin'," Sher quoted his own favored passage. "Sivar dose not call for us to foolishly attack strength for strength, we need to strike hard, where they are weak," he frowned looking at the holomap, he studied it for several moments before finally pointing and tracing a line down from the frontline in Gemini. "H'grath, to Lmara, Cresena, and you take this jump, this long jump here and you destroy their 'Allentown' System's supply points, bomb the civilian manufacturing on that planet, and here, and New Berlin, and here at Troy. Destroy those three points, and New Scotland, Naval Station McArthur, and Port Sydney all fall, and without those, the confederation front in this sector crumbles, leaving their home sector open to us."

Sher concentrated on the map, looking at the small flashing lights scattered here and there, scrolling Kilrathi script announcing the ships those points represented, known positions of Terran forces. "What are our assets?"

"As I sad, J'kra will be moon cycles in repair. The Klrith, Mgyar and K'ilar claws are in port, along with the Kro'la'ath and her escorts," the last name translated literally into English as 'Rage's Hammer' though in the Kilrathi it had many more nuances. The ship served as Sher's flagship while away from the sector base. "All other claws are on station along the front."

"I want all claws available ready to sortie at the end of moon cycle. That includes all replenishment groups attached to the claws, we will win this war in spite of the Prince, and I will bring the rubble of Terra with me when I return in victory over the canines."