"Liberty you've been in the bathroom for a half hour. Are you sure you're okay? Her mother asked knocking on the door. "Yeah I'm fine. The stomach flu must be going through school." she answered getting up and wiping her mouth off. "Would you like me to call... ""No I'm better." Liberty opened the door, walking past her mother and grabbing her purse as she went out the front the door. Once she reached her bus stop she took out her planner and started counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...9...10. No way Liberty thought to herself. She had be feeling queasy for the past two weeks and now realized that she hadn't had her period in about 2 months. Her heart started pounding really fast as the bus pulled up. There's no way...we only did it once and we used a condom...didn't we?

That whole day at school Liberty kept to herself. Not talking to anyone. When the last bell rang she skipped taking her bus, instead she ran to the nearest drug store. Clutching the brown paper bag in her hand she made her way to the upstairs bathroom thankful that her mom wasn't home yet. "One line, negative. Two lines positive." She read opening the box. She had to wait 10 minutes for the results. Placing the test on the sink, Liberty walked across the hall to her bedroom. I can't be. I'm too young to have a child. She thought over and over again in head. BUZZ...The timer went off. Getting up and collecting all the courage she could muster, she made her way back to the bathroom where the fate of her future lye in the hands of a tiny piece of white plastic. Picking it up she counted to three before flipping the test over and there in the form of two bright pink lines was her answer. She: Liberty Van Zandt was indeed pregnant. Dropping the test, she slid down the wall burying her head in her knees. Tears started to fall as the realization of the situation hit. "Liberty, I'm home." Her mom called walking in the front door, causing Liberty to jump up. She grabbed the test and box throwing them away in the trash can in her room. Stopping for second she wiped the tears before running down the stairs to greet her mother. "Oh hi mom." She said trying to put on a happy front. "You look like you're feeling better." Her mother smiled at her. "Much bett...mppph" before she could finish the sudden erg to throw up hit Liberty once again and sent her flying back up the stairs.

To be continued.....

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