Forever Changed

Chapter 1


My life was forever changed by one event in my life that I'll never be able to fix. Oh, who am I, you might ask. I'm Amy Bell and this is my story…..

"Amy! Where are you! It's dinner time!" The woman caretaker of the orphanage I lived at called.

I slowly got up from where I had been sitting watching the butterflies flutter past the window and reluctantly pulled myself away from the gentle elegance that was the butterflies. What was it that fascinated me about those butterflies? I guess it was just a sense of a need to feel complete, for my life was forever changed before I even reached the age of six. Let me fill you in on what happened…..

-Start flashback-

Amy was playing outside in the yard when she heard screams coming from within her house, one of the screams was that of her dad and from what Amy heard he was in agonizing pain. A minute or two later the scream died out and Amy curious and scared poked her head out of the bush she had been playing in and crawled out from under the bush.

Just then Amy's mom ran out and seemed to be in sheer panic, "Amy run! Voldemort's here!"'

A moment after her mom screeched the words to her daughter, Voldemort grabbed her and uttered, "Avada Kedavera!

Amy's mom went limp and she sank to the ground her spirit sucked from her body. When Amy saw this she ran to the family supply shed behind her house. Amy entered the supply shed, which contained all sorts of liquids and powders and that sort of thing and in her panic she bumped some things and a couple of things fell on her which made her turn invisible. Amy crawled under a table in the shed and curled up into a ball and tried to make herself as small as she could. A few minutes later, Voldemort appeared at the shed looking for Amy so that he could finish the job he started. Voldemort looked in the shed but no one was there, he didn't see Amy because the powders that had fallen on her had rendered her invisible. Voldemort looked very frightening but Amy managed not to scream by covering her eyes and mouth so that she wouldn't be tempted to scream. Voldemort looked around the shed for a few more minutes before he gave up the hunt for little Amy. When Voldemort gave up he left the shed and took all his followers who had shown up by this point and they apparated away from the scene. The only time Amy knew that it was safe to move around again was when she heard all fourteen pops that signified that many dark witches or wizards were disapparating from the scene. Once she heard those noises Amy came out of hiding just as the ministry of magic arrived. The ministry of magic entered Amy's house and found her mother and father dead. Her mother was sprawled out in the hallway of the house and her dad was sprawled out in his bedroom on the floor.

Cornelius Fudge looked sad, "This is terrible….. I never dreamed that you-know-who would come after the Bell family. Speaking of which, where is their daughter Amy!?"

The ministry of magic now scrambled around searching for Amy. Amy dodged a ministry of magic official but then took a tumble into her little kiddy pool and all the powder washed off her.

"Here she is! Poor girl!" Cornelius helped her out of the pool and a ministry witch hurried over.

"The poor dear……" The ministry witch said as she dried Amy with her wand.

Once Amy was dry, Cornelius said, "Now, we need to find Amy a place to stay since her parents unfortunately were killed."

Amy looked sad at this news.

"I'll get on that right away." A ministry wizard said hurrying off to look for any relatives of Amy's.

While the wizard was gone the witch began playing with Amy, trying to amuse her to pass the time. The witch played with Amy for about twenty minutes before the wizard returned.

"Did you find any other relatives?" Cornelius asked.

The wizard shook his head, "No I looked through everything, she doesn't have any living relatives."

"Oh dear…… Then that means that she'll have to be put in an orphanage as much as I hate to say it……." Cornelius said not liking that they were going to have to put little Amy in an orphanage.

The ministry witch now took Amy into her house to collect her things since they had removed her parents bodies by this point in time. The ministry witch found a small suitcase that was made of a durable fabric and together Amy and the witch packed Amy's favorite toys, blankets, clothes, ect. into it. Once the bag was packed, Amy looked around her room one last time and burst into tears since she didn't want to be an orphan.

The witch came over and threw her arms around Amy and said, "Shh…… You'll find another family, though I know that's hard for you to believe right now after what's happened……"

Amy wiped her tears away and nodded sadly. The witch now picked up the suitcase and carried it downstairs while leading Amy by the hand. Once downstairs the witch took Amy back outside and back over to Cornelius.

"Ah! Here's little Amy! Now…… We must take her to an orphanage….. I think Rosery Heights Orphanage would be the best one for her…… Come on let's take her there and get her settled in." Cornelius said picking Amy up and holding her in his arms.

The witch nodded and together Cornelius and the witch apparated to the Rosery Heights Orphanage. When they arrived, Cornelius set Amy down and they all walked into the orphanage.

When they entered a plump wispy little witch with flyaway golden brown hair hurried over and asked, "Can I help you minister?"

"Uh, yes……. This little girl, Amy's her name, was orphaned by you-know-who since he killed her parents." Cornelius began.

"So you want to place her under our care is that it?" The wispy orphanage witch asked.

"If that isn't too much to ask since she doesn't have any living relatives, we already looked." Cornelius said.

"Of course, we'll be glad to care for little Amy. Now if you could fill out a few forms that would legally turn her over to the orphanage that would be greatly appreciated." The witch said while looking at little Amy.

"She looks so young!" The witch exclaimed.

"Well she is young…….. About the age of five I believe……" Cornelius said.

"I'm five….." Amy murmured softly but the witch heard it.

"Amy said that she's five, so you were correct in what you thought her age was." The witch said.

"Goodness…… I had no idea……. This is terrible….. We haven't had to deal with this sort of thing since you-know-who killed Harry's parents about thirteen years ago." Cornelius said.

The witch nodded and then scurried off to get the forms and she returned with them shortly.

"Okay I need you to fill these out." The witch said when she returned

Cornelius nodded and filled out the form but paused when the form asked for Amy's birthday.

Cornelius looked at Amy and asked, "Amy what's your birthday?"

"April 20th……." Amy replied softly.

Cornelius nodded and jotted that down in the proper place on the form. A few minute later it was all down and Amy was now officially under the care of the Rosery Heights Orphanage.

Now that it was done, the wispy witch led Amy off into the orphanage while Cornelius and the ministry witch watched for a minute sad that this had to happen to such a sweet little child. They now left the orphanage to see about getting other matters concerning the attack on her parents taken care of.

-End flashback-

That's what happened, I'm now ten now and I'll my first year of school at Hogwarts this year. In fact I'm supposed to leave for school tomorrow, all my things are packed that the orphanage bought me, though most of my stuff is second hand but it fits well enough so I really don't mind. The books are battered but are still legible, though quite a few of my other necessities are new. I've never been given a gift in my life since I came to live at the orphanage except for new clothes and that sort of thing that I wouldn't exactly call a "present".

"AMY! Hurry up! Your dinner's getting cold!" The woman called again.

"Coming!" I called back picking up my pace and hurrying to the dinner table.

By the time I got there many of the people were through eating but I paid no notice to this and went to my place and the woman placed my dinner in front of me.

"Go on, eat up and enjoy." The woman said.

I nodded and carefully ate my meal according to the lessons in table manners the orphanage had schooled me on when I was younger. About fifteen minutes later I finished my meal and my plate was whisked away and I got up and walked back up to my room, ignoring the taunts and jeers of my so-called "friends" that always made fun of me for some reason or another I have never totally comprehended. I reached my room and looked at my trunk happily because many of the kids that teased me were still too young to go to Hogwarts yet so it would be a relief to get away from them and learn something new for a change that they didn't already know. I quickly got ready for bed and climbed into my bed and settled down holding my teddy bear my parents had given me for my fifth birthday before they died tightly. Still thinking on what was to come, I let myself drift off into wonderous sleep.