Disclamer: Is it so wrong to want something as beautiful as Wish? NO IT'S NOT! However I don't make the rules, and sadly sniffI don't own it. Anyway this fic is about Koryu reflecting on Kohaku

Koryu/Kohaku all the way!!!

You've been waiting for me haven't you?

You stand there oblivious to my presence and yet you wait patiently. I wonder if I should make myself known, but then decide against it.

I used to think you were stupid, did you know that? But you're just naïve, you can't see what I feel. You showed me what true stupidity was, 'cause it took me so long to see my own feelings, when they're mine.

I should hate you.

But I don't.

You and I are like black and white. We don't go together, so why do I feel this way? Why do you torture me by just being here? Why do you wait when there are others waiting for you? Like him.

I'm not jealous...And no I'm not in denial.

I just have to keep saying that until I believe it.

I'm not jealous of him. I'm not jealous of the relationship the two of you lead. I'm not jealous when he can hold you, and I can't. I'm not jealous of the way the two of you look at each other. There's no way I can be jealous of the lovely dovely Kohaku and her lover Shi-chan.

I'm a Devil for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

The wind blows through your shiny blond hair. You seem content. Why are you waiting for someone who has been your personal bully since, since forever? Why are you waiting for me, when you should be in his arms?

Why do you care?

Is it because you're an angel? Probably. Is it because there's no possible way you can hate someone? Likely.

Or could it be...Nah

You're so predictable, that's why I like it when we fight. 'Cause when you finally lose control, you're so you. When you cry, it makes me want to help you, even though I cause the problem. And when I watch you sleep, (though no one knows it) you look so innocent, for you are innocent.

You look at the time and sigh. You sat on the ground and put your head on top of your arms. Did you just whisper my name or was it just my imagination?

Could there be chance between us? Could there be? Maybe. I think I'll stop denying. I think love you. It's so hard not to. And just like you're waiting for me...

I'll wait too until you see that I'm here.

I sneak up behind you. This is my favorite part. "kohaku," I coo in your ear while grabbing you around the waist. "Koyru!" you gasp. "Got ya," I said and grin, "waiting for me?" You blush and mutter something. I hope I'm not too impatient, but I can't help it.

Waiting for you might take shorter than I expected.

Come on isn't that cute?

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