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Spirit of the Veela

Eight: Holding It Together

By: Roslyn Drycof

As Dumbledore did not wish for Voldemort to learn of Harry's increased powers that came along with being a Veela, the incident in the Defense classroom was explained away by a misfired spell during an illicit duel between the two rivals, causing them to be bonded for a week. This excuse also covered up the two Veelas need for constant contact. All involved thought it was a wonderful idea…

…except for the Veelas concerned. Two nights later, while curled up on their gorgeous bed, the two were talking in hushed voices about their situation. "Potter, don't get offended, but I think Dumbledore is an ass."

Harry pressed against his Mate's side, nuzzling his head against the blond's muscled shoulder. "Hmmm. I agree, actually."

To say that Draco was surprised would be an understatement. "I thought you were his Golden Boy."

Harry's sides shook as he laughed, slinging his arms around Draco's middle. "All part of the mask. Sure, I follow him because he is my mentor. But I don't agree with half his manipulations and wish he'd just fucking let me live my life the way I want to, but well…as you can see, it's not possible."

Draco slid down the bed until he was nose to nose with the green-eyed Gryffindor. He really didn't like what Dumbledore's plan called for. To not show their bond in public? To pretend to be enemies again once this blissful week was over? To hide the utter beauty of their Mating, as if it were a shameful thing? How could Dumbledore ask this of him? Sure, he had hated Potter the week before. And yes, they had only bonded earlier that day. But in that short amount of time, he'd completely and utterly bonded his body and soul to the Gryffindor. His heart, he still kept as his own, but he knew that soon even that would be the other boy's as their bond grew even further. "And why isn't it possible?" he asked, his voice a mere whisper.

His Mate took a shuddering breath at the accompanying emotions that flooded his mind at Draco's words. Contentment at their bond. Lust. Satisfaction. Bliss. And it was all mixed with insecurity and fear at the strains Dumbledore's plan would place on them.

They were all things Harry felt himself, and he swallowed harshly. "Draco . . . I . . we . . . how? Dumbledore is right about it being best to keep my new powers secret. I don't want to hate you in public, but what else could we do?"

Draco suddenly pressed his mouth against his, his tongue sweeping across his lower lip, seeking entrance. Harry gave it, and blissful heat spread through them. After a moment, though, Draco pulled away and whispered, "I want to do that to you in front of everyone. I need to make sure everyone knows you're mine. Can't we use the excuse of a misfired bonding spell to start a "relationship"? It wouldn't have anything to do with being Veela if we just pretended to be normal teenagers shagging each other."

The pleading in his voice shook the Gryffindor, and Harry gripped Draco in a fierce hug. "I don't know. Do you think everyone would believe us having a relationship? We were enemies last week."

"Bonding spells are known to do strange things to people. Please? I know you want this as much as I do. You know how much it's going to hurt to deny our Mating!" Draco did not know why he was being so emotional over this, because usually he was so strong, but for some odd reason he couldn't bear to think of denying their relationship. They were Mates, as good as married, for fuck's sake! They shouldn't have to hide that!

Abruptly, Harry rolled over, dragging the Slytherin on top of him. He wrapped his long legs around Draco's waist, and murmured, "Yes. We'll do it."

His breath whispered against Draco's sensitive ear, and Draco shuddered. Hot fire licked his skin and he felt a fierce urge to take his Mate, an urge almost as strong as the day before. This time, though, he was completely coherent. A true Malfoy smirk settled on his face as he looked down at Harry, just before he pressed himself fully against the other boy. It was a good thing they weren't wearing any clothes or they would've been torn to shreds in moments.

Harry moaned as Draco's hard erection pressed between his legs and he shifted uncomfortably, wanting that burning hot length to be buried inside of him. "Take me, now."

Draco chuckled, his left hand taking hold of his Mate's arousal. "Are you sure?"

"Gods, yes! Do it now!" the raven-haired boy moaned, shutting his gorgeous emerald eyes.

The sound of that moan was enough to send Draco straight into the land of incoherence, and he proceeded to do exactly as his beautiful Mate wanted.

Both boys stayed true to their intention to not hide their relationship, and even after the week ended, they continued to shock, stun, and otherwise disturb people with displays of "affection". Affection being an understatement, of course, as the two ex-rivals were often caught in highly compromising positions.

Of course, the Daily Prophet had to have something to say about their relationship, and it wasn't in a good light.

Boy Who Lived and Malfoy Heir Involved In A Torrid Affair: Indication of Savior's Falling to the Dark Side?

It has been reported by several that within the wall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that a torrid sexual affair is being carried out. The two involved are none other than the prophesized savior of the wizarding world, Harry Potter, and the wealthy Draco Malfoy, son to the notorious Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius is currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban for his role in an attack on the Department of Mysteries last June.

The affair between Potter and Malfoy is viewed, on all sides, as highly suspicious and quite disturbing. It began last week as the result of a misfired spell during a duel between the two rivals. The misfired spell twisted and turned into a highly reactive bonding spell, bonding the two for a week. But, it appears that the spell was merely a catalyst in bringing the two nemeses together, as they show no signs of halting their blatant affair.

Malcom Baddock, a resident of Slytherin House, told us at the Daily Prophet that, "Potter and Malfoy display their disgusting relationship everywhere. A person can't walk ten feet without catching sight of them snogging or worse."

It has also been speculated that the Malfoy heir is indeed tempting the Boy Who Lived with Dark Magic, as displays of Potter's impressive temper have been occurring more and more often. Indeed, both teenagers' tempers have been exploding violently quite often, and it is common knowledge that those who immerse themselves in the Dark Arts quickly lose themselves to their anger and other darker emotions.

We at the Daily Prophet wonder if all hope for the wizarding world is now dimming as our one hope at defeating the growing evil of the Death Eaters is falling prey to the lure of a known Death Eater's son and the Dark Arts.

The morning that particular article was displayed, Harry proved the Daily Prophet to be right in one aspect. He blew up. The newspaper burst into flame, and he stalked from the Great Hall in a fury. As soon as he was away from the gaping eyes of the students gathered for breakfast, a torrent of wind surrounded him and a pair of magnificent emerald wings tore through his shirt and robe.

"Harry,STOP," his Mate shouted from behind him. Shutting his eyes in rage at how easily his body obeyed the command, he growled.

Draco caught up to him, and although he was just as furious as the Gryffindor, he at least possessed some common sense. "Do you want them to see your wings? Do you want them to realize that we are not having a torrid affair and are actually Mated? Do you?"

The raven-haired boy clenched his fists, knowing his Mate was right. The wind spiraling around him ceased, and his wings disappeared. His hair falling messily around his face, he stared at the ground. Tears welled up, unbidden. "Why do they say things like that? I give up everything for them, and yet they persist in saying I'm turning dark. Why can't they believe that not everything I do has something to do with the Dark Arts or Voldemort or even just magic?"

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry, the urge to comfort him almost overwhelming. "Because they don't understand you. And what people don't understand, they fear."

Harry's knees gave out from under him and his mate had to tighten his hold on him or else he'd have fallen to the hard ground. His hair falling into his face, Harry whispered, "I don't want to be feared. I just want to be accepted."

The anguish in his voice was palpable and Draco felt his heart contract at the blatant misery. Gathering the raven-haired boy in his arms, turning so that the weeping veela faced him, he murmured, "I accept you. The important ones in your life accept you. Everyone else doesn't matter."

Silence reigned for a few minutes, but finally Harry straightened, wiping the tears from his face. "You're right. But Merlin, I'm such a weakling!"

"No, you're not," Draco told him, placing a gentle kiss on Harry's temple.

"Yes I am! Why else would I react like this? Crying over this shit that I should've gotten used to before? Hell, I did get used to it! Why am I acting like this now, damnit?!" Harry ranted, slapping his palms against the stone wall of the corridor and bowing his head so that his hair shielded his face.

Draco frowned and stared at his Mate contemplatively. Harry was right. While he still managed to get riled up over the slanderous articles, crying had never once been a result. Draco's eyes narrowed in on the raven-haired boy's abdomen.

He immediately shook his head, banishing the thought. While Granger's warning about how quick to conceive male Veelas were worried him, he truly didn't believe that it was so simple. He turned his mind to thinking of a way to distract Harry from his tortured thoughts, and a mischievous grin began to curve his lips.

Silently, he came up behind the Gryffindor and breathed hotly against the back of his neck, his arms sliding around the other boy to rest on his hips, his fingertips mere inches from the part of him that Draco absolutely loved. Harry tensed, and that part of him so close to Draco's touch rose until the tip brushed the blond's long fingers.

Draco nuzzled against the back of his lover's neck, settling his hips against Harry's backside. A gasp fell from Harry's lips as he felt the burning arousal pressed so close to where he never ceased wanting it. He arched his back, pushing his hips back towards Draco. His arms raised to twine around the slender blond's neck and he tilted his head to the side so that Draco's breath coasted against the sensitive skin just below his ear. Draco obligingly flicked out his tongue to lick the sensitive spot and Harry shivered lightly. The Slytherin repeated this action, following it by whispering hotly, "Want to skive off Transfigurations?"

Harry shut his eyes tightly, pressing himself further against his mate and lover. "We shouldn't," he rasped, grinding his backside against Draco's burning arousal. Draco chuckled, tightening his grip on the brunet. "You're right. But we're going to anyway."

With that, the blond aristocrat moved away from him and swung the other boy into his arms. Harry was no lightweight, but Draco easily managed hold him, grinning at the yelp of protest that he immediately made. "Draco! I'm not some girl who can be carried like this!"

Draco didn't respond; instead, he increased his pace and tightening the grasp he had on the wriggling form in his muscled arms. He nuzzled Harry's neck, and although the Gryffindor persisted in his complaints, Draco sensed his capitulation as the sounds became softer and broken with breathy gasps.

Harry was so easy to manipulate sometimes, the Slytherin thought with a soft smile curving his lips.

Three weeks of relative peace passed. More articles were printed, but Harry made his best effort to ignore them. He usually succeeded, although several times Draco would catch him with tears in his eyes. Those tears usually led to mind-blowing sex sessions, since Draco absolutely hated seeing his Mate torn up in any way.

Harry loved that Draco distracted him, but it also hurt. He didn't want to have to be distracted. He didn't want to be so weak. He hated it, hated the way the smallest thing could hurt him. How could Draco stand being around him when all he seemed to do was cry, or at least want to cry?

His tumultuous thoughts bothered him frequently, and as such were swirling about his mind as he made his way to Care of Magical Creatures on a sunny October day. Draco was giving him frequent sidelong glances as they made their way to the group of students standing in the clearing where class was typically held. However, he said nothing and Harry was glad. He didn't want to try to explain.

They arrived at the grassy clearing just as Hagrid exited the forest, a broad grin on the half-giant's rugged features. Harry hoped that grin did not mean something dangerous, like the time he'd surprised them with blast-ended skrewts. Or the time he'd introduced those creatures Harry couldn't quite remember the name of, but had been rather unpleasant with their sharp claws and spikes, and their poisonous teeth.

It was with a sigh of relief, shared by the rest of the Gryffindor-Slytherin class when a unicorn emerged from the trees. Harry stared at the majestic creature, instantly remembering his first year of school and the unicorn he'd seen Voldemort drinking from. He shivered, his emerald eyes clouding over slightly.

"Gather 'round! I got a treat for ye t'day. This 'ere is Elian, th'queen of th'herd we got livin' 'ere in th'forest," Hagrid's voice boomed.

The class shuffled closer, drawn not by his summons, but by the gentle beauty of the equine being shaking her silvery mane with a soft huff. Her horn glittered in the sunlight, and Harry felt entranced by it. A unicorn's horn held great magic, much of it shrouded in mystery to the wizarding world.

Hermione came up beside Harry, her eyes glittering with excitement. "Unicorns rarely venture near humans. They disdain the way many wizards abuse their gift of magic. Did you know the myth about their dislike of virgins actually has some truth to it?"

A snort came from Harry's other side, where Draco stood with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. "I guess that means I and Potter here will just have to stay away then, won't we?"

Harry flushed and sent an embarrassed glare his Mate's way.

Hermione's lips twitched, belying the fact that she was trying to hold back a smile. "Ah yes, typically that would be the case. However, I said that the myth only has some truth. While unicorns do generally like virgins better, it's because they are usually more pure, although that is not always the case as a virgin can just as easily practice Dark Magic as a non-virgin."

"Been practicing any Dark Magic lately, Malfoy?" Ron taunted, although the taunt held little heat. While he and Draco had not become great friends, they had come to a truce because neither were willing to lose Harry over their enmity. To everyone's surprise, the two actually enjoyed sparring words, turning their hostility into a competition of who could get the better hand.

Draco's smirk intensified, and Harry mentally groaned. What would be coming out of that gorgeous mouth now? "Unfortunately, I've been otherwise detained doing other, more pleasurable things…unlike a certain ginger and muggleborn here."

Harry choked, his flush intensifying. His face wasn't the only one reddened, as both Hermione and Ron were sporting rather impressive blushes as well. "M-malfoy!" Hermione spluttered her gaze purposefully nowhere near her boyfriend.

The frenzied whispering of the class distracted the foursome and they turned to find Elian standing mere feet from them. She had her head tilted and her gaze on Harry and Draco, as if she were considering them. Her nose twitched, and a huffing noise emitted from her mouth.

Harry stared at her, feeling the urge to run his hands across her glossy, silver-white coat. It glistened, and he could feel the power lying just underneath the surface. His eyes flicked to her horn, and they flared as he literally smelled the power radiating from the pointed extension.

"Beautiful," he breathed, taking a step forward. She didn't move, and let him run a single hand along her flank.

Draco frowned as he saw his Mate pet the unicorn queen. He felt the same urge to go to her, but resisted. From what he knew, unicorns were alluring to wizards but they did not provoke such a strong reaction. He felt almost entranced, scenting the powerful magic that coursed through her. She was powerful.

Vaguely, he remembered a paragraph from a book on Veelan history he'd read the week before. Although not much is known about Veelan culture, as they are a private race, unicorns have been rumoured to be their companions during times of war, and mounts when flying was impossible or ill advised. It is thought that unicorns can lend Veela power from the vast quantity contained in their horn.

Well, he mused, this could be a good thing. The unicorn's obvious liking of them would help dispel the rumors of Harry turning to the Dark Arts, and that in turn would help improve Harry's mood greatly. It frustrated Draco to see Harry so affected by the slanderous articles.

Of course, there was a disadvantage to this. By rights, if he and Harry were your average wizard, the unicorn would not be currently letting Harry so close to her, touching her. Hermione was correct in saying that while unicorns did not actively dislike non-virgins, they generally did not feel comfortable enough around them to let them so near, unless of course they had met before the loss of virginity. It was hard to gain a unicorn's trust, since they were such pure creatures hunted for the power of their horn and blood.

Draco stepped forward and raised a hand to her muzzle, caressing her jaw lightly. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "Elian, beautiful queen, while I am joyous of the honor of being so near to your purity, it is not seemly that we, as mere mortals, be given it."

He hoped that she caught the stress he'd put on "mortals". Unicorns were brilliant creatures, but his words had been vague in case one of their classmates was close enough to hear him.

Suddenly, a soft presence filled his mind, infusing it with light. If your wish is to hide your true nature, then I will comply for the time being.

Draco nodded in gratitude, running his fingers through her silky mane. "Thank you."

In exchange, I would like you and your beautiful Mate to join alliances with my herd. The war is coming, and the ties between our races needs to be reaffirmed.

A laugh issued from Draco's mouth. So, even pure creatures weren't above bargaining their favors. "We are only two, my lady," he protested, raising an eyebrow.

Her ears twitched. And of royal lineage, with untapped powers we can help bring forth. Don't underestimate yourself. Now, promise to visit and I'll go bother some of those disgustingly dark things among your House.

"We will," he murmured, stepping away with a wistful quirk to his lips.

She tossed her head, and spun around. As she trotted over to a cluster of Slytherins Draco knew were pretty much Death Eaters in training, laughter trickled through Draco's mind. You might want to rethink your counting, Draconis.

Even after her presence left him, Draco stared after her. His counting? What could…oh fuck. No.

Silver eyes raked down his Mate's toned form, searching for anything that may be different. Nothing was visible, and he let out a breath. Impossible. She had to be toying with him. Yet, he frowned, while unicorns might be bargain their favors, they did not lie or trick people. It wasn't in their nature to be anything but honest.

Harry suddenly swayed, swinging an arm up to grab Draco's shoulder so he wouldn't fall. Draco immediately wrapped an arm around him, steadying him. "What's wrong?"

The raven-haired boy took a steadying breath. "I don't know. I just suddenly felt dizzy. I think I'm okay now, though."

Draco wasn't okay, however. Wrapping his arm around his Mate had meant curling his fingers around his side, and those fingers had felt something that sent a cold chill through him. Harry's abs weren't flat. It was only a slight rounding, but having become intimately knowledgeable about every part of the emerald-eyed Veela's body, it was new. It was also warm, warmer than it should be. He knew exactly what that meant, having devoured several books on Veelan pregnancy once Granger had scared him with her pronouncement three weeks ago.

The third week of pregnancy, the womb started emanating heat as it drew magic from the mother, causing frequent spells of vertigo.


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