Hey again guys Inuyashas-girl23 here! Im kinda reediting my story a bit, to make it a little longer and to shorten the chapters.

Demonic Lust

This searching and searching for her was beginning to get annoying. Everywhere he looked she wasn't there. He would catch a whiff of her scent and his powerful nose would seek it out, only to heave him with a cold trail by the end of it. The irony of it all was that the luscious scent led him back to the old Well. Soon the memories would come back always followed by the lust for blood and for her. He would deal with the blood lust first because it was easy to satisfy that kind of lust. All he had to do was so find some lost soul in the forest and kill them. Allowing the blood to soothe his senses, only problem that frequently occurred was not letting himself get carried away and kill more. Unfortunately it was proving to be easier said then done, he could kill and entire village and still not be satisfied. But her scent and his thirst for her, well that he couldn't do anything about that.

His craving for her was becoming unquenchable and he was growing tired of it. He ran silently towards the forest. The blood. The blood in his veins was crying out to him: kill! Silently he would obey. Though he didn't like being pushed around by the small voice inside his head. He always tried to fight it but it always resulted in a lost cause, mainly for him. Sometimes he could hear the small voice laughing at him. He grinned allowing the pale moon's light to reflect of his whitened fangs. He found someone. At last, the blood hounding in his head was beginning to irritate him. It was a young woman. Perfect. Unbeknownst to him he had developed at craving for a young woman's blood. Today was his lucky day. She seemed to be picking herbs of some kind and was oblivious to his creeping up behind her. She must have felt his presence because she whipped around and her eyes widened in surprise. He smiled at her and grabbed her throat. Lifting her like a doll, he brought her to meet his emerald-ruby eyes.

As he was about to plunge his claws into her stomach he saw something in his eyes that reminded him of his lost love. The young woman's eyes were brown, like hers and the seemed to hold the same kind of compassion, love and care. Something in his mind clicked and he released her. She fell to the ground and scrambled away. Watching her run he grasped the sides of his head in pain. Searing pain. It felt like his skull was splitting. He wanted it to end, so he ran. Ran to the only place where the pain seemed to be eased. No matter if it was in his head or in his heart, the old Well. He stopped at the decayed walls and growled.

Griping the edge he felt the rotten wood snap under his force. He was now allowing the old memories to come to him. Her laugh, her scent, her care and her longing to be near him, to stay with him. The Well needed to open soon; after all she was the only one that could do it. Please come back Kagome, I need you, and I bet anything that you need me to. I wont hurt you; I'll control myself, just please come back to us, to me. I love you. He leaped into the God Tree and waited. The only thing he seemed to remember well.

"Good morning everyone, welcome to another week. Its now 6:15 am on Monday March the 5, the weather right now is..." the boring metallic voice was cut short by the button marked 'snooze,' and then was shut off permently by slender fingers, which quickly disappeared under the pale blue blanket.

"Kagome you need to get up now!" a voice traveled through her door and she sighed. Why get up? Because she had school, it had been the same routine now for almost three months. You think that she would be used to it by now, but all she could think about was him. She felt fresh tears in the corner of her eyes and sighed. She really needed to pull herself together. There was no room for tears. Kagome dragged herself from the security of her bed and to her closet door. He could be dead. He could be laying somewhere dying! He could be in Hell! He could be slaughtering innocent people right now! Kagome pulled open her closet doors and pulled out a fresh jade skirt. Her mind could not shake those terrible ideas. As she pulled out a shirt her eyes fell to the slices in the side, claw marks.

She kept trying to convince herself that it was an accident due to lack of control. But somewhere in her head she knew it wasn't. He had done it to her, not even one minuet after he had made his wish. She desperately wanted to know what was going through his head before the change, during the change and what had possessed him to strike her. First it had been under her right eye. She had fled. She needed to get home. But he was faster then her even with the adrenalin flowing in her veins. She made it, but the glory was short lived, for he had secured a strong grip in her waist and held her close.

She scrambled to get away. That seemed to anger him so he slashed her. Right in the side, she was more shocked then anything else running through her mind. She saw him sniff the air of her blood, his face fell and when he looked up again Kagome thought she saw his warm golden eyes full of tears, but as she blinked she was saddened to find out that they were once again emerald ruby. Then he pushed her into Well. He shouted something, but Kagome was falling unconscious due to her wound inflicted by him to hear what it was. When she did wake up she was gazing up at an old wooden ceiling. Climbing out to be greeted by a half moon. Well at least he didn't have to worry about being human anymore.

"Kagome you're going to be late, hurry up!" the voice pried Kagome from her darkened thought and she shook her head. Maybe she would try the Well this weekend; after all she missed everyone so much. Setting the abused shirt down she pulled out another silently making a vow never to rid herself of it. Running downstairs she quickly said goodbye to her mother and slipped on her shoes. Opening the door and giving a quick squeak as rain pelted down on her she sighed. How could she have missed the weather report? Ah yes she had shut off her clock. Kagome sighed she could already tell this was going to be a week from hell.

Finally the bell chimed its final call, to signify the end of a hard and long week. As students piled out into the narrow halls voices piped from each corridor. The sounds of lockers opening and shutting, books being thrown in and backpacks being zipped up echoed everywhere. Students eagerly ran out the main doors to meet with friends and discuss the weekend plans. Kagome glanced over her shoulder as dumped exercise books and her shoes into her locker. She really didn't want to see anyone right now. She felt like she could not pretend to be herself. Because she wasn't, the event three months ago had changed her, changed everyone. Focusing her melancholy gaze in her locker she zipped up her backpack and slammed her locker shut. It must have been louder then intended because everyone surrounding her stared. Embarrassment flooded her cheeks and she grinned nervously. Man did she have stored anger in her. Of course she would, after months, years traveling with her friends she never thought that Inuyasha would actually do it. After all he had only asked to see the jewel, he said he wanted to see how much more they had to go.

Kagome slung her bag over her back and began to walk aimlessly towards the gates of this torture school.

So she gave it to him, after all she trusted him. But a sly smile grazed his beautiful features, too bad Miroku, Kirara and Sango left for extermination in the next village and Shippo was with Kaede healing a sick child. Maybe if they were there they could have helped her fend him off. But he looked up at her moments before the change.

Kagome walked onto the stone stones that were placed in front the school.

His eyes were apologetic before they filled with the colour of blood. Instantaneously, as soon as Kagome came outside, rain poured from the skies. Why does everything bad happen to me? Kagome stared ahead as the students ran on forward trying to seek shelter. Kagome slowly trudged through the cold rain and through the deep puddles. Soon her ebony hair stuck to her face. With out herself even knowing it, she had begun to cry. Why am I doing this? I promised myself that I'd get over it. But-but I cant. I need to see my friends, and I need to see him.

But he betrayed you

But I still...

You still what? The voice in her head almost laughed at her.

I still...still love him

You're pathetic. You know that?

I'm also weak and defenceless, but that's not the point

Then what is? The voice was firm; Kagome never knew that kind of firmness was available in her voice.

That I love him, I told him I always would, no matter what path he chose

You actually said that you would always be there for him, I remember

Kagome felt her face fall into a sad smile as the shadow of herself pointed out that crucial fact. Turning another corner Kagome walked up the sloppy stairs to her Shrine and the place that brought back painful memories. All the lights were off and she neared her haven. She directed her gaze to the Well House and smiled firmly. She could no longer run from the past haunting her dreams. She would not run from him. She had friends there that she would see, after all, if she closed up the Well then she as sure as Hell open it again. She set her wet bag down once was inside.

Carefully she descended down the cherry wooden stairs and abruptly stopped in front of the open spot and smiled with determination. She set her fan open palmed facing the Well and summoned all of her spiritual powers she could convene up. She felt pure energy flow through and be conveyed as pale blue bolts that flowed straight for the Well. Kagome felt like she needed to rest, to call off the bountiful energy that coursed through her veins. But she wanted so badly to see Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara and Kaede again. And Inuyasha? Her mind asked. Yes I suppose him too. She conjured up more strength and propelled it to the Well. Then her energy was cut short. Kagome fell to her knees gasping for breath and feeling the sweat pour from her temples.

Did it work?

Only one way to find out...

Kagome shakily got up and looked over the Well sides. Darkness greeted her followed by and eerie silence, broken only by the pounds of rain hitting the roof. Kagome put one foot on the Well side and leapt in.

Please work. Let me go back!

His head shot up from the cool refuge of the lake where he was. She was close he could practically taste her. He brought his bloodied hands out of the river and looked at them. They were going to have to wait, his latest victim had only been a child but children, as he discovered, sure had a lot of blood. He shook them at his sides and began to run where her luscious scent dragged him. And he knew where she was going. How he couldn't wait to see her shocked face again. Hummm, what would she say about the blood that covers my hands?