Inuyasha looked up from a top the roof he was sitting on and jumped down. It was getting dark pretty rapid. They had to leave rather fast in order to make it. Just as he jumped down Kagome came out of the hut with Taro and Shizuka cradled in her arms. Shizuka seemed to have the hiccups from crying. Taro was fast asleep. Only after a few weeks since his pups had been born, Kagome was up all night with them. Kagome smiled a bit sighed.

"I finally got Shizuka quiet." Kagome sighed.

"We should go, it's getting darker." Inuyasha looked behind Kagome's shoulder and he picked up Shizuka from Kagome, Taro clung to Kagome's shirt. She nodded.

They walked in silence, each enjoying the quiet bliss. Inuyasha looked once more at Shizuka. His daughter. Strange, even after almost three weeks the idea of him being a father, felt strange to him, he still couldn't accept it. He looked at Kagome who ran her thumb over Taro's cheek. He grabbed it and she smiled.

"I'm still kinda scared." Kagome looked up at him with saddened eyes. Her eyes travelled to the forest surroundings. Inuyasha looked at what she was staring at but found nothing. Is she anxious too?


"That I'll wake up, and this will only be a dream." Kagome smiled sadly. If that were the case, Kagome would have to curse above for making her feel so happy.

"This is no dream Kagome," Inuyasha stated and he made Kagome's gaze fall upon Shizuka. "She's our pup, Taro too. They are ours Kagome."

"I know, it just, feels strange, I guess."

"That's not all that's worrying you." Inuyasha smirked

"What are you talking about?"

"C'mon I've known you for three years, I think I know when something is bothering you." Inuyasha stated matter of factly. He hated this night.

"My mom is home." Kagome answered

"So? The problem would be?" When he didn't get an answer from Kagome, it told him that she was still worried. "I thought you said that she changed her mind?"

"She did. But she's still my mother, I know she hasn't exactly forgiven me." Kagome thought back to the night she and Inuyasha had first told her that Kagome was pregnant.

"Ya well when you visited her she seemed-…" Inuyasha stopped and looked behind him

"What is it?" Kagome whispered feeling nervous.

"Take Shizuka." Inuyasha handed over his daughter to Kagome and moved in front of her. He could have sworn he heard something. Sure his hearing might be dimming, but he still knew when he heard something. His eyes darted around the forest and he felt that time would stand still if he didn't hurry up. After a few minuets of hearing nothing more, Inuyasha turned around and shook his head.

"Must have been my imagination," Inuyasha said with a hint of anger in his voice. "Let's get into the Well fast. Keep the pups safe." Kagome nodded and held Taro and Shizuka closer to her. Inuyasha walked a little way behind Kagome just to make sure it was safe and he couldn't have felt more relived when he saw the Well. Kagome was standing there waiting for him, he approached her and he sighed.

"C'mon let's get in." Inuyasha moved his arm around her waist and lifted her in.

Once they had felt the five hundred years pass, Inuyasha jumped out of the Well with Kagome. As he opened the Well doors he noticed that her house was shrouded in darkness. Strange, whenever he visited there was always someone home.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha turned around who noticed that Shizuka was starting to cry again.

"Inuyasha can you take Taro please?" Inuyasha moved forward and took the still sleeping Taro from Kagome. He shifted into a more comfortable position in Inuyasha's arms. Kagome started muttering quietly to Shizuka.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha tried again and she looked up.

"Ya?" Kagome looked at Inuyasha and she smiled. He knew that smile. He sighed. The sun had set, perfect.

"There's no one home." Inuyasha took another look. Nope there wasn't anyone.

"What? No one's there?" Kagome moved to his side and looked herself. "Okay, so we have the house to ourselves." Kagome smiled at him. They crossed the shrine courtyard and stopped in front of the house door. Kagome tried to open the front door but the handle wouldn't turn. She sighed. Now where was the key?

"What's wrong?"

"It's locked." Kagome closed her eyes and bent down, she moved the prickly mat and saw a flash of silver. She picked it up and stood up. Inuyasha watched her stuff the sliver into the lock and twist it to her left, the door opened. She took the sliver out and walked inside.

The house was dark and uninviting. Kagome flipped on some lights and Inuyasha watched her go into the kitchen. Following her, Inuyasha saw her bending over the counter reading a piece of paper.

"So, where are they?" Kagome turned around and shook her head.

"They went out for a bit. Doesn't say when they'll be back."

"I see."

"C'mon, my room." Kagome used her free hand to tug on Inuyasha's sleeve and he followed her. He felt a tug on his rosary and he looked down. Taro was still asleep but his small fist had reached out and clasped the rosary and yanked down. Inuyasha smiled absently. Kagome looked back and she smiled at the top of the stairs.

"Looks like he likes the rosary as much as I do." Kagome opened her bed room door and smirked

"Don't push your luck." Inuyasha growled and walked inside. Kagome shut the door behind him. Kagome sat down and cradle the still sniffling Shizuka. Inuyasha sat down beside her. He put his free arm around her and she leaned in.

"Three weeks." Inuyasha muttered and kissed Kagome's head.

"Ya." Kagome mused and yawned a bit.

"You're tired." Inuyasha said.

"A bit." Kagome admitted then smiled.

"Then get some sleep." Inuyasha said forcefully

"But-…" Kagome was silenced when she felt Inuyasha's finger on her lips. She nodded and sighed. She hugged Shizuka closer to her, which silenced her sobbing. Inuyasha put his hand on Shizuka's head and she sighed. Inuyasha smiled warmly. So am I doing a good job?

Kagome watched as she saw Inuyasha lifted Shizuka from her grasp and she looked up at him.

"Just get some sleep. I'll watch them, besides I don't think I'll get much sleep anyway. Not when I'm like this." Inuyasha moved from the bed to the ground and he made himself comfortable. He felt Kagome smile in the darkness and he blushed.

"Night Inuyasha. I love you."

"Me too." Inuyasha looked at his pups still fast asleep. Inuyasha looked out the window. What a long night.

Once she felt the warm rays of the son on her face, Kagome opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around the room for Inuyasha and found him in his corner with sunlight shining on him. His sliver hair was back and so were his ears. She smiled. Both her kids and her mate were still fast asleep. Inuyasha's head was lulled off to the right and he had his arms around their backs. She smiled at her small family. She saw Shizuka's left ears twitch and Kagome giggled. Just like her father.

Oh Inuyasha, you're doing such a good job… You're doing great.


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