The Buffy timeline has been MAULED. Tara's not dead, Anya and Xander never had the disastrous episode at the altar, (but they're engaged) Spike's not dust, and Dawn knows she's the Key. Oz is in England and has left Tibet already, but is also affected by the spell, and becomes very, very confused.

Oh, and Joyce is dead, Angel and his group are in L.A., and Faith is in jail.

Willow hadn't meant to screw up the spell. Especially screw it up similarly to a prior screw up. But she managed, even with Tara helping her. The spell meant to give the Scoobies – Giles, Anya, Xander, Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, and Tara – all the energy and hope they had at age eleven, chosen to be the best year by all of them ended up . . .

Well, they were eleven. All of them. They had a large percentage of their memories, though many were vague. They understood subconsciously why they were eleven. But the problem was, neither Willow nor Tara had their powers developed enough at that age to change them back.

And whooo, man, Giles was pissed.

"BLOODY FUCKIN' HELL! Y' DON' THINK, DO YOU!?" he raged. Obviously, eleven had been a verbose time for the British man.

Spike, however, was back to his brunet, mop-haired former self. Sun-resistant skin and all. He was enjoying it, too, for about five minutes. Then Giles began to irk him, and, well . . . something exploded.

And then he remembered (Oh SHIT) that he hadn't been the most NORMAL eleven year old.

Anya looked at him. Her eyes were bright. "You went to Hogwarts too, didn't you?" He could hear the cockney in her voice.

"You did?"

Giles turned. "Anya? Spike? You're a witch and wizard?"


"I am too. Or, was, then. I dunno."

"I went t-to the A-American W-witches' Academy. It's all-g-girls . . . I think there's a boy's magic school s-somewhere in Maine."

Willow gave her lover a sympathetic look. Then she played with her newly long hair, until Xander tugged a strand, giggling.


Buffy giggled too, twirling a bright, bouncy blonde curl around her finger.

The Scoobies decided arguing was pointless. Since it was almost one a.m. and they now had growing bodies that needed rest, all of them went to sleep.

Dawn smirked. Her sister was now her fraternal twin. Of course, they had basically been twins to begin with, what with her being a clone . . . which made her happy, since she wasn't a ball of energy. She had been concerned for a minute that she would be, because she hadn't really existed when she would have been eleven.

And then the Key drifted off to sleep.


Across the globe in England, Oz looked at himself, cursing mentally.

"I really, really hope this is a nightmare."

That was a pretty lame first chapter. I realize this.