Omae ore wa Hikari

By blackcat125

Summary: (You Are My Light Based off of Seito's Yume, Still Waiting,and Promise me Tonight) Hao and Yoh are being hunted down for their Shamanic powers. With little shelter and protection, Hao must find a way to protect his dear younger brother. (Hao x Yoh) (HoroHoro x Ren) (AU)

Dedication and credit: To one of the more talented writers on this website; Seito. ) She's the one who came up for the idea for this, writing the one-shots. I just turned it into a full-series fic. But, yes, she came up for all the ideas, plots, ect.

Chapter 1

Hao stared down at his collapsed brother.

They were alone--two children alone without any parents or family members to go to.

The two siblings were being hunted down; as if animals. All because they were Shamans. Yoh didn't even know what a Shaman was, and, he was being hunted for it.

That's not unusual. Hao thought bitterly as he held his brother in his arms gently. His powers have not yet awakened yet. And mine have barely just begun to show itself.

....All he needed was a spirit.

It didn't need to be much; just something to protect him and his brother. Something that would prevent the almost inevitable death the future held for him. For his little brother.

He rose at that thought, ignoring the tiredness he felt. If his brother were to die before him, he would definitely follow him to the grave. He would see to it that his little, five-year old brother did not die before him.

For now--he would just need to find a safe place for both of them. Somewhere he could protect his little brother at.

He gazed at the fire behind him--dancing in the wind like something greedy; unable to wait before consuming everything in its path.

The ten-year old looked down as his five-year-old brother; this was not the way he wanted the two to live like. He wanted his brother to live in peace; not the in the havoc that the city would bring them.

Which is where they had to go.

Funbari was the one place where Hao knew that there would not be many Shamans there...

Where the X-Law group could not, and would not find them.

They had exactly been the group to attack the Asakura family--the peaceful family that had used to work for the government, but--now that that any kind and all Shamans had been banished; killed for what they were--they were the only two left.

You see; there had been many attacks between one shaman and another because of the government. People were against--no, scared--of Shamans and their powers to communicate and use the spirits to fight.

Therefore; people had grown weary of them; fighting and killing them everywhere they went.

It was like a manhunt.

And Hao and Yoh were unfortunate to be caught in the middle of it.

Hao sighed as he secured his cloak on Yoh, who began to shiver, his eyes softening a bit. It was still sunrise--of course, the fire had began to spread early this morning. Hao was only lucky enough to get him out before his Otouto had been caught in it.

Yoh blinked open his eyes, his small teddy bear in one hand. "....Onii-chan?" He asked groggily as he yawned widely. He rubbed his eyes slowly with one hand before staring up at his older brother curiously.

The long-haired one stared down at his little brother and frowned, holding his brother even closer to him as he continued to shiver. "Yoh, go back to sleep." He said softly, continuing to walk away from the house.

The younger one paused. Why was Hao carrying him? Why wasn't he asleep, by his mother and fathers side; or even sleeping next to Hao? "Onii-chan... where are 'Tou-san and 'Kaa-san?"

Hao shut his eyes; knowing that the truth would hurt Yoh. Horribly. "Yoh... we won't be seeing them for a long time." He said as he bit his lip. It wasn't necessarily lying, but, at the same time, it was. He hated lying to Yoh... he knew that if his Otouto found out, he would never forgive him.

Yoh's eyes widened. "What...? Why not?" He asked, his voice slowly choking. Yoh, personally, as young and innocent as he was at the moment; would not be able to take it if he was left alone without a mother or father. Or even Tamao; she had been a servant to the rich family, but, like a big sister to Yoh.

The 10-year-old paused. "We just have to leave for a while." He said as he attempted a small smile for his brother.

The younger one chocked again before hot tears began to fall. "When can we see them again?" He asked slowly as his small hands clung tightly to Hao's arm.

Hao shook his head. "...I don't know." He sighed as he paused from walking, trying anything to comfort his brother as he held him close. "But... it'll just be the two of us for a while."

Yoh paused. "....You won't leave me, will you?"

Hao shook his head. "Of course not."

The other brunette smiled. That was all he needed. He just wanted Hao to be there for him. He looked back behind him as Hao started walking again, clinging onto to him tightly.

...He wouldn't--no, couldn't look back.


For those who haven't read Seito's fics, here's some info on the AU:

Shamans are hated

-There are many fights that break out between Shamans and the bad guys (have no idea who the bad guys are. Maybe a group of Shaman who are sent out to kill Shamans? Kinda like Witch Hunter Robin. Or like the X-laws haven't met them yet though. Dunno.)

-Hao and Yoh used to live a normal life (not including the fact that they knew they were shamans) until the bad guys found them. So they're on run so to speak. Have no idea what happened to any other family members.

-Yoh doesn't have Amidamaru yet

-Hao is nicer but that's expect in an AU

-If the Spirit of Fire doesn't do so in the anime/manga, it feeds on souls