The desert winds blew across Egypt on a dark, cool night, kicking up sand through the city streets. Riding his steed, the pharaoh moved swiftly through his kingdom, wearing a cloak to disguise his identity. Out in the desert area near his city was his destination: a hidden tomb near one of the great pyramids.

He parked his steed outside the hidden tomb only he and a few of his servants were aware of. A horse was already there, standing outside of the opened tomb door. The king leaped off his horse, lit a torch, and walked down the narrow stairway. Waiting for him, down in the basement like room, was one of his servants, standing next to a stone table covered with hieroglyphics. This servant of his was one of his scribes, and had finally completed the table with the markings his pharaoh desired.

"My lord, the table is complete," he told his king.

The pharaoh stared at his scribe's masterpiece, reading the ancient scriptures for any careless mistakes. He wanted only perfection on it, for it was his belief that it would be of use in the near future.

"Excellent work," the pharaoh praised. He put his hand inside his cloak pocket and pulled out a marble sized sphere, glowing with blue light.

"Ah, the fourth piece!" the scribe exclaimed. "So the mighty protector did shed some of his power on us."

The great king stared into the small yet powered sphere and placed it with the other three spheres of power, each holding little power of some of the Egyptians' great gods.

"No power is missing, is that right?" the pharaoh asked his scribe.

"No, my pharaoh! The power of the other three still remain!" he pointed at the three other spheres, each glowing with a different light.

"Behold, the four potency of our Gods!" he said, pointing at each marble and stating the God which they came from. "Shining in black comes the God of the Dead, Anubis. The great sphere of yellow brightness comes from the creator Ra, the Sun God. The God of Resurrection in Eternal Life, Osiris, lies in the power of the red sphere. And finally, the last addition to this quad, is the Bes, the Guardian from Evil and misfortunes!"

The scribe applauded the pharaoh's accomplishments. God powers were deadly these days, and now they would be sealed away until the necessary time.

"My pharaoh, shall you take a piece of strength for your own?" the scribe asked his master.

The pharaoh sighed and began to leave.

"Holding the power of one of these is an automatic threat to our world," the pharaoh laughed. "Besides, perhaps it is not human hands that they will fall into."

The scribe respected his king's greedy free nature. He followed his highness, closed the tomb, and returned to the city.

Covered with old rags and dark clothes, the tomb robber went unnoticed. The pharaoh and one of his scribes had gone away now, and the timing could not have been more perfect. Carefully, he pulled open the stone door to the tomb, lit a torch and walked in the tomb where the pharaoh and his servant had left the world's greatest, feared power. He moved with ease down the narrow stairs, his dirty, scratched up feet moving at a blinding speed.

At last, he reached the bottom, seeing the four spheres of power lying helplessly on the table. With a long smile on his face, the tomb robber observed each sphere carefully, reading the scriptures carved below each one. Finally! He, a humble slave, would have a power greater than that of the pharaoh, and all would bow to him.

However, this wasn't for himself. As much as he had wished to take control of the sands of Egypt, his age would soon get to him, and the conditions in the deserts would not help him last longer. Yet he would make sure his own blood carried the strength of a God.

He knew he could not stay long. Besides, it was only one he desired, and it was the only one that would be able to gain even more strength if gathered the correct power. What a deadly beast it could create if put into hands.

The tomb robber removed his hood, his brown, angry eyes shining in the light from the torch. His dirty blonde, messy hair hung across half his face, covered with sand. He was a tall, skinny figure of lightweight for a man, which allowed him to move quickly. His long fingered hand stuck out, snatched the first sphere farthest on the left, and put out his torch. Again he moved back up the stairs and closed the tomb. It looked as if he had never been there, with the exception of the missing sphere that shined in black.

His home being at the edge of town, the tomb robber made it home safely without a steed. He walked inside, his wife cradling their newborn son in her arms.

"How is he?" he asked her.

"Great," she smiled at her husband. "Have you gotten our son our gift?"

"Oh yes, and what a gift it shall be!" he smiled at his wife. He pulled one of the spheres of power from his pocket. Being a tomb robber herself, his wife was impressed with him being able to take one so easily.

In the corner of their small house, the black haired man picked up a crystal in which he had built to be shaped like a pyramid. In the center of the front side of the pyramid were two gold plates that surround a hole on top and bottom. He placed the sphere of power inside the little hole that had been shaped for that single purpose. Now it looked like an ancient eye on the front side.

The husband grabbed some rope, ran it through the loop on top of the crystal, and turned it into a necklace for his son. He then placed it in a gold box that he had stolen from another tomb, putting away until his son was ready to wield its power.

"We have not yet decided a name for him," his wife smiled. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

"Only after the God where which his power comes from," he said. "Anubis."

"Great pharaoh!" a priest ran into the chamber where the pharaoh rested in his throne. "They are here!"

The pharaoh stood up from his throne and followed his priest. There had been rumors going around about a baby boy being named after a God. Such things were never allowed! The name of a God was to remain with a God only, and curse those who take the name of one.

"My lord," the priest said as he led his king to the family. "Only the dark would dare take the name of a God, and all who live along the Nile in our society know it."

The pharaoh nodded his head. He knew what he had to do.

The priest and the pharaoh reached the room where a couple of husband and wife sat with their baby. They stared up into the pharaoh's dark eyes, his long blonde hair and short beard blowing with the breeze that blew in from the doorway.

"Please, your highness…" the mother began to plead.

"You dared to take a name that originated from a God and give it to your son?" he asked them in a vicious tone.

The mother put the baby boy in the pharaoh's arms. She could only pray for the best, knowing that his life was in danger as long as his name remained. The pharaoh looked and the defenseless baby. The baby was a larger than normal baby, with two brown friendly eyes. The pharaoh looked deeper into the newborn, attempting to sense any evil the boy might contain within. He should not have had to look this deep. Instinct should have told him instantly if darkness filled this baby's heart! Even looking deep, he only found an innocent soul. The baby began to kick and cry, stopping the pharaoh from looking into his soul. While he wished to do nothing to something so innocent, justice had to be served. The pharaoh stuck his hand on the baby's head, and a light glowed from his hand. After a few minutes, the light disappeared. With a look of shame on his face, he handed the baby back to his mother.

"Take him, and go home," he told them, walking out of the room. The priest, curious about what curse he put on the God named baby, followed.

"Sire, I ask of what curse was placed upon the demon child?" the shorter priest asked his pharaoh.

The pharaoh tried to turn his head away, but it was of no use, because it would not heal the guild that repeated in his head.

"It was no curse, but a spell," he told the priest. "A spell of righteousness and undoing."

"What?" the surprised priest exclaimed. "A devil like that should have been given the poison curse! Why such a light punishment?"

"I looked into him," the pharaoh explained. "And found nothing but…but innocence. I could never curse an innocent child with death if he was guilty of nothing, not even instinctively none darkness. Even when I first stared at him I saw nothing, and we both are aware that if he truly carried darkness, then the first sense would have been activated. I placed that spell on him for any reason he may cause chaos, but it is only sparked by his defeat."

The pharaoh finally looked eye to eye with the priest.

"Besides, the real curse of this child lies in his name as he wanders the streets in the city in the days of his youth," he noted.

The priest sighed, knowing that his pharaoh was likely correct. Though still confused on why the boy with a God name contained pureness, he trusted his king.

"You are a good man, my lord," the priest praised him.

"Thank you," the pharaoh thanked him. "There was also another factor I could not disregard: the birth of my own son is approaching."

Some years long after the pharaoh's son was brought into the world, the boy with the God's name had lived up to all expectations. His evil duty plagued Egypt for some time, and it was the newly crowned pharaoh that had brought everything back to its normal state.

The priest Seto walked into the chamber where many of the new pharaoh's servants and priests sat.

"So," another priest began. "I suppose our new pharaoh has much to offer for us. He restored Egypt and defeated the cursed man with a God name."

"I understand it not how our old lord could have sensed nothing from that man with wicked powers," said another priest.

"That man's power, it was so dark and so strong. Where has such strength come from? It was as if he had the power of the actual God himself," a servant thought aloud.

The priests and servants were finally aware that the highest ranked server of them all, Seto, had entered the room and heard all of their nonsense.

"Our lord has proved his destiny to be true, just as his father spoke of," Seto told them. "He defeated the darkness of the God named poser, and there is more still to come of him. Anubis is a thing of the past now, and we must start looking ahead."

The priests and servants agreed. They gave a toast to their great new pharaoh, and left to continue with their duties. The priest Seto was the only one remained in the chamber.

"But I feel that this is not the last of that cursed soul," he said to himself, walking out of the room in search of his friend, the pharaoh of Egypt.

5000 Years Later

Yugi walked into his room and slammed the door shut, coming home from a long day. It was practically evening, the crumb-sized stars already shining in the velvet sky, though shadowed by the clouds. Yugi pulled his backpack in front of him and pulled out an old stone box, which held the pieces to his most prized possession. Slowly, he opened the heavy box and took out a golden, upside-down pyramid shaped puzzle that lacked but a single piece before completion. Yugi pulled the missing link to his puzzle from his pocket, ready to fill the gap in the puzzle with it. After slaving over this gift from his Grandfather for eleven years, Yugi would finally finish the complicated, complex puzzle.

So mysterious this miniature, reversed pyramid was, and it seemed so valuable, being made with gold. Yet this puzzle, known as the millenium puzzle, seemed to have a power all on its own. The puzzle had turned a bully into a friend, even if he was the one that stole the last piece of the puzzle but later returned it, and kept the bond of family strong. As a bonus, Yugi could make a wish on it before completion. As he placed the last piece into the enigma he had worked on for so long, Yugi shut his eyes and wished…

Though it seemed just the opposite of his wish had come to him. The eye in the centerpiece glowed, and the puzzle shook in Yugi's hands. Dark souls began to erupt from the millenium puzzle, and the short Yugi found himself surrounded by them all as he quivered in fear.

That would be the last thing Yugi would remember. Soon enough the puzzle glowed again, and it was as if Yugi had lost control of his body. He was almost as if he were trapped inside of his own mind without knowing it. For this time at least, he would not know that truly another spirit was taking control of his body. The short stubbed Yugi became taller, his voice deeper, and he felt as if he had power, something Yugi had never felt before.

With another spirit controlling his body, this other spirit raised his arm out and seemed to have control over them all.

"Dark spirits that have emerged from one of the mystical items of gold, return to the dark home which you dwell!" he called out, and suddenly all the dark souls disintegrated in mid air, recurring back to the shadows. After the darkness had gone, the spirit that had controlled Yugi's body returned to the puzzle where he had laid dormant all these years.

When Yugi had regained control of his body, he was laying on the floor, confused on what had just happened. He looked down at his completed puzzle, suspecting that whatever just occurred was because of it. He did not fear it, but questioned on the strengths it may contain.

Neither spirits had suspected one thing however. Though the spirit that slept in the puzzle thought he had banished all dark souls in the puzzle back to the darkness, there was an escapee. One black hearted soul that would repossess the deadly power he once contained, and seek for a bloodthirsty vengeance like no other. And plotting would begin the second released from the puzzle that had chained him down for years.

A God's revenge had begun.